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UPDATE 4/25/20: Slight revision to the adoptable folder rules.

All membership requests are now reviewed beforehand. Prior to joining our group you are expected to read all of our rules and guidelines so you know what to expect. If you intentionally choose not to read our rules, and consistently do not follow them and must be corrected on multiple occasions you will end up being kicked out of the group. This does not mean you can't rejoin afterwards, however if you continue to disobey the rules and your offenses start to become a nuisance you will be banned.

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Welcome to Monster High! We are a fan group for the Mattel doll and series "Monster High" and are dedicated to art that is about and inspired by it..

Monster High Skull Icon by GlycyrrhizicacidGeneral Group Rules/Guidelines Monster High Skull Icon by Glycyrrhizicacid  

:bulletpink:Quality Control: We are a group that strives to showcase good quality artwork that displays effort and care. Because of this we will not accept submissions that we feel don't meet our standards. If your submission is declined it may be because of this, and we hope you will strive to improve your work. This applies to all forms of art such as drawings, photographs, writing etc.

:bulletblack:OC Quality: This group wants to showcase creative characters as that is what monster high was all about. You not only need to work hard and put effort into your artwork, but in creating your original characters. A little thought, effort, hard work, time, and research can get you very far. We have every right to decline a lazily made OC. Your submission may also be declined if we think that your character is too human looking. It is called Monster High for a reason and we expect our member to be more creative and put more effort into character design.

:bulletblue:Base Usage: We do not accept art made on traced bases or franken-dolling (cutting up multiple parts of a picture and tracing it). Traced bases are stolen artwork and art theft is not encouraged. If the art has been drawn on an original base made by yourself or another Deviant then it's fine as long as you have permission to use that base. Again the use of traced bases is not allowed.

:bulletpink:Art/Character Theft: Art theft is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Tracing is also art theft. All art which is stolen will be declined from the group and reported immediately members may also be removed from the group because of art theft.  DA is for sharing your creations not stealing someone else's.

:bulletblack:Age requirement: DeviantART is not a site intended for children and neither is our group. This group's intended audience is for adults and teenagers. Underaged deviants are not allowed to become members, and any members of our group who are found to be or are suspected to be below the required age to join DeviantArt, which is 13 years old, will be removed from our group and reported.

:bulletblue:Mature content: This group accepts artwork that is mature in theme and nature and we ask that our members be respectful of those who chose to create this kind of content. We would also like for those who create said content to filter their work appropriately according to DeviantArt's standards in respect to those who do not wish to see it. All characters in mature artwork MUST be depicted as adults 18+. Certain sensitive topics are not allowed. 

:bulletpink: Unaccepted Content: This group does not accept artwork containing the following- Hate speech, incest, pedophilia, inappropriate relationships (such as teachers with students), photo dumps (mass amounts of pictures that are not unique from one another), sexism, racism, character/design theft, Art theft, crudely drawn pictures or poorly made characters, general fetish driven art such as Vore; inflation; foot fetish focus etc.. We reserve the right to deem any submission unfit for our group and decline them.

:bulletblack: Be respectful to our admin team: This group is run by real fans with lives and feelings  who do this completely for free because of their passion and love for the group and fandom. We are not machines and can’t be on the computer 24/7 monitoring the group so please understand that. Also understand that the way we decide to run our group is up to us and if you do not like something about the group or wish something was different then feel free to politely make a suggestion by sending a note to the group, but do not try to force your way or opinions on us. We will run the group how we see fit and try our best on our own.

:bulletblue:Respect others: The admins are not here to police drama and bullying and harassment is obviously not allowed. Please respect your fellow members and fans. Keep in mind that giving polite constructive criticism or calling attention to art theft is not considered bullying or harassment in any way shape or form, in fact we encourage that you to do these things as it helps the fandom. An real actual example of what bullying and harassment looks like is if you or someone else is constantly pestering others to give you free art, sending members rude and inappropriate messages, being unnecessarily mean to others, and being a nuisance in general. So understand that if you are caught bullying or harassing others a short investigation will be done, and you may or may not get suspended or permanently banned from the group.

