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FSCP6610-1239: A symbiotic but extremely charismatic creature that is dubbed the 'Bowie-Creature' by scientists,  this being is basically a supernatural version of David Bowie that follows you around and protects you and loves and adores you as long as you love him back,  all you have to do is fear him,  love him and he will be your 'slave',  he can be yours just as long as you don't betray him, if you do it will break his heart.  Also he can transform others into him or Bowie-Creatures in general and he can also do not just to humans but to other characters as well and this includes ftm tg and elements of possession and MC thrown in.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 0 0
Father Landis.
Father Landis: A Worgen priest who travels to many different realms to teach people about Azeroth and World Of Warcraft in general,  he is a very wise and kind-hearted figure who enjoys teaching and helping others learn and he especially likes helping newcomers and even educating those who either don't know about WoW or seem to have difficulty grasping the concept of it about how it works. He is named after director John Landis who made An American Werewolf In London,  the fact he is a priest is a nod to the Stephen King movie Silver Bullet where the werewolf character is a priest/reverend, he gives special seminars on the subject and can give you special VR gear that can make you feel like you're in the game and also transforms you into one of the playable or allied races from it as well as into a fellow Worgen.  TG is involved in some aspects too.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 0
Blood Red Duke's Revenge.
Revenge Of The Blood Red Duke.
David Bowie FTM TG W/Vampire theme
This is a ftm tg of a female character into David Bowie,  specifically a vampiric version of him who is a vampire monarch who goes by the name of the Blood Red Duke,  which is a play on words of The Thin White Duke.   I've been meaning to do Bowie for a while now and since i've dreamed about it,   I think that now is a good a time as any to bring this tale to life.  I've got a few more Bowie tfs planned.
Natalia Peters and her fiance Trolse were part of a monster hunting agency that was a division of the Oakendale supernatural detective agency.  Trolse was somewhat of a mad scientist (he wasn't evil) who had expertise in the paranormal while Natalie was a singer who was a skilled monster slayer.  The two of them traveled around the city fighting monsters and recently they had been assigned with a mission regarding a certain species of monster that drained the bloo
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 3 0
Artistic Alteration.
Artistic Alteration: This installment of the Tales From The Crypt-esque stories is one that tells of a female artist who does transformation art and one night she hosts a raffle and the winner commissions for her a comic based on a game where the main protagonist is stuck in an abandoned research lab in the middle of a weird town and where said protagonist is one of the only human characters around,  she sees that one of the character is a symbiotic werewolf/bat-monster hybrid named Garu and that Garu is the character's sidekick is the game,  she falls in love with the idea of doing a piece based on the character and does what the commissioner asks for,  only drawback is that the commissioner doesn't exactly say how much he wants and also another drawback is that as soon as she does it,  others want to join in and want to be transformed.  Eventually this gets to the point that some people become sick of seeing the character or anything related to the game and s
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 5
Bowie Virus.
Bowie Virus: A supernatural plague/virus named after David Bowie. This is one that is both a computer/phone virus and a biological one that uses elements of vampirism and hypnosis thrown in, with the computer/phone variant it inexplicably transfers David Bowie albums and songs onto the victim's playlist even if they already have them and creates an entire playlist, this is followed by a hypnosis video playing on screen that conditions them into wanting more, both variants have the victim having visions/dreams about Bowie or even becoming him in some way including being possessed by his spirit or hearing his voice in their mind,  this is basically him conditioning them from within and making them his 'thralls'.  This is where the vampirism element comes in, that and also in some occasions of the biological one...getting a strange mark on their neck that looks like a bite mark or also getting a marking on their face that resembles the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt.
The virus slow
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 3 3
Nocturnilia: A supernatural town that is home to many monsters and where monsters and humans live together in harmony,  and where there are tons of supernatural locations where you can get transformed into a monster yourself from classic RPG monster archetypes, werecreatures, anthro/humanized Pokemon (fakemon included),  80's or 90's style movie monsters,  Fish-People, Cat Folk, and even were-Celebrities.  These include elements of MC and possession as well in the case of ghosts and you can even become a supernatural character from a movie or tv show.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 4
FSCP43110-120: This being is a demon-like shapeshifter who takes on the form of an RPer named ThePurpleCloaker0010, he can also appear as numerous other forms including a musclebound brute, a rubber suit type Power Rangers monster or as a clown-monster, he is known for having a split personality when it comes to RPing and can be difficult to negotiate with due to this, and also he does have the tendency to be clear about what he wants.  It's just that he doesn't understand how the rules of others work and that he doesn't know that only the other player can control their character and do the actions their character does,  another trait he has is cop-outs or scenes where characters 'remember' themselves if they've been transformed but he doesn't do the latter that much except if he feels that it's necessary.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 3
Natural Mimic.
Natural Mimic: This is a more light-hearted Tales From The Crypt-esque story, basically it tells the story of a Pikachu-girl named Patricia who is considered popular and beloved especially by friends and family and also of a Mimikyu-girl who wants to be loved but she can't even go up to people with them dying of fright every time they look at all.  The Mimikyu-girl (named Melanie) decides that if she wears a mask she doesn't have to worry about people dying due to seeing her natural appearance, she wears a variety of masks wherever she goes and she decides to dress up like Patricia in order to become loved and to become popular,  at first Patricia is worried and she thinks that Melanie is stealing her style but she eventually accepts it as flattery and takes a liking to her.  Melanie is asked to a prom dance by a Poke-Guy in her class and the two of them spend the night at the dance, as she and Patricia become close friends Patricia keeps her safe from bullies or from an
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 4
Doc McConaughey
