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I just woke up to a 240+ message notifications for submissions for this group [from one person] which is CRAZY! So now, there is going to be a submission limit, sorry. That 240+ was TOO MUCH and I wasn’t able to go through all of the submissions to even see which ones were and weren't allowed to be in the group.

As of right now, there is a submission limit of 10 pictures per day, per person, TOTAL. If you exceed that, the rest of your submissions will be declined, NO EXCUSES! Failure to abide by this rule will lead you to being banned from the group

Thank you
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Frankie Stein
Surf's Up Frankie by autumnrose83
MH: Basic Frankie Stein by Twilightzonegirl13
Frontier 002 by gorby1961
Blue on white silk by gorby1961
[Preview] Draculaura by Wrath-MarionPhauna
Draculaura by Wrath-MarionPhauna
Draculaura Top Of The Morning... by autumnrose83
Photo Day Draculaura by autumnrose83
Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen Dead Tired 2.0 by NemoTurunen
Fangtastic Fashionista by Kamau-Studios
ACEO #120 - School's Out by Elythe
Clawdeen D.O.T.D. redeux by TheGoog01
Lagoona Blue
13 Wish Switch  (8) by autumnrose83
13 Wish Switch  (7) by autumnrose83
13 Wish Switch  (6) by autumnrose83
Lagoona wish we all could be California ghouls by autumnrose83
Cleo de Nile
Cleolei - Neon Cat by W-0-F
Cleo with Sphinx  (4) by autumnrose83
Cleo with Sphinx  (3) by autumnrose83
Cleo with Sphinx  (2) by autumnrose83
Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia the hairstylist II by autumnrose83
Ghoulia the hairstylist I by autumnrose83
Ghoulia in Egyptian style by autumnrose83
Ghoulia Bed  (1) by autumnrose83
Abbey Bominable
Abbey cool as ice by autumnrose83
Abbey's Room by autumnrose83
Abbey Bominable [Collector doll] 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Abbey Bominable [Collector doll] 5 by VenusCollectionNook
Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra wears sunglasses at night by autumnrose83
MH Spectra by autumnrose83
5-19-15 18 Spectra Swan by autumnrose83
Spectra Vondergeist by Twilightzonegirl13
Toralei Stripe
Toralei in tree by autumnrose83
Toralei in Gym by autumnrose83
MH Toralei ready for Picture Day! by autumnrose83
MH Freaky Fieldtrip Toralei by autumnrose83
Nefera de Nile
Nefera and Anubis 6 by autumnrose83
Purrsephone and Meowlody
Meowlody in tree by autumnrose83
Dance Class Operetta by Cerutwi
Howleen Wolf
Howleen in tree by autumnrose83
C.A. Cupid
Cupid by Cerutwi
Venus McFlytrap
Venus photo shoot  (3) by autumnrose83
Rochelle Goyle
Chibi Rochelle Goyle - Love in Scaris by NemoTurunen
Robecca Steam
Robecca photo from the past by TheGoog01
Catrine DeMew
Witchy Kitty by autumnrose83
Skelita Calaveras
Before Samhain by AmeliaMadHatter
Jinafire Long
Jinafire Long the Golden Dragon by autumnrose83
Gigi Grant
13 Wish Switch  (5) by autumnrose83
Djinni "Whisp" Grant
01-07-15 20 Twyla by autumnrose83
Catty Noir
02-27-15 8 Catty by autumnrose83
Wydowna Spider
wydowna spider by ultron98
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
Headmistress by gorby1961
Jane Boolittle
Jane Boolittle Fashion show by autumnrose83
Clawdia Wolf
Little Red Riding Wolf  (2) by autumnrose83
Honey Swamp
Marionette by SugarFirefly
Frightfully Tall Ghouls: Elissabat 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Viperine Gorgon
Chibi Viperine by AShiori-chan
Scarah Screams
Scarah Screams 1 by autumnrose83
Iris Clops
Iris Clops by RosenRomanticist
Sirena Von Boo
Sirena VonBoo by Kirajoleen
Avea Trotter
MH Avea 4 by autumnrose83
Bonita Femur
Freaky Fusion: Bonita Femur 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Casta Fierce
Witching Hour by Kirajoleen
Gilda Goldstag
Gilda Goldstag 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Lorna McNessie
Lorna by gorby1961
Marisol Coxi
MH. Marisol Coxi by gorby1961
River Styxx
.:Monster High:. River Styxx by Airinreika
Vandala Doubloons
Vandala by gorby1961
Kiyomi Haunterly
.:Monster High:. Kiyomi Haunterly by Airinreika
Amanita Nightshade
Amanita Nightshade 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Batsy Claro
Brand-Boo Students: Batsy Claro 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Isi Dawndancer
Isi and Midnight 6 by autumnrose83
Kjersti Trollson
Brand-Boo Students: Kjersti Trollson 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Elle Eedee
Elle Eedee by RosenRomanticist
Luna Mothews
Goth-Moth Luna Mothews by PinkDangerNoodle
Mouscedes King
Mouscedes King by AShiori-chan
Hello, my name is Astranova by PinkDangerNoodle
Gooliope Jellington
It's Gooliope JELLINGTON!!! by PinkDangerNoodle
Kala Merri
Posea Reef
Peri and Pearl Serpentine
Ari Hauntington
Music Class: Ari Hauntington 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Moanica D'kay
Monsterous Rivals Moanica Repainted Accessories by Lord-Reptile
Dayna Treasura Jones
Silvi Timberwolf
Treesa Thornwillow
Aery Evenfall
Doll room 3 by autumnrose83
Bay Tidechaser
Frets Quartzmane
Pyxis Prepstockings
Penepole Steamtail
Skyra Bouncegait
Fawntine Fallowhart
Flara Blaze
Flara Blaze by autumnrose83
Caprice Whimcanter
Olympia Wingfield
Meadoe Flurry
Merry Trotabout
Zomby Gaga
Zomby Gaga 6 by VenusCollectionNook
Monster High OCs
[ Monster High ] Phelia Pennywise by Laefey
Lagoona x Toralei - ''Don't be so shy !'' by W-0-F
33365 by Koanoe
Monster High - Meet River Styxx by Nyxiie




