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Final Fantasy VI R.O.T.D.S 2.0 Splash screen



Phunbaba Pencil Drawing Colorized

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Yo hows it going. Firstly, thanks for viewing my art page! I'm a sprite artist that is part of the graphics team for a large scale hack of final fantasy vi: Return of the dark sorcerer or as it is more commonly known R.O.T.D.S. More specifically I made 97 percent of the monsters all portraits and a fair amount of the non major npc sprites, backgrounds and even system gfx as well as various costumes for each main party member, many of my sprites are now used in Randomizers and the FFVI community always has my blessing to do so.


Lately I have begun work on a final fantasy vi remake (of sorts) called Final Fantasy ϛ (Stigma) (6 in ancient Greece but also a way of saying something bad associated with something) hoping to take what I learned from r.o.t.d.s and put out something that is far closer to the original in terms of overall quality, cannon and most basic story elements, with the twist being the hack itself is sentient and it twists reality in ways that majorly change events in ffvi (such as Kefka actually being brainwashed by it and later redeemable) so its a sequel of sorts but also an alternate timeline.


if your a ff6 hacker or have knowledge of ff6 and want to contribute send me a pm, Im mostly looking for people who know the lore inside and out and have good script/story writing capabilities and also musicians specifically for the ffvi engine, also good concept artists are hard to come by and i would always love to meet new people , Anyways that is me that is what i do. I also hack Mario 64 on occasion (tho its been awhile) and like making 3d stuff and textures. Hope one day to make my own rpg in the classic snes style.


Anyways anything regarding commissions and such please don't hesitate to pm me or email me.

Here's to 2020


Take a look around my collection of chests (gallery) and tell me what you guys think I would love to hear peoples comments so i can improve thanks




Discord: Final Fantasy vi hacking:


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Favourite Visual Artist
Akira Toriyama, Yoshitaka Amano, Tetsuya Nomura, Eiichiro Oda in this order, Any 1 im watching or have faved
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
jojos bizarre adventure, one piece, one punch man, mob pscho, shield hero, drstone, kimestu no yaiba,dbsuper, dbz, saiki, beserk and lots of japanese programs
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
AC/DC, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Dire Straits, Nobuo Uematsu, motley cru, disturbed, dream theater, alice cooper, iron maiden, motorhead, led zep etc
Favourite Books
The alchemists cat by robin jarvis is one to check out. Lemmys biography is quite a good read 2. I recommend the edge chronicle series of books. I am also learning japanese and very much recommend george trombleys work
Favourite Writers
Homer cause who the fuck are writers to that guy, Mark Knopfler, kurt cobain, bob dillan, Johnny Cash, Robin Jarvis, Eiichiro Oda
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy vi, Legend of Zelda OoT, Final fantasy All, Mass effect 1+2, Gears of war 2, Sonic + knuckles, Chrono trigger, skies of Arcadia, Jade cocoon
Favourite Gaming Platform
N64, Xbox 360, Steam, Mega Drive(Genisis) Project 64, PSX, Visual Boy, Znes, Dosbox, dolphin take ur pick
Tools of the Trade
Ms Paint, GIMP, FFUSME , Cubase SX3, Utility of time, FFSE, Bass, sg, katana 100amp, Dobro, Sketchup6, FF6LVEDITOR
Other Interests
Art, 3D modeling, Sprites, Rock n roll, Music, Games, Games Hacking, drums, guitar, bass, singing

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Ricardo73Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the +fav !
I'd like to see more of the FFV enhanced sprites.
MonsterInABoxINCProfessional Digital Artist
For sure will get back to this or steam vi after r.o.t.d.s ffvi mod is done
OcioProductionHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tnx2 by OcioProduction  for faving :la:
MonsterInABoxINCProfessional Digital Artist
no worries nice art style!
OcioProductionHobbyist Traditional Artist
:TipOfTheHat: :TipOfTheHat: :TipOfTheHat: 
I finally decided to put random stuff on my deviantart page!