Doctor Walter McConaughey: A werecreature therapist just like Doctor Gorgo who is a were-koala,  his last name comes from the actor Matthew McConaughey and his first name comes from Walter O'Dim (one of the many names of Randall Flagg).  He is a rather handsome were-koala with long brown hair and brown eyes (that turn icy blue or yellow when he's hypnotizing someone,  or turn white when he is using his powers),  he has the ability to help monsters or supernatural beings in general who have a variety of problems including Involuntary Shapeshifting, Dark Alter-Ego/Split Personality issues, addictions to evil or addictions to certain preferences, Too Easily Possessed Syndrome,  Stepford Smiler Syndrome, Extremely Ridiculously Easy To Brainwash Disorder, and more.  He uses his powers to condition them and to cure them of that condition as well as teaches them how to master their powers and how to control them.  He can also transform people into anthro/wer
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 4
MQ: Feral.
Mel: *on feral transformations*
I'm sorry but what?  This plotline got confusing.  I'm sorry but the gorilla hypnotist is a WERE-Gorilla,  as in a werecreature who can transform himself and others and he can do the former at will but chooses to be in his gorilla form.  How can you put it in this plotline that he turns someone into a regular gorilla?  You do know he is anthro, right?  The opposite of an anthro is a feral and that's what a regular animal is,  a regular animal has nothing that makes them humanoid-ish (while there are some species that are human-like in nature,  most if not all animals are what they are) and you're basically just ruining this character's big moment by having the person you're playing against regain their memories and now you're gonna have them become just a 'regular' animal?  This is why I don't like 'non-morphic' as a transformation type because it's basically just feral.  And well let's face it,  if
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MQ: Dead/Possessed.
Mel: *on death*
Yeeeeeeeah,  you are gonna have to explain this to me.  You clearly were possessed and you referred to your normal self as your 'owner'?  I know you're a Pokemorph who is a wrestler and all but I don't get that. That's not how possession works,  you literally don't have any say in the matter when a ghost or demon takes control of your body and starts using it,  you can't say that it's an 'owner' thing, why use that terminology anyway?  I get it,  it's a Pokémon thing but the way you put is more of a master/slave relationship or a host/victim type relationship.  And how the heck did that mask get possessed anyway?  I mean that Pokémon who wore the mask before must have passed away some time ago,  it's not like death doesn't exist in Pokémon...which it does,  death DOES exist in Pokémon.  Have you SEEN all of the ghost type Pokedex entries that mention kids being taken away and possibly draine
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 0 0
Zootacular: A supernatural zoo that has real animals, extinct animals, mythical animals and Pokemon inside it. It works a lot like the Zoo Tycoon franchise in which you can be a staff member or a visitor.  The animals and Pokemon can speak to you (in English as well),  of course the supernatural side comes in whether someone either comes into their exhibits or if someone comes into physical contact with them in someway whether it be being attacked or other methods,  the effect basically turns them into an anthro/were-version of that particular creature including into an anthro/humanoid-ish version of a Pokemon as well and this can include WG, TG and MC as well.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 2
Scarrietorium: A museum that is themed around horror movies that is styled after Madam Tussaud's and the London Dungeons with sections dedicated to the many different kinds of horror movie characters/creatures including werecreatures, vampires, vampire-esque beings, zombies, Chuds, Deadites, Lovecraft inspired creatures,  mummies, Frankencreatures, demons and an assortment of killer animals, serial killers and victim characters.  This museum was founded  and owned by Dr Doofenshmirtz,  unfortunately never got that many fans,  mainly people who thought that Doof was a terrible narrator/tour guide and also some of the scarezones having malfunctioning animatronics.  In addition to this the entertainers that he hired were basically undead versions of Christopher Walken that were akin to vampires that also succumbed to bloodlust and started turning people into 'Walkens' themselves.  The other problem was with the Trump-monster display which came
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 2
FSCPU671-120: Basically undead versions of actor Christopher Walken,  these were created as entertainers for a horror themed museum (which was owned by Doofenshmirtz) but definitely a case of bloodlust and started going after humans and transforming them into undead 'Walkens' as well. The undead Walkens are represented as being akin to vampires, specifically 1980's style ones but also are similar to From Dusk Till Dawn vampires.  It is unknown how they actually became what they were to begin with or if they had always been what they are but if you get bitten by one of them you become one of them yourself and this includes elements of MC thrown in.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 2
Depiction List.
- Dark Lilly (Legend)
- Elvira (Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark)
- Russell.  I may be kind of cheating here considering Russell is basically Russell Brand as a monster,  but he was one of the first genuine antagonists in Mel's adventures and he was a major antagonist in the 2010-2014 storyarc regarding Nathan, Mel, and Eukie as well.  He is depicted as being sometimes a vampire and sometimes a demon, and while he was a stalker type or 'Yandere'  when he was a villain,  he's a much nicer character in the arc where he becomes a good guy and helps Mel with her missions.   He's one of many reformed antagonistic characters in the monster universe next to Cowellconstrictor (actually Cowellconstrictor was probably one of the first antagonists turned to the side of good, well him and a few others) and the villain Tortura from the infamous Power Rangers fanfic 'Agony In Pink'. When he was a villain,  he was obsessed with trying to make Mel his lover and he was ge
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 0
X-Arm: A deceased anthro Machamp who came back as a ghost and possessed his own mask with his aura, the mask when put on transfers his energy into the human victim and transforms them into a Poke-wrestler (there are several of them) including into him. This includes elements of MC and a split-personality complex,  this is also where it gets confusing considering it's debatable on whether or not it's the masks themselves that are possessing them or not since these ghostly Poke-wrestlers seem to be able to possess people on their own and the mask is only what is used to transfer their energy.  And also it gets more confusing when the transformed victim uses the term 'owner' to describe their normal self, considering that the entity in general is the one controlling them and not the other way around and it's not implied that the victim is in control or has any say in the matter, so to some it is more of a host/carrier or master/slave relationship.  There is little to no exp
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 0 6
My gallery of stories, morphs, poems, photomanips and more. Feel free to take a look around but please no trolling.


