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Requiem of a Goddess Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Every Journey Begins with a Single Step
8/13/2210 A.D. – 8/13/200 A.W. (After War)
         The sun hung high, high in the sky, illuminating the remains of what was once a grand city from so long ago, before the Divine War, or as the mortals calls it, the Scarring. It is an appropriate name; the planet was forever scarred from the day-long battle. As was stated before, entire continents were demolished and reshaped.
         The city rested at the bottom of a massive crater that stretched the entire city, surrounded by a forest ring of large oak and birch trees. Nature is slowly taking the city back; the smaller buildings were covered in plants and vines while the larger skyscrapers, the ones that weren’t crumbling away into dust, still retained their original architecture after a certain height. Wild monsters live here now; no human would ever dare trek in he
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eTu'nes part 4 chapter 6
Chapter 63
Friends Nomore?;
Lyric and En-Unexpected Matchmakers
7/7/2175 A.D.- 7/7/150 A.H.E.
           While everyone else was downstairs, enjoying Lyric’s welcome home party, Lyric herself had snuck away. It was too loud with too many people, making her wonder how she was able to make so many friends before her accident. She was surprised by how spacious the upstairs was. Her hospital room was smaller than this. She walked along the hallways, wondering which room was hers.
           It wasn’t hard to actually find it. Her friends had put a bunch of stickers and a hand drawn ‘welcome home’ sign taped on it. That’s her room, alright.
           She reached for the handle, but was hesitant. This was her room, but she was afraid to go in. According to Imita and Fui, she liked Mac and Cheese before the accident, but after she woke up, she didn’t like it, both the
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Tales from Dragenia Part 1 Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Movie Night
2/24/5791 E.S.D. (Earth Standard Date)
           When Bran, Sokuro, and Eia returned to the surface of the planet, they went right to work getting everything set up for the big night, or as Bran is putting it, the grand opening. The first thing they had to do was find a perfect spot. After flying around for a few hours, looking at both the mountains near the colony, and at Misken Mesa, they had found a spot. It was a cliff face on the northern side of the mountains. The smooth wall of stone faced a series of rolling hills that had been untouched. There were some trees around, but there were barely any. If anything, the trees are extra seats. The cliff has some problems, but nothing that would affect the viewing experience. They hope.
           Once they found the perfect viewing location, they had to find the right place to set up the projector. That was easier said than done for the first few hours be
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eTu'nes part 4 chapter 5
Chapter 62
A wounded soul comes home
7/7/2175 A.D.- 7/7/150 A.H.E.
           Fui hummed a cheerful tune as she slid into the kitchen, feeling as happy as a clam. She crossed off the date on the calendar taped to the fridge and tossed the marker over her shoulder, scaring the cat from the sudden throw. The phone call came in early this morning and it couldn’t have come at a better time: Today is the day Lyric is coming home. She has passed her physical therapy and grew accustomed to her new legs much faster than anticipated. It was especially welcome because today was a double-dose of celebration; today was Fui’s birthday, as stated before, as well as Tanabata.
Imita had gone to the hospital to help Lyric while Elis was personally baking a cake for both Lyric’s welcome home and for Fui’s birthday. Sezawa… well, he had to go in to work today. Just because it’s Tanabata doesn’t mean they get the day off.
Not even the
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Requiem of a Goddess Prologue
The End of the World and a New Beginning
           It began with the End of the World.
Begin Song: Razgriz – Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War soundtrack
         At least, that’s how the story goes. It happened so long ago, nobody truly remembers what had happened except in stories. Whether or not they are true is up to the reader or the listener.
         Long ago, a bloody and savage war raged across the planet; a war that reshaped continents, toppled modern civilization, and nearly brought humanity to the brink of extinction. I am, of course, referring to the Divine War: The War of Gods.
         On every planet that supports life, they have their own beliefs: Shinto, Hindu, Norse, Mayan, Christianity, Greek, the list goes on and on. From those beliefs come Gods and Goddess’. What nobody knew was that all
