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Terror At The Convention. by monstermaster13, literature

Zodiac Paint. by monstermaster13, literature

A Wish For Revenge. by monstermaster13, literature

MH OC: David. by monstermaster13, literature

Rainglow. by monstermaster13, literature

Moon Song Club. by monstermaster13, literature

Love Therapy. by monstermaster13, literature

Animal Magic Ink. by monstermaster13, literature

Marsupial Madness. by monstermaster13, literature

Favorite Disney Characters. by monstermaster13, literature

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Terror At The Convention. by monstermaster13, literature

Zodiac Paint. by monstermaster13, literature

A Wish For Revenge. by monstermaster13, literature

MH OC: David. by monstermaster13, literature

Rainglow. by monstermaster13, literature

Moon Song Club. by monstermaster13, literature

Love Therapy. by monstermaster13, literature

Animal Magic Ink. by monstermaster13, literature

Marsupial Madness. by monstermaster13, literature

Favorite Disney Characters. by monstermaster13, literature

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My Bio

My name is Nathan Forester, I like monsters and comedy and my favorite singers include MJ (Michael Jackson), Alice Cooper and Meatloaf. I am a Dan Aykroyd simp, were-celebrity tf fan, Rper, monster-lover in general and a master of horror and comedy. In case you're wondering, yes Nathan is my actual name and I identify as male. I am also bisexual.

Current Residence: New Zealand

Print preference: Poster format

Favourite genre of music: Metal, 80's pop

Favourite photographer: Not sure.

Favourite style of art: Photomanips

Operating System: Windows

MP3 player of choice: Spotify

Shell of choice: Turtle shell

Wallpaper of choice: Whatever theme matches the monster of the week.

Skin of choice: Green

Favourite cartoon character: Megamind.

Want to talk shapeshifters and transformations? Join me here:…

Want to RP or just chat about monsters? Meet me on here:


Mature Content

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Can/Will Do:

- Possession based.

- Monster OCs.

- Two person. I like it when both my character and the other one gets transformed and not just one focusing on one character and then leaving it at that.

- Disney.

- Dreamworks.

- Pixar.

- Illuminaton.

- Universal. (e.g the live action version of the Grinch).

- Cartoon Network.

- Cartoons in general. Including Family Guy, Simpsons and Bojack Horseman.

- MC.

- Becoming what you're dressed as.

- Race changes.

- Tim Burton characters.

- FNAF. But only anthro or humanized versions.

- Humanized versions of non-human characters.

- Anthro versions of animal-characters or humanized versions of them.

- Horror characters. Actual horror characters and creatures, nothing like Slenderman or Jeff since they don't count, SCP are fan-made creations and also do not count either. I mean actual horror characters, like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky/Tiffany, Hessian Horseman, Blade, Buffyverse characters, Dracula, Frankenstein and the like. Yes and that includes Chuds and Deadites.

- Pokemon..mostly anthro or were-versions though. No non-morphic Pokemon. Also fanmade ones/Fakemon are allowed as well as Beta ones.

- Marvel.

- Don Bluth characters.

- World Of Warcraft species.

- Star Wars aliens.

- Virus based.

- Star Wars characters.

- Star Trek characters and creatures.

- DC.

- Power Rangers. Either into one of the rangers themselves or into one of the monsters that was used to fight the rangers. Can even be a monster creation you've made up, doesn't have to be exclusive to the Rangersverse.

- TG.

- Human characters.

- PG 13 to R-Rating only.

- Biker Mice characters (1993 only). Including members of that character's species.

- Jim Henson. Including Labyrinth or Dark Crystal.

- Character to character.

- Game characters. As long as it is from a game I am a fan or familiar Skyrim, no Skylanders, Nintendo characters are fine but as personal Kongs or any character from DK, no Zetis or other Sonic antagonists, no Fire Emblem characters.

- MLP.

- Weight gain. As long as it's into a character or creature that naturally is like that.

- Muscle Growth.

- Garbage Pail Kids.

- Good characters being turned bad.

- Celebrities.


- Anything that is mature or over an R-Rating.

- Belly-worship/fat is good. Especially if that is the entire focus of turning into a fat character, it is demeaning.

- Cloning transformations involving muscular non-human males. I'm looking at you Dragaux, Machamp, and the tiger dancers.

- Pokemon transformations into non-morphic Pokemon. Especially if the person can't decide whether to have them speak in English or in Poke-Speak like the anime. Either stick to one or the other.