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Felicia :iconriendonut:Riendonut 342 14
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Nathan Forester
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My name is Nathan Forester, I like monsters and comedy and my favorite singers include MJ (Michael Jackson), Alice Cooper and Meatloaf.
Current Residence: New Zealand
Print preference: Poster format
Favourite genre of music: Metal, 80's pop
Favourite photographer: Not sure.
Favourite style of art: Photomanips
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Spotify
Shell of choice: Turtle shell
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever theme matches the monster of the week.
Skin of choice: Green
Favourite cartoon character: Megamind.

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DA Family:
:iconlordpendragonofcaria: - Queen Chrysalis RP partner and Chrissy's favorite servant.
:iconwinterdominus: - Also loyal Chrysalis subject.
:icondarkbullfrog: - Ever morphing gal-pal.
:iconrebeccachu-chan: - Dexter fan and loyal Pikachu-girl pal.
:iconnibblahfrog: Fellow monster maker.
:icondragonzero1980: IMVU pal and furry/werecreature creator.
:iconthenashnetwork: Fellow shapeshifter friend.
:icondoctorchesterthe1st: - Brony pal, Weird Al fan and also ever changing best pal.
:iconcourageofthemagi: fellow Walken fan and friend.
:iconhumloch: Kindred spirit.
:iconbernadonner: RPer, former She-Hessian, Puck-like shapeshifting trickster, and trusted best friend.
:iconblackbluedawg: - best buddy for life.
:iconnatter45: - My superhero loving friend.
:iconfairy-seraphim: - Fellow Walkenologist.
:iconpuzzledheartbox: - beloved subject.
:iconstatenthegargoyle: - Rocking gargoyle-like friend.
:icontorturousdreams: - On and off and on again RP partner and girl of many faces an species.
:iconlegrandzilla: - the Walken's beloved master.
:iconcatseyenebula: - Walken's pet cat.