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Tales from Dragenia Part 1 Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Dragons in Space
2/23/5791 E.S.D. (Earth Standard Date)
Early into the morning, with the sun just about over the horizon completely, Bran was awake in his bed- has been for the past half hour, and has been flipping though the massive library of downloaded movies in the Argo Marquis’ databanks. There were millions installed; most of them were human made, but there were some from other species as well: Kitsunes, Dracons, Veleis, even Argalith’s had movies of their own.
His room completely black from a lack of light both from inside and outside, Bran was surfing though the stock because he believes that this could be one way the native peoples can learn about another peoples if they look at what they consider entertainment. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone else- you can’t learn an entire culture just be watching a movie, but Bran was determined.
He left out Horror and Thrillers- he wants to entertain them, not scare them. Animation, Comedies, and Family
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eTu'nes part 4 chapter 4
Chapter 61
Return of a old Foe; so close yet so far
7/5/2175 A.D.- 7/5/150 A.H.E.
The rebuilt and newly complete form of Kage floated in a tube similar to what Honjo and his goons are doing with Yami. Kage’s body had been repaired to near-perfect condition and it’s fake plastic armor replaced with a convincing replica of eTu’nes’. Outside the tube were technicians looking over the robotic doubles programming and mechanics that were putting away their tools after finishing up this thing after only a couple of days. Bargan runs a tight ship; you have to give him that.
“How goes the reconstruction?” Bargan asked as he approached, dressed in the Grandmaster Cloak of the Mosurum Obsicors.
“We’re done, actually.” One of the mechanics said as he closed up a toolbox. “It was surprisingly easy to repair. I suppose that’s a benefit of using a garbage scowl bot as a base template. As you can see, we replaced the armor complete and
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Tales from Dragenia Part 1 Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Hunting and Farming
2/22/5791 E.S.D. (Earth Standard Date)
A lone Felm grazed in the forest glen, surrounded by nothing but tall trees, singing birds, and yummy grass to call breakfast. It was the same Felm that Sokuro and Bran encountered some time ago, back before the civilizations knew of each other. It was a old creature, to be sure. Felm’s have a average lifespan of 50 cycles/years- this one is going on 90 and it’s not slowing down. It doesn’t even look a day over 20.
Unaware to the Felm, it was being watched though a scope; a scope that had a crosshair pointed right at its chest. The scope flipped to x-ray vision and the scope sloooooowly made its way over its heart.
“Ah… you’ll make good eatin’…” A lone Kitsune man with three black tails commented as he aimed his custom RR Sniper Rifle at the unsuspecting fauna. Dressed in a gillie suit, his finger hovered over the trigger as he waited for the animal to lift its he
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eTu'nes part 4 chapter 3
Chapter 60
The Wanted Freedom; Unexpected and Thankful Gift
7/4/2175 A.D.- 7/4/150 A.H.E.
A lone laser blast struck one of the asteroids that came close to striking the Argalith Reaper ship. The scouting vessel that was guarding it as the technicians on the Reaper ship worked to restore power to the vessel after a EMP blast stranded it in Sol’s asteroid field, just above the planet-sized asteroid Ceres. It was a long process- every generator on the ship was fried, so working to restore them was a arduous process.
In the days since the Scouting vessel had arrived, they had restored upwards of five generators and were just about ready to start a sixth back up- that would be enough to start up the engines and get out of the Field and back towards Earth.
But… the crew of both ships had to wonder: how did a EMP blast do all this? Humans are barely capable of space flight as it is, so having a EMP bomb waiting in the Asteroid Field seems impossible. And even then, to have a EMP b
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Tales from Dragenia Part 1 Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Roko Harbor
2/21/5791 E.S.D. (Earth Standard Date)
Novalle Ecrosi Soku’ama.
Oath of the Wandering Scions.
Not the first name anyone would’ve come up with for a new colony, but the young folk don’t care; the name sounds epicly cool to them. And since it’s a name from a native, it holds special meaning. Regardless, nobody else was coming up with anything better, not that they could top this. Novalle itself was a epic name; the rest was just ear candy.
