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Asmodeus Dragon (Soft Vore)Attention: This fanfic is a continuation of fanfic "Fizzarolli Dragon (Soft Vore)". Bry and Julia took the secret elevator down to Hell and went to Ozzie's on the Lust Ring.Ozzie's, 20:00...Bry and Julia entered a luxury restaurant. It was a spacious space with tables for the guests and a stage in front, showcasing Ozzie's in neon lights. The heart-shaped symbols and LEDs were everywhere. There were beautiful blue floral lanterns on the walls. Also, on the walls were wallpaper with the symbol of Asmodeus. The walls had four glass pipes inside which burned a blue flame, giving the room the attractive atmosphere. Above the glass pipes were balconies overlooking the restaurant. The interior was lit by a large chandelier of dark blue floral drapes with blue flames at the ends. Under the chandelier floated cages with glowing teal bars. Inside the cages, demon girls in revealing clothing danced. The demons flew everywhere and brought dishes to the guests.Julia said with delight "Wow! Oh, my yes!"Bry said "Never expect Fizz to invite us to such a luxurious place. Wonder who Fizz wants to introduce us to".Julia assumed "Maybe we'll see him during the show".Bry and Julia found an empty table near the stage and sat down on chairs. The backs of the chairs were made in the shape of hearts. Minutes later, an imp girl came up to the table.Crane asked "Can I get you two off… I mean, would you like to order a some drinks?"Bry said "I'll have some cider if you don't mind".Julia said "Can I have a chocolate cocktail please?"The waitress scribbled down their order and walked away. Julia's gaze wandered around the room, quickly changing directions whenever she happened to see a kissing couple. Although it was the most harmless thing she saw. Finally, her gaze settled on one of the balconies where was the silhouette of a massive dragon with glowing green eyes. Julia stared at him and didn't dare break eye contact when the green eyes fell on her. They stared at each other. A large jagged, curling, green glowing smile appeared on the dragon's face. She didn't immediately notice how the dragon's silhouette disappeared from the balcony.Bry said "What's wrong? Looks like you just saw a ghost".Julia said "I saw the silhouette of a dragon on the balcony."Bry said "I don't see anyone up there. Just relax and enjoy the show".Crane put on their table cider and chocolate cocktail with a piece of chocolate.The imp girl said "Here are your drinks. Enjoy the show. It will start soon."Bry said "Talk about quick service. But who am I to complain?".As Bry drank, she enjoyed the rich-apple flavor of her cider. Julia ate a piece of chocolate and started drinking a chocolate cocktail.A few minutes later...The lanterns on the walls lit up green. The flames behind the glass pipes turned green. A familiar voice said "Ladies and gentlemen! I see some sexy faces around here tonight!"Six demon girls with wings descended from the ceiling on clear poles made of a pink glass. Electricity ran through harmlessly each platforms and turned from into a part of the stage. Fizzarolli slid down the pole that was at the far end of the stage. He extended his robo-paws and moved in a backward arch down onto the stage before spreading out his paws in a pose.Fizz said "Welcome, welcome, welcome to Ozzie's! The number one place for all kinds of sick twisted fantasies. Put on display for all you sleaze and sleazettes."The dragon jester spun around on the pole before extending his twisted body to smile at a couple of incubi. They showed a peace sign and a thumbs up. The dragon jester retracted himself back to the stage. Fizz spun on his pole once more before he stopped. By then, the six demon girls had left the stage to rest before the next performance.Fizz said "The gem joint of Asmodeus himself! C'mon, give him some love!"He lifted his fore robo-paws in the shape of a heart over his head as the crowd clapped.Bry said "Wow! He wants to introduce us to Asmodeus?".Julia added "No away! This is fucking insane!".Fizz enthusiastically told about himself and introduced the main lineup. The dragon jester drank a green martini through a curly straw before using his robo-paw to put the drink aside. Then he walked to the end of the stage and put the microphone on the holder.Fizz said "I want to thank you all for coming. Especially a pair of ladies I see in the audience. Why don't you come up and warm up the audience with a song".Bry said "Why don't you come on stage, Julia? I'm a bad singer and most likely pick some boring song".Julia said "Okay".The audience applauded and half-demon stood up. As she climbed up, Fizz sprang up to a high balcony next to the silhouette of a dragon with glowing green eyes. The lights in the restaurant are back to normal. The flames brightened in a blue glow. Julia went to the microphone and began to sing "OneRepublic - Everybody loves me". The audience looked on with confusion. The half-demon was singing a song that was inappropriate for the restaurant's standards. The lanterns began glowed blue, while the LEDs turned purple. The lights dimmed as blue smoke surrounded the stage. A large dark dragon appeared on stage behind Julia. The next second, Fizz climbed onto his back and looked down at Julia.Asmodeus said "While you sang beautifully, you dare sing a love song in my lustful lounge?".He tilted his head to the side a bit, as Fizz jumped off his back on stage in front of Julia.Fizz said "Ozzie's not the place for sentimental sounds".Asmodeus added "What did you expect from a proprietor like us?".Julia took a step back onto Asmodeus's sigil as his shadow loomed over her.Fizz finished "Your demon host, Asmodeus! The embodiment of lu-u-u-u-u-ust!".He sang the last word, theatrically pointing with his paws at a large figure. When the smoke cleared, Julia saw a navy-blue dragon slightly taller Pierrot. The dragon had green glowing pupilless eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth. On the sides of his mane of thick cyan hair were two blue faces: a bull on the left and a ram on the right. On his head was a top-hat with red and white head feathers sticking out from its ribbon. His long feathers running to his chest. The dragon had long navy-blue wings with white glowing stripes along the phalanxes. He has features two sets of white glowing stripes down his chest, that went down and connected to the red heart on his belly. Instead of the usual tail, he had three long luxurious rooster-like tail feathers; red, black and white. At the base of his tail was a tuft of