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May Prompt: The after party by MonsterMeds May Prompt: The after party by MonsterMeds

Grems from left to right:
Cyril | Mia | Cato

After scene of this lovely photo:
MAY PROMPT - Quality Time by Rainbow-Moose

Some drunken fools being escorted to the car by the party mom lmao
Cyril probably just fell asleep or got bored?? idk
Mia wants to party harder as per usual 
And Cato being the good kid who only had diet coke tries in vain to pull them to the car :'D ((my good naked boy pff))

This was so fun to do I love these dorks ahh ♥

Edit: Changed the BG entirely to 'fit better' with more hand-drawn things. Same layout, different textures n' lines :'D
If you still wanna see the orange version go for it
Drunkenfools by MonsterMeds

Cyril belongs to pathogenss
Mia belongs to Rainbow-Moose
Art & Cato belong to me
Grem2 are a closed species by MrGremble
BG used: elesconditedelbuscador.files.w…
Rainbow-Moose Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Student General Artist
Mia looks like she's having the time of her damn life oh my lordy 
She looks so happy and I love that. You go, be happy Mia.
Cyril is out. He is down. Mia has broken him. 

Cato did no partying but is still the only naked one huehue
MonsterMeds Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Mia does whatever she wants as long as she's havin' fun haha, she dope af
poor Cyril lmao

I KNOW he's slick B)
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