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Despite the fact I have stated several times that this group is dead / closed/ no longer active...people still keep watching it. SO I feel this is important to share.

catlikeacat Posted this on Tumblr and I could NOT Agree more!  I will be posting this to the Journal of every club I am affiliated with and I urge all Club Moderators to do the same! Spread the word in any way you can! This price gouging MUST be stopped!

Stop and read this if you collect Monster High dolls, I swear this information will help everyone involved.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the jerk-move practice of buying and reselling new dolls at about three times the price on eBay and I know even with the hiked up practice this is tempting but please please please STOP BUYING THEM AT THOSE RIDICULOUSLY HYPED PRICES.

I know, I know I want the new ghouls as much as the next collector but every time you buy from someone doing this you’re supporting people that are doing this. It will only make them do it more. If you stop buying from the eBay sources the people that are buying and hiking up the prices will have to stop.

They’re not going to keep bulk buying and reselling these dolls if no one buys them and then you can just get them at the store for a normal and reasonable price.

It’s hitting more than just collectors you know. There’s got to be at least one little girl out there whose crushed she can’t get an Abbey or a Toralei doll because of people buying them all to resell.

I don’t like to ask for reblogs but this information should be circulated so please reblog if you collect, know a collector or even just want kids to be able to get their favorite doll.

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I couldn't agree more! I'm surprised there aren't comments here... I never buy from the overpriced resellers. I wait... it's really hard, but I wait.