cyan feathers. His fore paws were red, but so where the wrists began they were white. Around the wrist there were dark blue stripes with red hearts. His hind paws were black with red claws.Asmodeus sang seductively "Give me a thrust!"Julia's cheeks were flushed. She nervously pulled at her collar.Fizz added as he played on an invisible trumpet "Bwabwabwabwa bwaaaah!".AsmodeusYou show me some lust. From the groin to the bust, in desire we trust, in the House of Asmodeus!Fizz climbed onto Asmodeus' shoulder. The King of Lust and the dragon jester leaned in close and tenderly nuzzled each other. Then they looked at Julia with sinister smiles before spinning around in a dramatic dance. The next second, Fizz jumped off his shoulder.Fizzarolli vocalized again "Bwabwabwabwa! Trumpet!"Asmodeus lay down on the stage, paws under his chin.AsmodeusLittle demon, you came here to sing your serenadePerform your feelings on a velvety stageWell, we got a saying that’s popular in these parts…The King of Lust rolled over onto his back and raised his left hand to the top. Then he lifted his left leg and bent it in a seductive manner. Asmodeus rolled over and got up on his paws. Julia took a few steps back to increase the distance between her and the King of Lust. Fizz jumped right in front of Asmodeus and wrapped his robo-paws around Julia, pressing her arms to her sides. Then he drew them back, causing her to spin around on the sigil.Fizz added "Only little bitches strum the strings of their hearts!"Asmodeus asked "You wanna hang around this lustful town?". The King of Lust stopped Julia's spinning with a finger on her head. Instead of stars, blue hearts whirled over her head. Fizz watched in amusement on Asmodeus' shoulder.Asmodeus said with a grin "Ditch the lovey-dovey before we knock you around."Half-demon was flicked backward. She fell on the sigil of Asmodeus.Asmodeus sang seductively "Here we sing about wants and desires".Fizz dashed forward and lifted up Julia. The dragon jester pressed her against the glowing teal cage, then pushed another one over. Inside the cages were female demons goats.Fizz sang with passion "Depravity, savagery, loins hotter than fiiiire!".The crimson demon goat released a stream of blue fire over Julia's head. Fizz wearing neon pink heart-shaped glasses, held a pitchfork with the flame on top. Then he blew out the fire and greedily looked at a roasted marshmallow. Julia fell into Asmodeus's right palm.AsmodeusSo give me a thrustShow me some lu-u-u-u-ust!Asmodeus gently ran his finger of his free paw under Julia's chin. Half-demon tried to get off, but the King of Lust pressed her against his furry chest. Julia didn't have time to fight back when she inhaled a sweet delightful aroma. The girl's face turned a lovely shade of red as Asmodeus put her on the sigil. Then he ran his claw across under her chin. Asmodeus loomed over Julia, proudly spreading his luxurious wings to the sides.AsmodeusFrom the groin to the bustLittle demon, you just mustIn the House of Asmodeus.The King of Lust began to dance around the pole, wagging his tail seductively. Still wearing neon glasses, Fizz began tossing money at him. The next second, he tossed his glasses aside and put his robo-paws on Asmodeus's back, helping him to stand on his paws. Julia stood up and caught herself thinking that she was staring at Asmodeus. A desire to be eaten began to rise within her. The half-demon tried to pull herself together, but she couldn't. AsmodeusCome on, sing us a so-o-o-o-ong!Make sure the subject is getting it onMake it graphic and tactfully long!The King of Lust stopped to the right of Julia. The girl looked to the left and saw the jester dragon. Fizz wore reading glasses and read a book with "Rhyming dick" as the title. Fizz smirked at Julia, pointing to a page in the book. Then he threw aside the book and glasses.Fizz added "Be sure to rhyme thong and schlong!" Asmodeus finished "Go ahead, the mic's on". He put the microphone in front of Julia. And she began to sing. This time she sang about her desire to be eaten. Her beautiful voice was filled with passion and lustful desire.Bry's nails began to dig into the table in anger. "Asmodeus did something to her. Why else would she be singing her desire to be eaten in front of everyone?" Bry asked myself.AsmodeusYou sold your life for a thrust!Now that's the spirit of lu-u-u-ust!Asmodeus placed his paws on his chest while Fizzmade a heart behind him with his robo-paws. The lights on the stage turned light blue. Fizz leapt in arcs around Asmodeus as he sang and danced on the stage. Julia followed him, tail wagging seductively. AsmodeusGrab your groin or a bustYou better get your hair mussedPretend you don't see that crustHump 'til your junk turns to dustFinally, they stopped on stage and turned to the audience. Asmodeus and Fizz spread their wings as Julia threw her hands up. Light blue fireworks began to explode around them.Asmodeus, Fizz and Julia finished "In the house of Asmodeus!".After the show...Julia returned to the table and sat down next to Bry.Bry said "I think this was a mistake to come here. Asmodeus must've done something to you up there. I know for sure you wouldn't have sung your desires like that in front of an audience".Julia said "I don't know what came over me. Deep down, I wanted to sing about my desire, but I held back so I didn't look stupid. But then I smelled sweet delightful aroma and everything that held me back seemed to disappear. I just wanted to sing about my feelings."Bry suggested "Let's head home. I feel like I need 3 showers to wash off this stench of the Lust Ring. Maybe some video games will help us forget this night".Julia agreed "Right..."The girls got up from the table and left the restaurant. Bry and Julia walked down the empty street. Suddenly, a blue dart hit Julia's neck. She lost consciousness and collapsed onto the road. Bry turned to the sound and saw half-demon lying unconscious on the road.Bry screamed "Julia!" Before she could take a step, a dart hit her right shoulder.Using his robo-paws, Fizz climbed down from the roof to the girls on the road. "Don't you two know it's impolite to leave without telling anyone? Asmodeus wants you two to stay so he can get to know you both better *chuckles*" Fizz said as he scooped up the unconscious girls.A little while later...Julia and Bry woke up on a huge bed, which was partially covered with translucent silken blue curtain that hung from the ceiling. At first, the girls did not understand how they got here until they saw Asmodeus. He lay on the bed and looked at them with interest.Asmodeus