- Hive-mind being applied to non insect creatures, it's fine if you want to have your monster depictions be different than in folklore or movies but if you do something like portraying a werewolf or werecreature that isn't an insect as a hive-minded bigot with a 'obey the leader/obey the pack mentality'....nope, sorry.

- Intelligence draining. That includes dumb brute transformations and bimbofication.

- Vore. Absorbing is much better.

- Bodily functions.

- Rubber/latex.

- Situations in which i'm supposed to route for a character who is an asshole. It's okay to play a villain or have at least some unlikable traits about your character but for your character to suddenly switch from a supposed good guy to a flat out asshole who thinks humanity is horrible? Nope, not going there. At least warn me that your character is going to go flat out asshole before you do it. And for those who do the cliched forced MC thing of having your character be MCed into thinking that whatever species they were originally are evil and that species should succumb to your character's current species or be assimilated, that's even worse. I don't like anti-humanist behavior in characters in RPs, especially since it's basically just rehashing what every environmental movie since the 80's has done and that's 'man is the ultimate evil'. Look, it's okay to be a little bit of an asshole, but not a flat out dickhead who wants to take over the world. And if you get butthurt over what my characters are saying about yours, then that's your fault and not mine.

- World domination endings. World domination (or anything is almost akin to it) is a no-no for me because as a whole plot idea world domination is pretty much overrused, it's like every single villain plot in a nutshell. Be a lot more original please.

- Suiting. I'm sorry but stuffing someone in a suit is NOT a transformation.

- Diapers.

- Yaoi/yuri.

- Statues or similar things. Yeah, that's inanimate...and I don't like inanimates.

- Clowns. Why is this a thing? Seriously why are clown tfs a thing?

- Stereotypical anything.

- Toon transformations that are into a generic design toon. Yeah, sorry I don't like the stereotypical toon design with gloves for hands, I think it's overdone.

- Puro or anything Changed. I have had bad experiences with a certain person who seems to be obsessed with that game.

- Overly cutesy stuff. Especially if it's just an ageplay scenario but with someone wanting a monster to be their parent or anything that involves stuff that is basically too similar to Nanny or similar monsters, i'm sorry but I don't do that cutesy-wutesy babytime stuff, I just don' just doesn't go with my styles.

- Age changes.

- Creepypastas. They don't count as horror characters since they are from the internet age. Plus I am not entirely sure how to do those..i've done Slenderman once but that's it. And yeeeeah, not comfortable about doing ones like Jeff either since Jeff is technically a teenage serial killer according to some depictions.

- SCP. I can go with the theme or homage to it but not into the actual SCPs themselves.

- Left 4 Dead.

- Any celebrity from the 30's-50's.

- Silent Hill.

- Inanimate characters with the exception of Toy Story characters and characters like Slappy or Chucky.

- Into costumes of that character. Sorry, clothing tf is not my thing.

- Anime characters except for either Pokemon, Digimon or maybe Akira or Last Unicorn.

- Undertale. Heard of it..yes? But i'm not a sorry.

- Fire Emblem. Not a fan of it.

- Skyrim. Please, no Skyrim. I don't like it and from what i've seen it doesn't look good.

- Skylanders.

Favourite Visual Artist
Tim Burton.
Favourite Movies
All Tim Burton movies, any Walken movie.
Favourite TV Shows
Big Wolf On Campus, Blackadder, Buffy, Angel, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Hercules: Legendary Journeys, Grimm, Beetleborgs.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
MJ, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Creature Feature, Danny Elfman.
Favourite Books
Burton On Burton, Leading With My Chin, If Chins Could Kill.
Favourite Writers
Sam Raimi, Tim Burton, Bruce Campbell, Joss Whedon.
Favourite Games
Mortal Kombat
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Monster magic and a heart of gold
Other Interests
Monsters, transformations, shapeshifters, hypnotism, vampires, werecreatures, movies.

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Are the Pokemorphs supposed to be like your take on the Pokémon monster girls (& boys) that fan artists do a lot?

A little like that and some can transform.

Which 1s are which of those things?

Between 2 fans of the SCP Foundation, you’ve seen fanart involving anthros & monster-girl takes on the anomalies, correct?

I actually did an RP-verse called that called Containment Arms, involving an alternate timeline — the point of divergence being end of winter-beginning of Spring 2014 — where the SCP Foundation went out of business from budget overdrafts putting them in the financial red 1 too many times in a fiscal year. The anomalies just lived their lives after being set free. In 2017, The Foundation resumed business as an apartment chain whose target audience was anomalous beings & their human lovers.

Thanks a lot for the fave!