:bulletpink:Cross-submitting: Each folder contains a description of what sort of content is expected to be submitted to it. Art submitted to the wrong folder will be declined. Admins may not always have the time or patience to tell you what the correct folder is,  so it is recommended that you read this journal or the folder descriptions if you are unsure which folder your submission belongs in and resolve it yourself. Do not try to submit something to the wrong folder multiple times, this will end in non acceptance and a warning.

:bulletblack:Full Folders: In cases where there is a problem submitting such as the folder being full please submit to the folder called "My Folder Is Full". Please note that this folder is only for when the normal folder is full. DO NOT submit to this folder otherwise.Once admins see that there are submissions in this folder we will immediately create a new folder and close the full folder. Do not submit to archived/closed/full folders as they have no room left.

:bulletblue:Journal Submissions: Personal journals are not accepted to the group for obvious reasons. If you want to make a journal for the group it needs to be something relevant, important, or informative.

:bulletpink:Same monster parentage: Because of the nature of Monster High many characters will have overlapping parents and possibly similar traits. This does not necessarily indicate character/design theft. Two characters can be the same kind of monster or even have the same punny monster name without being a ripoff of the other. Please do not go around accusing people of art theft unless warranted. Here is a useful guide to character/design theft

Monster High Skull Icon by GlycyrrhizicacidFolder Guidelines Monster High Skull Icon by Glycyrrhizicacid  

:bulletblack:Featured Folder: Submissions not allowed, handpicked by admins. Suggestions are welcome but not guaranteed to be accepted

:bulletblack:Member Advertisement: A place for members to advertise their commissions, patreon, kofi etc. If your commissions are closed the submission will be removed.

:bulletblack:Looks From the Crypt: For cosplay of both canon and fancharacters

:bulletblack:My Folder Is Full: Only submit here if you cannot submit to the normal folder

:bulletblack:Canon Characters: Fanart for official Monster High characters only

:bulletblack:Group Competitions, Challenges, and Monthly Themes: Where you submit your entry for group challenges and competitions. Please be sure to make your entries shareable so we can showcase them in our journals.

:bulletblack:Adopt A Boo: For monster themed adopts in general, no human adopts.  If it is a character purge it must be open. Please remove your adopts that aren't directly monster high themed from the group once they are closed. If the adopts are directly meant to be monster high related then the submission may stay in the group even after it's  closed.

:bulletblack:Fierce Fancharacters: Fanmade Monster High characters.  

:bulletblack:Dreadful Dolls: Showcase for  non customized Monster High dolls only. Please only submit artistic well taken photos that have effort and consideration put into them. We will not accept your blurry, badly light, doll selfie snaps. Photo dumps of same subject matter are also not accepted.

:bulletblack:Frankenstein’s Doll Workshop: For customized monster high dolls. Other doll brands are welcome only if they have been customized into a monster high canon or fanmade characters.

:bulletblack:Extra Credits: F2U resources, filled out prompts for fun, tutorials, and pretty much any other random little thing.

:bulletblack:Stories From Beyond the Grave: Written literature, comics, Old style written bios, fanfiction

:bulletblack:Creepy Crossovers: OC’s parents and siblings that don't attend, characters from other series drawn in a monster high reminiscent style or setting, crossover drawings of monster high characters and or OCs with characters from other media

:bulletblack:Freaky Fabulous Creations: Focusing on crafts and other stuff you made that is not customized dolls.

:bulletblack:Dreadful Drafts: Unfinished work, works in progress, sketches

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Finally Here it is our long-awaited rules and guidelines update! Sorry it took me a bit to finish, I’ve been pretty busy. Everyone who is already or plans to become a member is advised to read this helpful guide. Folders also now have creative titles so this the journal will also serve as a helpful guide to understand the correct folders to submit your art to.

If something is still unclear please comment below and we will try to fix it.  We are always looking for positive feedback in order to improve the group. Additionally any other suggestions for the group are welcome.

If you have any questions regarding a submission please do not ask in this comment section or in the comment section on the front page. When you get a message about your submission being declined then you should refer back to this journal, your submission most likely either was submitted to the wrong folder, does not follow our rules and guidelines, or was not up to our quality standards.


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