said almost purring "I wanted to talk to you ladies after the show, but you left too early. So I had Fizz bring you two here so we can talk somewhere private and get to know you two better".Bry said, clenching the blankets in anger "After you made Julia sing her desire in front of everyone, I don't think this will be a pleasant conversation. You disgraced my Julia on a stage".Asmodeus said "Disgraced? I simply wanted her to sing her desires. It's only fitting in my lustful lounge. I advice next time you read the invitations closely to avoid any awkward situations such as this".Julia stated "This is too personal! Only Bry and my friends know about my secret! But the situation got out of control and now strangers have learned about my shameful desire!"The half-demon turned her head to the side to hide her embarrassment. Asmodeus placed a claw under her chin and lifted her head, looking into her eyes.Asmodeus said slowly licking his teeth "Relax; after a few nights of passionate lust, the audience will forget all about your performance. Also, I find your desire quite delicious".The King of Lust tilted his head and kissed the top of her head. A half-sigh escaped her throat. Julia's body instantly relaxed. A feeling of warmth bubbled up in her chest. Her breathing became intermittent. Julia's lips stretched out into a seductive smile. The half-demon's tail swayed from side to side while her arousal grew. Bry tried to intervene, but she couldn't move, as if an invisible force didn't want her to disturb the lustful moment.Asmodeus cooed "You're so beautiful without your limitations holding back your lust. Now tell me, dearie, how much do you want to be in my stomach?". All his faces bearing a soft grin.Julia purred "I want to get into the arms of your stomach and belong only to you. I want to hear your heart beating, feeling that soft walls hug me from all sides. Swallow me, please."Asmodeus began to lick Julia's face purring along with her. He then opened his mouth and wrapped his green tongue around Julia before shoving her up to her waist into his mouth. Lifting his head, Asmodeus chuckled as he saw Julia's legs and tail dangling out of his mouth. His little faces in his mane snickering at the reaction of a half-demon. Asmodeus used his tongue to draw them into his mouth before beginning to savor her lustful taste. Despite her desire, a spell was keeping Bry from moving so she could not interfere; she couldn't even protest as she saw the whole show. Satisfied Asmodeus tilted his head back and swallowed, making sure Bry could see the bulge sliding down his throat. Soon the bulge landed inside his stomach with a bounce onto the bed. Asmodeus laid on his side licking his chops while kneading bulge in his belly, as if to display it to Bry. Still overwhelmed with lust, Julia hugged the soft floor and continued to purr.Asmodeus cooed "Aww, so adorable and delicious. If only I could keep you in there forever. But for now enjoy your desires. I'll let you out when you wish it".Bry felt the spell disappear. Now she could move and speak again.She asked "This isn't like her. What did you do to Julia to make her act like this?".Asmodeus explained "I did nothing to impose here, dearie. This was her desire, not mine. I simply removed her limitations and her lust was released. It was pretty much a win-win situation. I get a nice meal and she gets to experience her desire".Bry said "Must've been the time when she was pressed against your chest. Breathing in your aroma must've removed her 'limitations'. So she wasn't even embarrassed when she sang in front of everyone".Asmodeus teased "You're only half right, dearie. My removal was temporary on stage, but now she's completely free of it. Now I'm curious about your desires. After all, I do love dessert".Looking away to hide any blush, Bry said "Like I'd let my desires get the better of me. Unlike some people, I don't wanna have to regret my actions later".Chuckling, Asmodeus pushed Bry towards him with his feathered tail. Then he tilted his head and kissed the top of the girl's head. When that kiss hit, Bry began to feel her cheeks turning red. Her breath began to grow shallow. Her body began to feel so hot. Bry felt her head getting fuzzy, but she shake them off to keep herself composed. Bry tried to fight back her desires, but all her efforts were in vain. The limitations were irrevocably lost.Asmodeus said "A stubborn one, eh? Unlike Julia who gave in so easily. But no one can resist once their limitations have been removed. So just relax, let your lust take over. It'll be much easier for you".Bry said "I will NOT give in to my lust. And YOU can't force it on me".Little faces in his mane was entranced by the girl's boldness.Asmodeus chuckled in response "Very well, have it your way."The King of Lust opened his mouth and released blue smoke. Bry didn't have time to do anything, as it penetrated her nostrils. It had a sweet, pleasant aroma, similar to chocolate. Suddenly, Bry's body relaxed. It was a weird feeling, not being in control. The smoke sang in her mind like a symphony, chasing the anxieties away. Bry moved closer to Asmodeus, feeling that her body trapped in bliss. Bry could vaguely recognized what was happening.Asmodeus cooed "There's no need to hide your desires. You're in a safe place, so you can let loose and feel so much better. I'm sure Julia would love the company. So just relax and enjoy the ride down".Asmodeus' tongue soon slithered out of his mouth and around Bry's waist. Since she was so paralyzed with lust, she offered no resistance as Asmodeus drew them both into his mouth. He purred as he began to savor the girl's lustful flavor. Once satisfied, Asmodeus tilted his head back and swallowed, using his claw to follow the bulge Bry made down his throat. Soon the bulge landing in his stomach with another bounce. He then kneaded his belly now that it got bigger while licking his chops to get the last flavor of his dessert. Julia hugged Bry, closing her eyes. The half-demon continued to purr, enjoying presence of her company.Bry said "You're like a little dragon when you purr. I admit being this close and this warmth is pleasurable".Julia purred "See? There's nothing wrong with giving in to your desires."Bry said "I do feel warm and cozy in here. I'm ready to pass out". Feeling the heartbeat through the flesh was lulling her to sleep. Bry then nuzzled against Julia before passing out. Julia smiled sweetly, purring with pleasure. She felt sleepy due to the warmth and silky green walls. Also, the rhythmic heartbeat and gentle massage from all sides had a soothing effect on her. Soon, half-demon slipped into a peaceful slumber. The King of Lust lay on the bed, lazily wagging his feathered tail. He heard the purr emanating from his stomach until it stopped completely. The girls fell asleep peacefully inside him.Asmodeus cooed "You and your lust were delicious. I can see why Fizz enjoyed you both so much. This has indeed been a wonderful night. Now you two can sleep peacefully in your lustful desires. After all, you two will be in there for quite some time".