Group Rules

** These rules are also subject to change at anytime and without any warning. Also, failure to abide by and follow these rules may lead to you being banned from this group, permanently. Please always take the time needed to read the rules

** As of right now, there is a submission limit of 10 pictures per day, per person, TOTAL. If you exceed that, the rest of your submissions will be declined

** We have the right to deny any and all submissions without an explanation; changes are, it was submitted to the wrong folder, or it breaks ones of the rules here

* Only pictures of female Monster High monsters will be allowed here. That goes for BOTH Canon and Fanon [fan made] Monster High Monsters. DO NOT submit pictures of male Monster High monsters both Canon and Fanon, they will be denied if you do

* The only way that pictures of male Monster High monsters [both Canon and Fanon] will be seen here if they are in a pair or group picture with Canon and or Fanon female Monster High monsters [this group isn't called Monster High Girls for no reason you know ^_~]

* Please submit your pictures in the correct folder. Any pictures submitted to the wrong folder will be denied so that you may try again. It IS NOT our job to move your submissions to right gallery folder

* Pictures of Monster High dolls [both canon and fanon] are allowed to be submitted here, just so long as they follow the rules

* Please do not submit pictures that do not clearly show the Monster High monster[s] in them. That gets people too mixed up and unable to see who the monster is in the picture

* Only pictures of C.A. Cupid in her Monster High look will be allowed here. Pictures of her in her Ever After High look will not be UNLESS she is in a picture with her Monster High look

* Please DO NOT submit pictures that you did not draw yourself [dolls and cosplay pictures are the ONLY exceptions to this rule]. That is something that will be frowned upon and they will be denied if you do. This also includes official art of the Monster High ghouls. You did not draw those pictures, so DO NOT submit them here

