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Day 12 - The Plague, the outcast

By MonsterBrand
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image © MonsterBrand

Mask by: Geahk Burchill
Outer Jacket: Tripp NYC
Inner Jacket: Nori Brand

*Part of my "One photo a day for an entire year" Project.
You can follow the progress of this one-year-long project
here in my DeviantArt gallery:…

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H-E-N-R-1's avatar
I bet that the people who originally made these masks were laughing there asses off during the plauge
AmoliChan's avatar
Where are his/her eyes? O.o
MonsterBrand's avatar
She has eyes XD
In this particular photo, we played with the lighting to make it look like there was nothing under the mask though!
Vexacuz's avatar
PLague doctor masks must be the creepiest uniform piece mankind has ever come up for anything outside a costume party or a movie.
ubidu's avatar
So Awesome! 
Hadalis's avatar
Excellent. And also reminded of the god Khonshu as portrayed in Warren Ellis' and Jeff Lemire's run on MOON KNIGHT.
Zipperozic's avatar
Ah, man, this'd be good reference for a charac-

MonsterBrand's avatar
This character is part of a copyrighted project.  Outright/Direct copying of this character is prohibited.  Other artists can use our photos (including this one) as reference for their own personal artworks or as lose inspiration for their own worlds/characters.  As stated in our general art usage rules, again, other artists are welcome to use our photos for their own personal drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. If you have any questions regarding the rules in utilizing our photos, please just PM me. ;)
Zipperozic's avatar
flyingpiggles's avatar
"Do not be afraid, i am the cure"
diver's avatar
It seems odd that this character has something do with a plague, when it appears to be freshly laundered/made. Also, the eye holes are not covered, and that takes away the "idea" of wearing a mask to me. These parts conflict in my mind....
MonsterBrand's avatar
The eye holes are actually covered with a mesh that can only be seen through by the wearer. In this photo, the way the mask was angled combined with the angle of the light made the mask appear to have open eye slots ;)

She actually has nothing to to do with the traditional interpretation of Plague Doctors or the Black Plague itself.  Her physical appearance is merely symbolic for the unfolding of her story (to be shared publicly once it's out of its production stages).
TheThirdPestilence's avatar
Oh my gawd I love plague doctors
SpringtrapBrF's avatar
MonsterBrand's avatar
Nope this is not SCP-049.  This is Plague, an original character in our upcoming series ;)
VinnyMartello's avatar
I like the jacket, do you sell them? =)
MonsterBrand's avatar
Thank you. ;)
Unfortunately, no we are not selling the jacket.  It is a custom-made one of a kind using other jackets made by Nora Brand and Tripp NYC Brand.
Lareponseest42's avatar
Thats super cool 0v0
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