Obvious bust (Asmodeus vore)Hell, Lust Ring, Ozzie's...Blue and purple lighting filled at Ozzie's. Upbeat jazz music was playing in the air. Various demons gathered in the restaurant to enjoy the show. Fizz and Asmodeus performed on stage. Asmodeus' sweet baritone sang the most explicit lyrics, his hips swaying to the beat seductively. Fizz didn't pay attention to the lyrics, but he complemented the duet of lust. The Internet Demon sat in front of the bar all alone, having a drink every now. Julia said "Bartender, pour me something strong. And don't spare the chocolate."The girl put a decent amount of cash on the bar counter. The bartender didn't argue with her. He accepted the cash and made her an alcoholic chocolate cocktail. There was a piece of chocolate bar on the edge of the glass. Julia ate a piece of chocolate and drank the cocktail.Later...The performance was absolutely amazing. The audience was delighted with Asmodeus and Fizz. Soon, it was time for the restaurant to close. The guests began to disperse to their homes. Fizz went to his room to tidy himself up. When there is no one left in the restaurant, the King of Lust noticed a drunk Julia wandering around, bumping into tables and laughing.Asmodeus said "Never thought of seeing a drunk Internet Demon here, quite funny if you ask me. I'm interested to see her hidden desires".Noticing nothing around, Julia bumped into the leg of the Ruler of Lust. Julia took a step back and lifted her head. In front of her, she saw the owner of the restaurant, Asmodeus. Redness crept up to her cheeks and she started to wag her tail.Asmodeus said "Hello, little one. Are you lost?"Julia drunkenly said "Nooooo... I'em hiddding".Asmodeus said "I think I have an interesting place for you to 'hide', my dear. But first tell me this, what troubles you to make you so drunk?".Julia muttered "They ruuuined the eveniiiing and... I... I'em..."The girl continued to sway on her feet. The Internet Demon looked like she would pass out any second now. Asmodeus picked her up and headed to his chambers. The half-demon purred in his grasp, rubbing herself against the massive demon almost like a little dragon, flicking her tail lazily. The Ruler of Lust couldn't help but smirk at the little one's behavior.Asmodeus cooed "Such an adorable little dragon. I'll make sure to give you a hangover antidote soon. That way you can explain better what happened to you".A half hour later... Julia groaned and opened her eyes. The girl sat down on the couch and rubbed her head with her right hand. The girl looked around and saw that she was in a luxurious living room. She was sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace in which a blue flame burned. There were two armchairs on the sides of the couch. The walls were covered with wallpaper with the ornament of hearts. Also on the walls were beautiful blue floral lanterns. Julia looked down and saw her shoes on the floor by the couch. Unpleasant thoughts came to the girl's mind.Julia said "It looks like the seventh chocolate cocktail was clearly superfluous.How did I get here? I don't remember anything, although no... Something I remember and... damn it! I hope the demons didn't take advantage of my helpless position for their dirty games."The door to the room opened and Julia saw a massive demon heading towards her.Asmodeus explained "I assure you nothing happened to you. You drank so much you lost consciousness at my restaurant. So I brought you here and restored you so you can tell me what happened".Julia said "Sorry sir. Usually I rarely drink alcohol and only when there is a reason."Asmodeus said "No need for that formal nonsense, just call me Asmodeus. And you're quite popular so I know who you are. Please continue your story. I remember you saying 'they ruined the evening' before you passed out". Asmodeus sat down on the couch next to Julia. The girl was embarrassed that she was so close to the Ruler of Lust. Julia explained "It happened tonight. I sat in the living room and watched TV. I ate Japanese sweets, did not touch anyone, but then I heard suspicious sounds. I turned around and saw four hungry demons behind me. Realizing their intentions, I ran away. I don't remember how long I ran until I came to Lust Ring. I thought this would be the last place where they decide to look for me. So I decided to get drunk to forget about it at least for a while."Asmodeus said "With your sweet taste and delicious aroma, I can't really blame them for going after you. My 'hiding' proposal is still open, in case you forgot in your drunken state".Julia said in a trembling voice "No, no, no, not again! I don't want it! Please, don't do this!"Asmodeus pressed the girl to him so that she buried her face in his fur chest. Julia blushed with embarrassment as she sank into the relaxing softness. Before the girl even had time to protest, she inhaled a sweet delightful aroma. Gentle kiss on top of her head made her body relax. The Internet Demon tried to pull herself together, but she couldn't. As if she could no longer control herself. What was happening? Julia doesn't know what came over her. She could barely manage to move, let alone resist. The tense atmosphere to vanish, replaced by the sense of calmness. A feeling of warmth and safety bubbled up in her chest. Asmodeus cooed "Your lust is delicious, there's no need to hide it. I'll gladly fulfill your desire, but I'll bring you variety and sweets to help you".Asmodeus teleported a tray full of chocolate sweets into the room with a snap of his finger. Julia's eyes literally shone with delight. The Internet Demon could barely move her fingers, but she did not see the need for it. Asmodeus fed her from his hands like a little dragon. And to be honest, she was acting like a little dragon. She ate sweets and purred with pleasure, wagging her tail from side to side. When the sweets ended, traces of melted chocolate remained on Asmodeus's palm. Julia licked what was left of the sweets and rubbed herself against the palm of the massive demon. Common sense has long been pushed into the background, replaced by the passionate