* Please DO NOT submit pictures of Normies, or dolls with makeup on them. This is a place for pictures of Monsters that are BOTH Canon and Fanon [fan made]

* Please DO NOT submit any nude or sexual kind of pictures here; THAT INCLUDES: pictures of the monsters touching each other in sexual and or suggestive ways, hugging each other in sexual and or suggestive ways, or ANYTHING that looks like it may lead to anything that is sexual and or suggestive [that ALSO includes erotic pictures]. ANY picture like that is submitted here WILL BE denied if you submit them here. Pictures of the monsters posing in underwear/naked/topless/lingerie/pin up poses/BARELY wearing any kind of clothing are also NOT ALLOWED to be submitted here. This rule ALSO applies to pictures of dolls as well. We want the pictures here to remain clean and something for any and all ages to see. It DOES NOT matter if the pictures are of dolls or not, the rule still applies. This also applies to them posing with guns, knives, or anything gang retaled

* No gore/bloody looking pictures/pictures that show internal body parts are allowed to be submitted here. We want the pictures here to remain clean and something for any and all ages to see. That also goes for pictures that have foul words and language/sayings in them because as we have said, we want the pictures here to remain clean for any and all ages to see. Bases don't count [as far as naked rule goes] as bases are meant to be drawn on and no body parts can be seen anyway]. This rule also applies to Fan Fiction, Journals, and Other Writings

* Edits, dolls, and work done on bases are allowed, but the work on it must be at least 70% of your own work. The 70% measurement is measured by changing of the hair style and hair color, outfit, color scheme and over all personality and feel of the Monster High ghouls. If it's pretty much a re-color, it won't be allowed here

* Please try to be as original as you can with your Monster High OCs. We want to be able to see that you have taken the time and put in the effort when creating your OCs. If your OCs look like re-colors, or they look too close to the Canon Monster High girls, then they will be denied

* Dolls that were made in doll makers are not allowed here, sorry, but you didn't draw them [the ONLY exception to this rule is pictures of dolls]

* There is a limit of 10 submissions per day in effect as of right now. This will keep the members inboxes from being flooded with too many pictures. If you submit more than 10 pictures a day, only the first 10 pictures that you have submitted will be accepted

* If you feel that the rules are unfair, then please leave the group, or don't bother joining the group. These rules were rules before you all became a member of this group and the rules of this group are not going to change just because you don’t like, don't agree with them, or leave comments complaining about them/calling them stupid rules

* Feel free to watch this group if you want to

* Feel free to join this group if you'd like to

* DO NOT rush the Founder/Co-Founders to accept your art. We all have lives and we are not on DA 24/7. If you rush for us to accept your art, we will ban you from the group and we will also remove your art from the group

* Please don’t post comments that advertise your contests/RPs, etc on the group page. Use your own DA page and journal to advertise your contests/RPs, etc. Comments like that will be flagged as spam

* Please DO NOT submit any Religious art here, EVEN if it is only said in the description on the picture. Religion is something that we’d rather not have be seen here in the group as they tend to make fights break out as people can’t except that their Religion isn’t the only one out there and that their Religious views isn’t the only view out there [The Admins here personally don’t have an issue with it, but we have seen fights break out and people acting like their opinions are the only ones out there]

* We have the right to ban you from this group without warning if you do/are one of the following:
:bulletred: Breaking the group rules on a regular basis
:bulletred: You are an art thief
:bulletred: You are a bully
:bulletred: You bully any member here in the group
:bulletred: You are a troll and you troll around DA
:bulletred: You give us attitude about the rules/bash the group rules
:bulletred: You give us attitude because YOU submit things into the wrong folder and we tell you it is the wrong folder


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Sorry if I misunderstood, but how did I put "My Favorite Character Sketches" in the wrong folder, because I put it in the "Clawdeen" folder, and there were pictures of Clawdeen. 

And what folder do you put it in then?
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