Transformations I Do:
Animal TFs (both regular and anthro, but sometimes feral)
Monster TFs (all kinds, except for maybe sex based ones, I don't do those).
Celebrity based and into a famous person.
Living plushies.
Cartoon characters or movie characters.
Video game characters.
Mythical TFs.

Transformations I Don't Do:
- Anything X-Rated.
- Age Progression or Age Regression.
- Inanimate with the exception of maybe vehicles or living toys.
- TF into body parts.
- Clothing or accessory transformations.
- Ferals..except on occasion.
- Ones where people are rendered helpless.


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TY for the fave! :)
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Hows the progress on my story?

I'm curious because i want to see the story?
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Out of curiosity, have you heard of &/or partaken in a franchise called Discworld? If you've partaken in it, what is your opinion on it?
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I want my transformation to be into a shiny midnight lycanroc please?

I want my transformation to be shiny because i have autism. So can i please be a shiny!!
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Just so you know this is how a midnight lycanroc looks like: Shiny Lycanroc Midnight Icon 
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The transformation will take place at night, because it's a midnight lycanroc!

When they go to sleep they think it's a weird dream then they see their claws and go to the were-pokemon alliance building!
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The master bath connects to the master bed on the second floor.

The house is a description of my house btw.

you open the door to the left of the bed to get into the bath.
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The house i'm describing is my house!
goldenfreddyfan19 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
- The house is two stories with the ground floor, and then the second floor.