desire to be eaten. Warmth flooded Julia's body from a soft kiss in top of her head. Asmodeus softly rubbing the back of half-demon. Asmodeus cooed "You're just like a little dragon with no limitations, so cute. And now, with your heart full of lust, I'll send you a place where no one can bother you".Asmodeus began to lick Julia's face, loving her chocolate flavor. He loved feeling Julia's purring against his tongue. He then guided Julia's head into his mouth, letting her slide against his tongue and enjoy more of her flavor of lust. Pleased that she wasn't resisting, he began to swallow her little by little. Soon all was left was her wiggly tail, which he tickled to feel her thrash about in laugher. Then, he slurped up her tail and swallowed one last time, his fingers following the bulge down into his stomach. Because of the size difference, Julia's body only made a slight bulge in Asmodeus' belly. Licking his chops, he placed his hand on the bulge in his belly and began to rub it. Julia didn't notice that she had fallen asleep.Asmodeus cooed "So delicious. No wonder so many demons wants a piece of you. Sounded like you had a rough night. I wouldn't mind playing again before eating you. But now rest".A little while later...Where was she? Julia tried to move a bit, but it didn't help much. The girl slowly opened her eyes. Around the half-demon were soft green walls that were holding her in place. The soft walls pulsed and gently massaged her body. She could hear the rumbling of the stomach and rhythmic heartbeat. Slowly, Julia began to recognize what had happened, since the effects of Asmodeus's aroma was fading. The half-demon began kicked and punched the walls, but they seemed to absorb her blows. In response, she heard a chuckle and felt stroking outside.Asmodeus teased "Try all you might, but I don't plan on loosing a lovely meal. So why not just relax and go back to sleep".Julia exclaimed "Why did you eat me? I don't want this!"Asmodeus said "Say whatever you want but deep down you want this. Not to mention that I love the way you act when you're not restrained".Julia retorted "You did something to my body and inspired me with desire to be eaten. In another way, I cannot explain how it happened that I could not even give you a fight back."Asmodeus said "You're only half right, dearie. You would normally fight back, but without your limitations your desire overtook you and you let yourself get eaten. As for me 'inspiring you', I did nothing, you had that desire in you all along".Julia asked "But how? I couldn't lose control of myself."Asmodeus explained "I can remove the limitations of other demons. After all, I am one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Touching me is enough to remove one's limitations, but my aroma and my kiss helps to soothe them".Hearing this, Julia stopped resist. Until the last moment she thought that her memory was deceiving her, but no. Asmodeus really kissed the top of her head, moreover twice. Julia's face flushed with embarrassment. Her tail began to sway nervously from side to side.Asmodeus cooed "You realize how cute you are when you blush, right? I can see why you ran away. They wouldn't provided you variety before swallowing you like I can. But I also treat before sending you on your way. A win-win for both of us".Julia couldn't say anything, but she mentally admitted that there was meaning in his words.Asmodeus said "Listen, dearie. I remove your limitations because they keep you from enjoying your lust. Now I like to know how long you want to be in there".A half-sigh escaped Julia's throat when a pleasant warmth ran down her spine. It seemed to her that the blue smoke caresses her body. Lust completely seized the girl's heart.Purring, Julia said "I don't want to go anywhere. It's so warm and cozy here. I would love dessert before sleep."Asmodeus said "I knew you'd be enjoying this, dearie. I don't mind treating you before you sleep. In return you'll need to give my stomach a nice massage".Julia began to wriggle like a playful little dragon. The girl rubbed herself against the soft walls and purred seductively. From outside, a bulge wriggled in the lust demon's belly.Asmodeus said "Hmm, looks like you need a bit of motivation". He began to play with his belly a bit; patting and massaging from the outside. Julia actively squirm as if she wanted to get out of here. Rubbing the bulge, Asmodeus closed his eyes in pleasure. These feelings were wonderful. She squirmed until green soft walls let her go. Asmodeus said "Such a wonderful massage you did in there, dearie. Now, as promised, here is your reward". He then snapped his fingers and sweets appeared before Julia. These were Meito Puku Puku Taiyaki Strawberry, Meiji Fruit Gummy Candy Peach, Meiji Fruit Gummy Candy Cherry, Kit Kat Mandarin Orange, Bourbon Alfort, Ginbis Shimi Choco Corn Stars, Crunky Crunch Chocolate, Bitte Maroyaka Milk, Fran Double Chocolate and DARS Pistachio Nuts. While Julia was eating sweets, she felt that Asmodeus' hand caressed her back. She was pleased that the Ruler of Lust cared about her comfort and desires. After Julia ate all the sweets, the empty boxes disappeared. Yawning, the half-demon lay on the floor and curled up. The soft walls tenderly embraced her from all sides. Her entire body felt fuzzy, accompanied with the constant stroking her back. She admitted that it felt nice and calming. Half-demon seen blue heart-shaped particles floating around her. The girl couldn't think straight, only clinging to whatever was emitting wonderful sweet aroma similar to chocolate. The rhythmic heartbeat and warmth lulled her mind. Soon, Julia slipped into a peaceful slumber. The blue fire continued to burn in the fireplace. Asmodeus sitting on the couch and stroked his stomach.Asmodeus cooed "My dear, your lust is beautiful and delicious. If I could I'd keep you in there forever. I'll take care of that no one disturbs you while you sleep and enjoy your desires".
