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Art project by monsterbunny320 Art project :iconmonsterbunny320:monsterbunny320 0 0 First ever sketch of Toothless by monsterbunny320 First ever sketch of Toothless :iconmonsterbunny320:monsterbunny320 1 0


Dominance by WindWo1f Dominance :iconwindwo1f:WindWo1f 128 96 Community Singing? No, wait... by Artamid Community Singing? No, wait... :iconartamid:Artamid 70 27
One sided!Yandere!Purple Guy X Reader - Story
One sided!Yandere!Purple Guy (Vincent) X Reader - Story
On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright.

You were sitting in a small kid pizza diner called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You watched the kids sing along with the animatronics, smiling at their excitement. You ate some of the pizza you ordered, which you had to say, it was pretty good for a kid's place. Usually places like this had pizza that tasted like cardboard.
As you looked over everything, you saw a dark tan man with long purple hair in a messy ponytail. He had a violet guard suit on with  a gold badge pinned on the left side of his chest. "Hm, he has purple hair, how strange." you muttered to yourself.
The man glanced over at you and gave a grin when he caught you staring at him. You lightly blushed from embarrassment and looked back down at your pizza. When you looked away the man gave a small laugh. The man walked over to the table you were sitting.
"Hello there beautiful," the man purred to you.
:iconcaramoo:Caramoo 316 159
2019 Updates
Hey, you guys. :) Long time, no see. Can't remember the last time I posted a journal to this account, but I figured it couldn't hurt to update you all on some plans I have to keep this story rolling in the year 2019. Speaking of which, hope you're all enjoying a good start to the new year so far. So far as my plans for this story are concerned though, I figured it couldn't hurt to try and post an update schedule for the coming year (I know I've done this before and failed to meet deadlines, but there's never any harm in trying. And I'm REALLY trying to find at least a little time each day to work on this story, even if only a tiny bit between breaks at work). I want to at least hold myself accountable to meeting a few writing deadlines throughout the year, so we'll see if a schedule might help me be at least a LITTLE more consistent with updates this year (since I think I only posted ONE update this past year. Sorry about that to old and new readers alike. With the breaks I get at work
:icondib-the-hybrid:Dib-The-Hybrid 1 6
Fight or Flight Ch. 3 [Zim x Reader]
Kidnapping, blood
    Rain pouring down from the heavens, cold wind hitting anything in its path, it made it hell on earth for anyone daring to go outside. With the dark clouds above only getting darker, you looked over to the man next to you. Your arms wrapped tightly around yourself, a shiver just starting to form in your core. But as you stared over to the green-skinned male, your expression of discomfort changed to confusion.
    “How are you not wanting to bundle up? It’s F R E E Z I N G out here!” You spelled out the word, making it more dramatic, “You gotta have a hoodie or somethin’ in that backpack you always carry around.” Turning your attention to the pink and silver pack on his back, you lifted a brow at it.
    “Huh? -Oh. No.” He answered blankly, turning to you for a short second before looking out back to the soaked land. His eyes narrowed at it, di
:icontiredbutsleepless:TiredButSleepless 4 0
Fight or Flight Ch. 2 [Zim x Reader]
None... For now.
    The dark, gloomy clouds moving sluggishly across the blue sky above them. The unnamed city shadowed in darkness, it seemed as if it would rain at any second. The clouds crashing into one another, making the loud boom run throughout the empty streets. Not a single soul dared step foot outside, with the growing threat of rain only getting worse, they were smart not to. And yet someone took the high chance.
    Knees curled up in the chest, arms laying on top of them, covering your head. You sat on the cold dirty ground in the courtyard, away from any living being. You could not believe that just happened. In front of the whole school too! You weren't even sure how it happened, it just sort of... Did. But once the tears started, they didn't stop. And so you sat on the ground alone, thinking of how you were going to go back in there. If you were at all.
    'I could just go back home. No one's
:icontiredbutsleepless:TiredButSleepless 5 3
Fight or Flight Ch.1 [Zim x Reader]
None... For now.
    The sound of nails scratching polished wood, tapping pencils and Ms. Bitters repeating “Doom” over and over again were the only things you heard in the classroom around you. Sitting four seats back from the front, (e/c) orbs sluggishly moved around the outside window a couple chairs away. Taking in a deep breath, you closed your eyes and thought of all the things you would do when you got home.
    'Read the rest of my book, listen to some music, then maybe take a nap...' You listed off all the things you were planning. The thought of a good book and music sounded so great at that moment, it felt like you were dreaming. Blinking your eyes open, you shook your head ever so slightly, and tried to return to listening in on the woman up front. Her narrow half moon glasses pressed up her nose, and gray hair put up in a tight bun.
    Shifting your eyes away from the vile woman,
:icontiredbutsleepless:TiredButSleepless 6 1
Commission: Wizard101 NPCs by DarkRapier Commission: Wizard101 NPCs :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 196 63 Ariel's Peace by Emilia89 Ariel's Peace :iconemilia89:Emilia89 174 12 Naga Vincent by Amy-the-killer13 Naga Vincent :iconamy-the-killer13:Amy-the-killer13 4 0
Naga! Vincent x Human! Reader
Your P.O.V
It was raining… great. “I need to find some shelter” I told myself. I ran away from home because my mom just died and my dad became really abusive and I couldn’t take it. “Guess I’ll have to stay in this cave then…” I told myself again. I went into the cave and curled up on a rock and fell asleep. I didn’t know that a Naga was living here he just wouldn’t be back until morning.
Time Skip
The sun’s rays hit me and I woke up. I yawned and got up getting ready to leave to find some food and water. But before I could go I felt something coil around me.  “Where do you think you’re going~?” a seductive voice called out.  “EEP!” I screeched trying to escape… no use. I fell limp not trying to escape anymore. “Aww… so cute~! Too bad you’re my breakfast!” I screamed out for help… but nothing. I felt the tears brim my eyes knowing my fate.
:iconchicaisawesome1:Chicaisawesome1 43 21
Night guards -X3 by ponyrlucy Night guards -X3 :iconponyrlucy:ponyrlucy 162 83 kittens!!! by ponyrlucy kittens!!! :iconponyrlucy:ponyrlucy 64 32 7. Autumn (Gir) by sassafrass002 7. Autumn (Gir) :iconsassafrass002:sassafrass002 122 42 Back Together by AnnaKitsun3 Back Together :iconannakitsun3:AnnaKitsun3 90 18 Gummi ships are for amateurs by toherrys Gummi ships are for amateurs :icontoherrys:toherrys 186 20


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