- The house has three bedrooms, and three bathrooms, two smaller bathrooms and one regular master bath.
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Details on how i want the story to go!
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I wanted to give you more details?
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How goes the process of the story?
human-groveback Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Professional General Artist
Here's some organizations from my MLP ficverse if you're interested. They each correspond to GOIs in the Foundation-Verse:
  • Roedinian Occult Circle: This small city, located about 20 miles from Moscolt, was founded by the remaining staff of the Roedinian Government foreign intel bureau's metaphysical dealings division following that branch's Cold War End-induced dissolution in 1991. They now try to help other occult organization-run/derived cities & communities as much as they can, including divulging vital information on items their founders willingly gave up to the better-equipped metaphysical communities all over Equanus to keep them from falling into the wrong hooves.
  • Consortium of Saddle Arabian Anomalous Artifact Acquisition: This city formed in the mid 1950s after Saddle Arabia's highest political figures severed ties to all other metaphysical artifact communities & booted their members out. Despite being located in Saddle Arabia, they've extended influence across a good chunk of Southwest Neighsia (I refuse to use the term "Middle East"). Notably, despite being mostly good at the purpose, the higher-ups have a lot of tension, which keeps too much power from being had by any single member.
  • Ascended Community of Creative Awesomeness: Unlike most metaphysically-involved communities whose members aren't metaphysical themselves, this bustling high-tech metropolis, located just southwest of the "Stable Island" area of New Yoke City, consists primarily of Earth Ponies. They use their species' innate dimension abilities combined with unusual objects they create & find to create artwork with metaphysical properties. There is an "Anart" (as its practitioners call it) festival that members sometimes showcase their work at. When showing it to the rest of the public, their installations are placed for maximum exposure. Additionally, some of their pieces are showcased in areas where the metaphysical properties have an appropriate effect when you consider the situation that the area was already going through (see the statues that made it rain magically & suddenly when placed in areas suffering from drought, or the golden urinal that interfered with Occupy Wall Street in a way that helped the protesters & harmed the police).
  • Academic Combine of Psychological Thaumatology: This college town is located in a parallel iteration of Tenneighssee, itself in a universe where the Elleneighka (Greek) & Romane empires have survived into the 21st century, & extended into the Western Hemisphere. Unlike most of the metaphysical communities listed, they actually created most of the items connected to them. Psychological hazards & mind control (which they see as a toy) are a common property for ACPT items, which were apparently being mailed by teleporter (yes, they mastered artificial teleportation & they use something so epic for something as ordinary as delivering mail) when it glitched out & sent them to the Tenneighssee of this Equanus (hence why most metaphysical communities to be aware of this 1 believe it to be located in its home universe's iteration of the geographical area occupied by that state in this 1).
  • Professor Entermination's World for those who are Creative, Curious, & Good at Figuring Things Out: This city, located in central Coltifornia, was founded by a manufacturer of metaphysical toys after the company's relocation in 2014. Note that this company, unlike most who manufacture metaphysics like there's no tomorrow, is not actively malicious or hostile. But for the love of Celestia, whatever you do, PLEASE follow the instructions (at least to their credit, they make it clear that there is something you should not do. What usually isn't clarified is why you shouldn't). Example products include a crude chicken effigy made from chicken soup ingredients (the resulting soup cures colds, but turns the eater into a chicken while worsening the cold if eaten when reheated or overcooked), the "Little Misters" (a group of altered ponies that exhibit some weird physiological trait based around their names), "Super Paper", which is invulnerable to fire, water, & other materials that have adverse effect on paper, but can still be used as ordinary paper would, & the "custom pets" (eggs that contain bits of incomplete DNA in goop & produce an animal that is adapted to the environment they hatch in).
  • Federation of Sideshow Freaks for Equality & Societal Acceptance of Big Top Creatures: A village created in South Dacolta following a mistreatment-induced revolt at a circus when the ringmaster was a prick 1 too many times. Despite ugliness, the sentient beings there are pretty friendly & just want to be able to live as part of Equestrian Society (even though 1 of them has an interdimensional stomach that he could swallow cars with & there are body-horror gnomes that use those abilities to aid their performing). Based on Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting.
  • Dimensional Domain of the Universally Forgotten Helpers: A town of Fedora-wearing fellows of many genders & races, who help every other group at some point. They were Un-Ponied in such a way that the universe doesn't remember them, & they look for ways to give their universally meaningless life some meaning & be remembered.
  • Domain of the Smoky Gentlestallion: A set of 3 in-city communities (1 in Hong Kong, 1 in New Yoke City, & the main 1 in London) run by a club based in London, Loegria (Equestrian England), they regularly make, find, & auction off the anomalous. The 2 main bosses stay in the shadows. When the 3rd 1 steps in, that means "Oh, manure".
  • Light-Rainbow Innovations: this company was founded in 1892, & known for producing technology that made it seem like they were getting help from the alicorn responsible for giving the gift of knowledge to all sapient races. Products include a modified computer with infinite processing power, lab rat clones, & a perpetual motion device. Unfortunately, on 1998, something went out of control & caused events leading to the community's demise.
  • Discord Uprising: Formed as the "we have no choice but to go over the Ethics Committee's heads" branch of this world's version of the titular Foundation in 1924 & operating under the cover story of being a rogue splinter group that went AWOL, that cover story became reality in 1948.
  • Cult of Happy Star Cycles: A religious Organization whose practices combine the celebrity influence & self-help obsession of Scientology, the belief system of New Age, & the rituals of Cosmic Horror Cults.
  • Holy Order of the World's Edge: A Church Militant group formed from the 3 Abrahamic religions, who regularly deal with Religious Horrors.
  • Sparkle's Animal Answers: An animal rehabilitation group that also deals with paranormal wildlife stuff
  • Illinois Ghost (I couldn't think of a Horse Pun, okay?): An Supernatural artifact-using Organized Crime Syndicate that fell apart in the time between Prohibition & World War II, rumors persist of them coming back, as well as the possibility that a ludicrously wealthy Unicorn Mare who used to work with the villains of VFD being involved.
  • The Manufacturers: A shady company that mass-produces metaphysical goods
  • The Holy Order of Mekhanism: A religious group whose practices combine Christianity with Machine Worship & "Pieces of God".
  • The Flesh-Crafters of Yaldabaoth: The Order of Mekhanism's main rivals, who mastered Flesh-Crafting & Genetics 10,000 years before everyone else was aware of the existence of those concepts.
  • The Foals of the Celestial Flashlight: A religious group with a belief system centered around the "10 suns" aspect of Chinese folklore.
  • The Equestrian Government Group for Federal Investigation of Out-of-Place Occurrences: Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Organization for Metaphysical Equinitarian Aid: An aid organization that uses paranormal crap for their business. Their lack of rigor & caution has led to them causing at least 3 problems for every 1 that they actually solve.
What do you think? See if you can guess which organization corresponds to which canon GOI.
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