Fizzarolli Dragon (Soft Vore)Attention: This fanfic is a continuation of "Alastor's Shadow Dragon (Soft Vore)" and "Fox vs. Dragon (Soft Vore)". It has been two weeks since the event of two adventures...At sunset ...The sky changed from blue to orange. The clouds turned golden due to the illumination. Gradually the sun was setting below the horizon, giving way to night. Bry and Julia sat on a log, watching the sky slowly change color. The half-demon wagged her tail excitedly.Bry said "Glad I was able to take you to enjoy the sunset. If we stick around a bit more we'll be able to see the stars from here".Julia said "You're right. I really need a break. I can't wait to see the sparkling diamonds in the sky. I want to take some stunning photographs as a souvenir."Bry said "*facepalm* Darn it, I forgot the camera back home. I'll head back and get it. You stay here, I'll be back in no time".Julia added "Try not to delay or you'll miss the sunset."Bry turned and ran towards the house. But when the girl disappeared into the forest, something wrapped around her mouth and waist. Bry tried to call for help, but she couldn't open her mouth. Something was dragging her in the deep forest. Everything was happening so fast! Finally, something let go of Bry and she landed on the ground in dizziness. With difficulty, Bry sat down on the ground and saw a dragon in front of her. It was a male dragon that was slightly taller than Joker. His face was white, as if someone had put on some make-up. But the tip of the nose above his mouth was red. He also had black dots at the ends of his mouth. On the dragon's forehead was a black heart with a red border. Inside the main heart, there was a light blue heart at the bottom. His eyes have lime-colored sclera and pink irises. On his horns he wore a bright red and blue jester cap with bells. Around his neck was a white ruffle and a black collar with bells located below it. The dragon had a bright red belly while his back was bright blue. On his shoulders were yellow balls with bright red hearts. His paws were purple with white stripes, but so where the wrists began they were black. Around the wrist of his fore paws were lime bracelets. On his hind paws were blue hearts on the front. The inside of his wings was bright red with yellow trim at the bottom with yellow hearts, while the external is bright blue with white trim at the bottom and black hearts. Also, he had a long black tail with red stripes. There was a triangular tip at the end of the tail. The dragon said "Seems no one told you to be careful at night. This is a prime time for predators to come out and hunt. I'm the one and only Fizzarolli, or Fizz for short".Bry explained "Nice to meet ya. My name's Bry. I apologize for cutting this short but I'm in a hurry. I need to pick up something from home and meet my friend".Bry turned and ran towards the house. But before the girl had time to run five meters, around her waist wrapped dragon robo-paws, pinning her arms to her sides. Fizz pulled Bry closer and gently pushed the girl to the ground, causing her to fall onto her back."Didn't anyone tell you it's not polite to just run off like that? Besides you see the sunset every day, so why the rush tonight?" Fizz asked. "Speaking of tonight, I'm quite hungry and you're looking quite tasty right now" he said licking his teeth. Using flexible fingers of robo-paws, Fizz removed the shoes from Bry's feet. Licking her feet, Fizz felt her wiggling in laughter in his coiled arms. He took this opportunity and drew her legs into his mouth, this teeth gently holding her in place. Holding her, Fizz would slowly bring more of her inside, using his tongue to taste her body as she passed it. She tried to hold on in place but Fizz had a firm grip on her body. By the time his paws let go, most of Bry was already in his mouth. He the opened his mouth and let her slide in before closing his teeth with a 'snap'. Hold his head back, Fizz swallowed lightly, feeling Bry's body sliding down his throat. He used his claw to follow her descent downward. Soon she landing inside Fizz's stomach with a slight bounce. Sitting down, Fizz placed his paw on his bulging stomach and licking his chops in delight.Bry said pushing against the stomach walls "Let me out of here now".Fizz said patting his stomach "Sorry but I don't make it a habit of letting go a delicious prey like you. In fact, I may have room for dessert. Your friend sound like she'd be perfect for the part".Ten minutes later...Julia continued to sit on the log and stare at the sunset. The sun almost disappeared over the horizon. Dark red clouds floated slowly across the red sky. It was such a beautiful sight that for a moment she forgot about everything in the world.Julia said in awe "Wow! What's the beautiful! Did you take a photo, my Sea Angel?".There was no answer. Julia turned her head to the left expecting to see Bry. But she was not there. Bry still hasn't returned with the camera, although the house is not that far away.Julia said "Heck! Where did she go? She should have been back long ago."The half-demon did not notice how Bry's kidnapper crept up behind her.Fizz said "I wouldn't worry about her too much. After all, you'll be seeing her real soon. Now that you've seen your sunset, why sit there when there's a better place for you?".Julia jumped up from the log and turned around. Fizz stood two meters away. Julia looked down and saw his bulging belly. Now she understood where Bry had gone.Julia said "And why am I not surprised? Tell me, how did you meet him?"Bry said "I was halfway home when Fizz came out of nowhere and ate me with little warning. Sorry I couldn't get the camera in time, Julia".Julia said "It's okay, Bry. I don't blame you. So you're Fizz, right?"Fizz's robo-paws were wrapped Julia's body and pulled her to Fizz. He said "Fizzarolli but you're right. You know, I never had a half demon before. So just relax and enjoy the ride down".Fizz let out his tongue and began to lick Julia to taste her. He then placed her head inside his mouth and began to swallow. During the process, Julia's body would slowly be freed from Fizz's robotic paws as they were replaced by the ring of his throat. He would then take off her shoes and snapped his teeth behind them.. Her tail was all that's left as Fizz began to tickle them, feeling her wiggle about inside his throat. After which, Fizz slurped up her tail and swallowed. Soon his belly got bigger with the new passenger inside with a bounce.Fizz said patting his now-bigger belly "Man, quite a meal you two ladies make. Wouldn't mind doing this again. But for now, you two might as well get comfortable. I'm not planning on letting you ladies out for quite some time".Humming, Fizz turned in the opposite direction and walked through the woods. His bulging gut swayed back and forth with each step, gurgling and massaging his meal. Bry and Julia clung to each other because they did not have much space.Julia said "How glad I am to see you again, my Sea Angel."Bry said "Glad to see you too. Though I can't help but think it's some kind of a pattern that we make new friends after they eat us".Julia said "Yeah. I have to admit this is the first time someone swallowed us at sunset. This usually