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The Guardian - Redux


image © MonsterBrand

NO. You cannot use this photo for RPG or for 
anything "Warrior Cats" related. So please, do not ask!

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I refer to my cat as a guardian also! He watches over our house - even went to get my mother in law once when someone was in our house who he was unfamiliar with!

valued-vestige's avatar

I love cats - like, a lot - but I have never felt intimidated by a picture of them until now. Wow!

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ibehrend001's avatar

It's so cute! I love the expression When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) grumpy kitty

ChipCoffeLover's avatar

nice and the cat its so cute

PeteyTheParrot's avatar

and I said I was good at photography-

Snowcat551's avatar

why did you tag it with warriorcats? Am I missing a reference?

MonsterBrand's avatar

When I tagged it, I wasn't aware that "Warrior Cats" was an actual series. I just tagged it warrior cats because she looked like a tiny warrior in this photo, ready to fight

Snowcat551's avatar

Oh oki! I was a bit confused for a sec because I thought that maybe they were a cat from the series lol

hellopeper's avatar

omg this is amazing

the skill needed to create this is amazing

Lovely-Bacar's avatar

Sooo cute!!! I love the colors!!!

ChickenDogg's avatar

omg those eyes look so evil but so adorable-

blackbirdteel's avatar

Oddly specific that you can't use it for Warrior Cats related. Are you envious of the fanbase?

MonsterBrand's avatar

haha, no I am not envious of the Warrior Cats franchise. I have had several people use my photos in the Warrior Cats RPG community without my permission, and in a couple of cases, people were making money off of my work without any permissions from me. So, to avoid confusion altogether, I just restricted the use of this specific photo to general art reference only.

blackbirdteel's avatar

I did not say Warrior Cats franchise. I said fanbase.

MonsterBrand's avatar

The franchise is alive because of the fan base (so it's all encompassing). Either way, the fan base as a whole doesn't bother me either. There were just a select a handful of individuals that disrespected me and my artwork by trying to make money off of my work without any permission from me. The fan base as a whole doesn't bother me though.

Zxoqwikl's avatar

Can't tell if I think it looks good or evil but probably not neutral. Pretty though.

aciddmaus23's avatar

wicked cat my new friend

to prevent war, the galaxy is on orion's belt

MonsterBrand's avatar

haha, I love this reference XD

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