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Toxic Moon: Saberiok OTA Open!! by MonsterMeds Toxic Moon: Saberiok OTA Open!! by MonsterMeds
Okie dokie ya'll!! So my good buddy ol' chum bucket KingBrovu allowed me to make some Saberbabes of my own!! ((smooches @ u))
This one right 'ere is gonna be an OTA which stands for Offer to Adopt!

What I'm lookin' for (in order):
:bulletgreen: Money (USD) via Paypal, somewhere in the $20 range
:bulletgreen: Points (somewhere in the equivalent of $20)
- Can do a mixture of Money / points!
:bulletgreen: Character trades
- Mainly Closed Species, see list below for what I like, but I'll look at other stuff too
:bulletgreen: Art 
- Mainly as an add-on
:bulletgreen: Stuff!
- Also see below for that

Other things to know:
:bulletgreen: If someone offers higher than you, I'll let you know
:bulletgreen: I'll highlight offers I'm interested in
:bulletgreen: If you wish to change your offer, just edit your original, no need to make a new one
:bulletgreen: I'm ok with three-way trades! Just lemme know what's goin' on first haha
:bulletgreen: Check out the group and species info below if you dunno wtf a Saberiok is c;

The list of things I'm interested in (but not limited to!)
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:bulletyellow: Other Sabers made by me that are Open! :bulletyellow:…
Character (c) Me until there's a new owner
Art (c) Me
Saberioks are a closed species by KingBrovu 
BG off Google
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KingBrovu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just,, seriously screaming this babe is super gorgeous, Monster
hhhhhs I have half a mind to buy them omfg,, I just need to wait until payday to see! holy shit they're a babe <3333333
MonsterMeds Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
weeps;; that means a lot coming from the Saber Mama ♥
okie dokie!! I'm sure he'll be here ;v; /
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February 22, 2016
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