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Hello and welcome to MonsterHigh! We are a fan group based on the Mattel series "Monster High" and are dedicated to art that is about and inspired by the series. If you have any questions about what folders you need to submit your work to please consults our group rules and guidelines first

Everything you need to know is there. Please do not ask in our comment section.
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Sorry for the silence in March yall we try to do one of these drawing challenges every month but sometimes we just don't get to it and that's our bad. Which is why we are immediately starting April off with a April Fools themed challenge.
There is no real tricks or tomfoolery in this challenge, but we hope you enjoy the idea. For this challenge we want you guys to draw a canon character completely from memory in only 10 minutes! Take your tools of trade think of a canon character, sit down and set a timer for 10 minutes, Draw! Then show us how accurate you got to the actual thing.
But wait, what if you prefer the pen over the styus? Don't worry writers we have a swift alternative for you. If you prefer to write we want you to describe a canon character in 6 words, and try to have people guess who it is. You really gotta put on your creative boots for this one.
We can't wait to see your entries! Winner gets a thousand doll hairs and lots of spending mummies!
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Now that the contest is finished we are finally posting our first drawing prompt of 2021! Let's make this year better than the last :D
If you are new to the group recently we started doing monthly monster high related prompts in order to inspire members to to draw. These prompts/challenges/monthly thems can be completed whenever, there is not time limit or deadline. Drawing prompt entries should be submitted to the Group Competitions and Monthly Drawing Prompts folder, and will also be showcased in the specified journal.
In wake of Valentines day for this month's prompt we want to see our members make spooky and goofy monster high valentines day cards. These can be done in any medium, using either canon characters or fancharacter , or just creative original slogans if you like. We look forward t seeing your terrorific contributions!
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jimmyneutronfreak1 Featured By Owner May 20, 2020  Student General Artist
I have an idea for a MH OC, but all I've thought of for her are her name, mannerisms, and her origin...  Haven't decided her general appearance(though I'm pretty sure she'd have purple skin and light blue hair) or outfit, or her interests/dislikes, for that matter...  It's pretty annoying...  Her name is Kitsune Ame, the daughter of a Japanese weather deity.  The weather in her immediate vicinity changes depending on her mood, like sunny if she's happy, rainy if she's sad, stormy when she's mad, foggy when she's confused, icy rain when she's scared, snow when she's depressed, you get the idea... ^^; I wish I knew how to flesh out her character more, so some suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated...! :eager:
CreaturemasterProds Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
Maybe a good place to start is to get into specifics?

For instance, you say their parent(s) are a Japanese weather deity - which one are we taking here? The first one that comes to mind is Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder (I think there's also technically a lightning deity that works in tandem with him - potentially they're her mom and dad)? but there might be more. Doing research can often lead to better clarity and hidden opportunities and connections you never noticed before.

With her direct parentage in mind, you might be better able to nail down her physical appearance. Off the top of my head, I imagine her hair could be very cloud-like and rise and fall over her shoulders in such formations; it could also function as a sign of her mood, in addition to her weather-based powers. If her hair is white and fluffy, she's happy. If its gray and stormy, with flashes of lightning, then she's obviously angry. A fine fog or mist might mean she's sad, depressed, or maybe just tired. And then of course, there are other monster features to consider, like pointed ears, fangs, claws, etc.

Just a quick thought, but you may want to change her first name so there isn't any confusion over what type of monster she's suppose to be, since actual kitsune are very different than what she sounds like.

You said that you have her mannerisms already figured out. This can actually help in designing her appearance, particularly in clothing - let it reflect her basic personality traits. If she's shy, then she might be bettered suited to wearing oversized sweaters, hoodies, or jackets that she can 'hide' in. If she's flamboyant or preppy, then her clothing might be brightly colored and comparatively skimpy (short-sleeved shirt, shorts, sleeveless dress, stuff like that). If she's aggressive or even artistic, she might have tattoos, piercings, or other means of expressing herself.

Lastly (at the top of my head, at least) for her basic story, why did she come to attend Monster High? Who would she most likely be friends with (it's best not to list the main group of ghouls for this, since that might come across as cliche or not very well thought out)? Obviously with this franchise, there's no dramatic reason like 'X killed my father, so I'm hunting them down in order to avenge him and restore my family's honor' but see if there's a better reason than 'X was lonely and wanted to make new friends'.

Does that help?
jimmyneutronfreak1 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2020  Student General Artist
Yes, it really does, thanks! You gave some good ideas for her, too. I'll see what I can come up with... You rock! :highfive:
CreaturemasterProds Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
Glad I could help out! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :D
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chaosbeast9 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2019
If the original Monster High hadn't been cancelled, Ghoulia would have gotten an older sister. How do you feel about that?
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