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February 12, 2009
My Heart Ticks by =monsterkookies. An anatomical heart made out of polymer clay and the suggester said that, "It is most probably the best polymer clay piece I have ever laid eyes on." Best seen in fullview.
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My Heart Ticks



Yeay! I finally got to upload one of my favourite designs!

I am truly excited about this piece, and it certainly won't be my last piece of Industrial work. It was very much so inspired by my love of Industrial art and music. Favourites being Throbbing Gristle and Skinny Puppy. :D I LOVE looking at old warehouses, factories, and Industrial areas... all the scrap metal and old rivets, cogs, gears, pulleys - it's really interesting.

This is an Industrial anatomically correct human heart pendant. It is complete with everything that makes the heart beat, except this heart does not bleed, for it does not have veins and arteries. It has been replaced with an intricate interior of gears and watch parts.

It is silver polymer clay dusted in silver powder in some spots to give it the look of worn silver. It is complete with grooves and rivets to make it look like it is a series of panels all connected together.

There are three sections in which the panels have been removed: a small piece on the back, exposing some gears, a large piece on the front exposing even more pieces and gears, and a small piece on the side exposing some cylindrical metal pieces and a coil I made from mechanical wire. On the right side, there is a few watch knobs to complete the effect.

On top is a large series of valves that have been dusted with silver and gold to give the look of worn brass and silver, as well. All grooves have been rubbed with black "oil" to give it that greased and used look, and to give it a lot more depth.

What do you think?!

:bulletpurple: INDUSTRIAL HEART INFORMATION :bulletpurple:
For answers to ALL your Industrial Heart questions or if you are
wondering how to get one, please check out this link, here!

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Please do not attempt to copy my designs or steal and/or post my photos without crediting, please. I spend a lot of time on my designs, so please use your own imagination!
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