There were some questions about the rest of the name, though: Oath of the Wandering was clear enough- the colonists did “wander” here from another galaxy, and they are starting to attempt to co-exist with the natives, hence the oath part of the name. Scion, on the other hand, is raising more questions than answers. What exactly are they Scions to? They didn’t come to claim anything or restart something ancient.
It was chosen just for the cool factor, that’s it. If you are having a c
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chibi Bran by monsterlord-18 chibi Bran :iconmonsterlord-18:monsterlord-18 1 0
eTu'nes part 4 chapter 2
Chapter 59
The Enemy of my Enemy
7/1/2175 A.D.- 7/1/150 A.H.E.
         “Amnesia?” Holo replied after being told the news of Lyric’s new predicament by Fui and En. They came to him at the medical station at the Hesk Enclave, hoping he would have a way he could help. He’s already done so much for her by giving her the prosthetic legs, but this is something more.
         “Yeah…” Fui somberly said, with one arm behind her back and grasping the other. “… and I was hoping you’d know a way we could cure it.”
         Holo stayed silent for what felt like the longest time before floating away from his computer. “I am thankful that Lyric is awake and that things are slowly coming back to normal for you, but you can’t ‘cure’ amnesia. Problems of the mind are not so easily fixed. Despite our advanced technology and our focus on medi
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Halloween Request 11 by Azure-wolf96 Halloween Request 11 :iconazure-wolf96:Azure-wolf96 4 4 OC Fanart-Robin Talatesa by Kelia-Rain OC Fanart-Robin Talatesa :iconkelia-rain:Kelia-Rain 15 0
oof gonna reopen my request C:
Note: i have close requests but i will still be drawing some for people who have commented before i close my request
  PLEASE DO NOT tell me how u want me to draw them. This is a REQUEST not a commission!  
  Just drop your OCs and I'll draw them however style/pose i want  
  Also, i dont draw fanart
  If im doing commission, all requests would be on hold
Pastel Purple Star Bullet not a first come first serve Pastel Purple Star Bullet
Pastel Purple Star Bullet i draw them when im bored, art block or when i need more examples for my commissions Pastel Purple Star Bullet
Pastel Purple Star Bullet I cant promise to draw everyones request Pastel Purple Star Bullet
Hello so im opening request because i kinda want to practice my art.
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monsterlord-18's request by YurixTheWanderer monsterlord-18's request :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 21 2 RQ - 5: Monsterlord18 by edsyd RQ - 5: Monsterlord18 :iconedsyd:edsyd 18 3 [request] Requiem by NancyBlackmor [request] Requiem :iconnancyblackmor:NancyBlackmor 1 0 [request] Sokuro by NancyBlackmor [request] Sokuro :iconnancyblackmor:NancyBlackmor 1 4 [Request] Sakuro by SketchingWorlds [Request] Sakuro :iconsketchingworlds:SketchingWorlds 33 6
[CLOSED] OC or fanart requests!
Pixel: Blue Star Hello everyone! Pixel: Blue Star*Free Icon/Emote* Big Hero 6 Baymax  
I'm ready for my first requests now. I want to practice my skills! Please give me the reference and anything I should know about the character in the comments. I'll pick a few to draw in my free time. (Sorry if i don't pick yours.)
I only draw humans
Pixel: Blue Star Must be a watcher. (If you are interested in my work, please support me!)
Pixel: Blue Star Fav this journal.
Pixel: Blue Star Select the type of drawing you want. [Full-Body, Half-Body, Chibi]
Pixel: Blue Star Please give me some details and pictures of the character.
please don't ask me to redo a request. Thank you.
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Monsterlord-18's OC by douchecakes Monsterlord-18's OC :icondouchecakes:douchecakes 9 5 Bran, for monsterlord-18 by YurixTheWanderer Bran, for monsterlord-18 :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 9 3 Sokuro by Pokemonchamp80 Sokuro :iconpokemonchamp80:Pokemonchamp80 3 0 [R] Pink and blue by The-Daffodil [R] Pink and blue :iconthe-daffodil:The-Daffodil 20 6 New Request - character Requiem by KotoriBR New Request - character Requiem :iconkotoribr:KotoriBR 10 6 Request: Sokuro by Angelwings82 Request: Sokuro :iconangelwings82:Angelwings82 7 7 Sokuro Request sketch for monsterlord-18 by enyce122 Sokuro Request sketch for monsterlord-18 :iconenyce122:enyce122 21 6


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if you have a character or a world that needs describin', a chapter that needs written, or a proof-reader, i'm your guy because i have so much dang free time. most of the time

and this is first come, first serve. first one to commish gets top priority, and once that person is done, i go to the second and then he/she gets top priority. and so on and so forth.

ow, everything is in your hands, ladies and gentlemen. ask away.

Proof Reading: 5 Points

Character/World Description: 10 points

Partial Chapter: 20 Points

Full Chapter: 30 Points

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