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Day 106 - You'll miss me when I'm gone

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*Part of my "One photo a day for an entire year" Project.
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*"Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. The bears were the first vertebrate species to be listed by the U.S. Endangered Species Act as threatened by extinction primarily because of global warming. This listing happened in 2008 because of the ongoing loss of critical habitat for polar bears, the arctic sea ice on which they live and depend to hunt their almost exclusive prey, seals.
Rising temperatures in the world’s oceans are causing sea ice to disappear for longer and longer periods during the late summer, leaving polar bears insufficient time to hunt. This is a worldwide problem, and the Endangered Species Act has listed polar bears as threatened everywhere in the world they occur. Polar bears can only survive in areas where the oceans freeze, allowing them to hunt seals living under, on, or in the frozen polar ice cap."
National Wildlife Federation

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very beautifull shot!
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Did you see CHASING ICE, the HD documentary movie filmed at the Artic glaciers? [link] My sister took me to it to give me a dose of environmental awareness.=D She's part of an environmental study group at her college so we got free tickets to see it in San Francisco.:omg: It was amazing. If you haven't seen it, here's an HD snippet on Youtube of a spectacular calving, the largest ever caught on film where a chunk of glacier the size of Manhattan crashed into the sea. You can watch it in 1080 HD, highly recommended. [link] So, yeah, I know about the polar bears.:tears: They're basically drowning out there. It makes me very sad. We were given stewardship of this planet and we've squandered it.:( They're starting to look at the pollution coming out of China as one of the reasons for the glacial melt world wide. China puts out so much coal dust and ash, not to mention chemical pollution that it's mind boggling. We're learning about it in class. Their air is so toxic with chemicals it's responsible for 1.3 million deaths in China in 2010 alone, not to mention the millions who live with respiratory disease now, and it even affects us on the West coast. Did you know satellite pictures show China under brown clouds!! In other words, it affects the whole world. We're killing ourselves.:no: I should shut up now...before someone reads this and gets mad.:o Cool picture though.:nod::highfive: He looks so sad, kind of old and grizzled because he has a snaggle tooth.:giggle: I love zoos:heart: cause I'm a kid and I love looking at animals but sometimes when I look at pictures like this, I think it's so sad and inhumane to keep an animal locked up for life. People will say they are safer in a zoo than in the wild but...they're wild. What do they care? Give me a choice to live free and die young, or live in a cage to die old, I will choose live free, die young any day because at least I will have lived. You know?:shrug:
Holy crap dude that was surprisingly entertaining and filled with detail.
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I've never seen the documentary, but it sounds good. I'll definitely look it up. Thank you for sharing :)
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Great shot! Thanks for sharing and raising awareness.
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This breaks my heart. Good message. You're a Master.
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Bah why do people not believe in climate change?
I hope polar bears make it and don't go extinct.
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It's easier to sit back, in an air conditioned home, behind a computer screen, and say, "no, there is no problem. These people are making shit up" than it is to get out and help stop it.

A LOT easier.
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keyboard warriors in the worst way :P
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