happens either during the day or at night."Bry said "Too bad I got eaten before the sunset. What color was it?".Julia replied "It's hard to describe, but I've seen many shades of red. It was like a sea with dark red waves. Like the best expensive wine. Like autumn maple leaves".Bry said "Sounds beautiful. Glad you got to see it at least. *yawns* All this swaying is making me sleepy. Since we're gonna be here for a while I think I'm just gonna rest my eyes a bit. I'm sorry...I wasn't able the sunset...with you" Bry said before falling asleep in Julia's arms.Giggling, Julia said "Next time we will definitely see sunset like this one, my Sea Angel..."The half-demon soon fell asleep, feeling warmth and listening to the dragon's heartbeat.Ozzie's...Fizz was lying on the bed in his room. Lazily wagging his tail, he caressed his bulging belly."Luckily I have some days off to keep you two in there longer. When the weekend's over, you two will be let out. But for now just sleep away inside. You two do seem to have a point, those who eat you end up liking you in the end" Fizz teased as he patted his belly.Later...Fizz kept his word and released the girls two days later when the weekend ended. Julia and Bry spent two days calmly. They walked in the woods, had fun with friends and played video games. These were wonderful, fun days. On the third day, or rather in the evening, Julia found on the nightstand an envelope with a wax lime seal in heart-shaped. Opening the envelope, half-demon found a letter from Fizz and two VIP tickets to the restaurant Ozzie's....
Obvious bust (Bill Cipher vore)Normal POVIt was a typical night in the Gravity Falls. As a rule, strange and mystical events take place in this town. But this time everything was quiet and calm... Or not? Somewhere in the forest, a portal opened leading to another world, from which Julia ran out. The Internet Demon had no idea where she was running. She wanted to find a place to hide from the four hungry demons until they calm down. After about fifteen minutes, Julia stopped in a clearing.Julia said "How tired I am. I need a place where I can sleep safely."After these words, time all around stopped and the world acquired black and white colors. Flashes of lightning gathered in a silhouette of a triangle in the air.Bill said "Sounds like you have some serious problems there. Never expect to see a demon from another world, but this could be interesting".When the flashes of lightning disappeared, the girl saw a yellow triangle with black arms and legs. On his head he wore a tall black top hat. A black tie was tied under his one eye with vertical pupil. The lower part of his body was a brick-like pattern of lines.Julia said "I'm sorry, of course, but who are you or what are you?" Then she thought "I've never seen a creature like him before. Or I'm hallucinating due to fatigue. Although unlikely, I could not go crazy so quickly. Maybe he is an alien?"Bill said "You're quite funny, but you shouldn't compare me to aliens. They have little to no imagination. Allow me to introduce myself, Julia. My name's Bill Cipher".Bill created a yellow cane in his right hand and floated over to Julia.Julia said "Nice to meet you, I'm... Stop! How did you know my name?"Bill explained "I can read your thoughts like an open book. So don't try to hide anything from me, it's useless. So I know your little problem and I want to help, for something in return of course".Julia asked "What do you want? My soul or the lives of my loved ones?"Bill explained "Relax; all I want is for you to take part of a challenge of mine. I'm curious about your abilities, dearie. If you accept and win, I'll help you. If you refuse, you're on your own".Julia said "Very well. I accept your challenge.".If Bill had lips at the moment he would be grinning. Bill said "I'm not surprised but delighted that you accepted. I prepared a special arena so let the games begin".Bill snapped his fingers and teleported them to the Nightmare Realm. Julia appeared in a huge arena. Nearby was a pyramid with a labyrinth inside. A timer hovered over the arena.Julia asked "Can I find out the rules before starting the challenge?"Bill said "You can use the best of your abilities to get past this labyrinth. But I think you should warm up first. These fellows should provide you such that. I forget to mention you only win if you last one hour. If you get exhausted the timer will stop. But you won't get a second chance if you tire too early. And now let the challenge begin!"The timer began counting the seconds. Unidentified monsters began to approach the Internet Demon, growling menacingly. Julia activated the Dance of Darkness and rushed to the attack. The girl easily dodged attacks of the monsters, as she foresaw their every move. A pair of shadow hands with machine guns appeared on the girl's sides. The nearby monsters did not have time to understand anything as they were shot with Julia's machine guns. Then she hid her shadow hands and saw winged monsters in the sky. Shards of shadow ice began to spin around Julia. Then she waved her right hand. Shards of ice flew in different directions and blew up all the winged monsters. One of the monsters crept up behind Julia and opened its mouth, preparing to swallow her. However, Julia sensed danger and turned sharply to the monster. Then she opened her mouth and spewed a stream of dark blue fire into the mouth of a monster. A powerful stream of flame blew up the monster from within. The fight continued until the monsters surrounded the girl. Julia jumped high in the air and did a somersault. At the end of her tail, an electric black ball with red sparks appeared. Julia flapped her tail sharply and launched an electric ball at the monsters... BOOM! The explosion sent the monsters over the horizon and soon they disappeared from sight. Julia landed safely in the arena. The monsters were defeated. The timer showed that ten minutes had passed.Bill said "Impressive; I never thought you could defeat them so quickly. However, they're just the warm-up for the main event. Now you have me to contend with. Let's see what you're capable of".The battle began with simple magical attacks. But gradually their attacks grew stronger. Julia turned into a shadow and a light blue flame passed through her. Julia plunged into the floor of the arena, raising a spray of black claw-shaped particles. The Internet Demon hoped to use a spell Blood Trap to temporarily slow Bill down. However, Julia was in for an unpleasant surprise when she burst out from under the floor. Bill grabbed Julia's leg and tossed her aside. Out of