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Gallery Folders

Ghosty by AlbinoPearl
03 - Slime by LadyVentuswill
05 - Mermaid by LadyVentuswill
oh marceline by solarsign
demon, vampire, etc
:CO: Dota: Strip of plastic there is nothing to by Sadovod-Ogorod
IRON ARTIST: Vamp Showgirl by Dragriyu

Mature Content

IRON ARTIST: Ms Mis + Miss D by Dragriyu
Day 10: Succubus by Meb90
ghost, undead, body horror, etc
Day 16 - Ghost by CheddarDeity
AnglerFish -#65 Day by SilveryAfro
GraboidGirl -#64 Day by SilveryAfro

Mature Content

Day 4: Zombie! by HarleenValmore

Mature Content

:CO: Be careful with that thing by Sadovod-Ogorod
Droxxy Being Fab by Lobstersnail

Mature Content

Matcha Bubble Tea by ButtsyBobcat
Monster Girl: Slime by Dragriyu
cyclops or multiple eyes
[REQUEST] [lineart] Too Much Candy.. by ButtsyBobcat
Monster Girl Design by SophieSuffocate
eyo whatup by awkwardspaghetti
yo Harley by awkwardspaghetti
naga, harpy, etc
Bang by Phaller
Day 15 - Reptile (Frilled Lizard) by CheddarDeity
Day 13 - Insect (Cicada Samurai Girl) by CheddarDeity
Day 4: Naga by Meb90
DragonGirl -#17 Day by SilveryAfro
FoxGirl -#16 Day by SilveryAfro
CHARLOTTE by l1k34b055
object head
Macroscopic Sense of Direction by colorchaos
Something's wrong by Lobstersnail
Day 17 - Robot by CheddarDeity
Chibi Monster Girls 2 by LadyVentuswill
Chibi Monster Girls by LadyVentuswill







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note: sub-folder submissions DO work - please see this journal to see how:…

anyone else would be interested in contributing? join!
it seems dA relies on groups now to get art seen, and our monster girls need some love!

some ground rules:
1. please do not submit anthro art. i realise there is a fine line between anthro and monster girl sometimes, so if you're unsure, you can submit and find out - but don't be upset if your piece is rejected because it's deemed too anthro. there are MANY anthro groups out there - this is to give love to our monster girls!
2. mature fanart is okay - IF it isn't explicity sexual. no obvious sex shots, "kiddie" blow jobs, etc. MILDLY sexual art is okay, with proper warning (nudity, suggestive clothing, licking lollipops, etc).
3. both fanart and original art are accepted!
4. PLEASE submit your art to the appropriate folder. each folder has an explanation of what goes there if you're unsure. i no longer have the time to sort out submissions, and i want the featured folder to be strictly for featuring my favourite pieces. thank you!

if your submission is not accepted, it means that -
a. it isn't monster-girl enough, or a little too anthropomorphic.
b. it doesn't fit with the overall "look" of the group.
c. i don't see that effort was put into it (ms paint is a fine tool - if you know how to use it correctly.)
d. you submitted too many things in a week.
e. it was submitted to the wrong folder.
f. i simply didn't get around to the inbox before it expired (sorry!).

please do not be upset if your submission is not accepted - take it as constructive criticism and work on bettering your art! if you can't handle this, there are plenty of other groups that accept EVERYTHING.

thank you! <3
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Jul 19, 2011


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194 Members
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i just want to say thank you to everyone for submitting their pictures to the sub-folders instead of the featured gallery! it saves me so much time, which is something i'm incredibly short on these days.

so thank you all! and if you're having trouble figuring out how to submit to the folders, this is the general process:

1. go to the gallery tab
2. find the header of the gallery your piece goes under (if unsure, each gallery has a descriptor in its folder)
3. click the + sign on the far right and then "contribute existing deviation"
4. submit! (double check to make sure the "submitting to" drop-down menu shows the correct folder!)


1. go to the gallery tab
2. click "submit to this gallery", then "contribute an existing deviation"
3. choose the correct gallery folder from the "submitting to" drop-down menu.
4. submit!

the "featured" folder is where i put my personal favourites or excellently-executed pieces from time to time, so having every deviation there would be overkill.

thank you again!
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