surprise, she dropped to the floor the crystal with which she wanted to receive Bill's blood. Julia spread her wings and halted in the air. Julia thought in shock "WHAT? How could he avoid my attack?"Bill explained "Have you forgotten that I can read your mind? Your trap could work on other demons, but not me since I'm older than you".Julia had nothing against variety in battles. But only not when someone read her mind and used it to their advantage. No matter how hard the Internet Demon tried, she could not injure the Triangular Demon, who seemed to outright mock her. Julia felt powerless, unable to harm him. The last straw for Julia was the moment when Bill ran his hand along her tail. One of Julia's shadow hands grabbed a chocolate perfume and splashed it into Bill's eye. He stumbled back, his hands reaching blindly out to rub at his eye.Bill hissed in pain "Ow! Not again! Why?! Every time!"Julia teased "Do you like my chocolate perfume?"Without wasting a second, she ran towards the labyrinth.Bill said "So, hiding while my eye regenerates, huh? When I find you you'll regret what you did to me".Since Julia only blinded Bill, the regeneration took about a minute to heal his eye. Bill turned red and grew to giant size. His eye turned black, a slit of a yellow pupil. His body split into three sections. Between them were jagged yellow teeth. His top hat turned into a yellow. Four extra yellow hands emerged from his body. Then he crawled into the pyramid, like a giant spider, chasing down Julia. When the girl felt vibration from the floor, she hid in a small crevice. And just in time. Just a few meters from the crevice, a giant shadow appeared.Bill said "Hiding I see? I don't mind a little game of spider and fly; or in this case a spider. *after some searching* I know you're close, little dragon. Dangerously close".The last phrase was spoken in a deep demonic voice that sent shivers down Julia's spine. Suddenly, part of the wall collapsed, making the crevice wider. Bill put one of his hands in to reach the girl, but she turned into a shadowand teleported away. Bill looked around and saw Julia disappear into one of the corridors of the labyrinth. Bill followed the fleeing girl.The Internet Demon thought in horror "HOLY--!! It's good that my Sea Angel isn't here. If she saw this, she would faint. Damn it! I have to think about how to escape!"The floor vibrated with heavy footsteps. Despite his size, Bill was agile and quick. While the girl was running away, she did not notice a small stone sticking out in front. This caused her to stumble and fall to the floor. Bill took her by the tail and raised her to the level of his eye.Bill gloated "You really should learn to close your mind when I'm around. Since the challenge isn't over yet, you won't be going anywhere".When the girl's gaze fell on his jagged teeth and three black long tongues, in her memory surfaced moments when Pierrot, Joker and Alastor swallowed her. She was safe, but sometimes she wanted to take a break from this. But it seemed impossible. From time to time, one of them wanted to eat Julia and it all started all over again. It was a pleasure and a curse at the same time. Julia caught herself thinking that she was looking at Bill's upper mouth, behind which was a hole in his throat. The hole that leads to the Abyss from which it is impossible to escape... and did not want to at all. Julia sighed convulsively. She hoped Bill hadn't had time to read her memories... although who is she trying to fool?Bill said "I don't blame them for wanting to eat you; your face is so irresistible when you're like this. Deep down you enjoy this. Why deny it?".Julia said "I just want to rest normally at least once!" Then black electricity with red sparks spread through her body, hitting Bill's palm. In pain, he unclenched his fingers and casually dropped the girl to the floor. The Internet Demon quickly jumped to her feet and rushed to run. The Triangle Demon scrambled to chase after her. Thunderous footsteps behind her drew closer. Julia knew that she had quite a head start, but Bill had caught up extremely quickly. The roar accelerated her sprinting. The random pillars that crowded the corridor being smashing to rubble. Julia turned sharply to the right. Moving too fast to stop, Bill crashed into the wall. However, he quickly recovered from the impact and continued the pursuit. When he was ready to grab Julia, she spread her wings and soared into the vertical shaft. Bill began to quickly climb after her, roaring incoherently.Julia thought "Damn it! Why can't I see the way out through the shadows?"Bill taunted "Because there's a spell cast on this labyrinth, dearie. It won't let you leave or use your shadows to find a way out. If you want out, you'll have to try something else".After a while, Julia managed to break away from the chase, but she knew that it would not be long. She began to emit a black aura. Then she wrapped her wings around her body. Shadow claws began to fly around her, leaving behind black smoke. Julia was surrounded by a stream of darkness going from the bottom up. Then she abruptly opened my wings and a stream of darkness released a blast wave with shadow claws. The blast wave rushed upward and blew up the dome of the pyramid, opening the entrance to freedom. When Bill found her, he discovered something strange. Julia mentally sang a song "Fall Out Boy - Centuries", but her body acted on its own. Her thoughts did not match the commands of her body.Bill said to himself "I'm impressed that you could separate you mind and body so I could only hear your superficial thoughts. Wonder how your consciousness will react to this level".Feeling tired, Julia took a test tube with Alastor's blood and drank to the last drop. She dropped an empty test tube on the floor and soared into the sky. Bill returned to his normal form and soared into the sky. Julia turned into a full Demonic Form. Two pairs of shadow hands appeared on Julia's sides. Over all her palms flashed a dark blue flame. Her entire body began to emit a black aura. There was no emotion in her eyes. She hovered in the air, her wings spread wide to the sides.Julia said in a demonic voice "Alright, listen up, Bill. The game is not over yet. I have warmed up enough. Now we will play by my rules. The one who loses consciousness first will lose."Bill said "Interesting; somehow your emotions disappeared. Looks like there's no longer a reason to hold back. Allow me to show you what my full strength".A little while later...If anyone was here, he would have seen the unimaginable sight of two shades of blue fire circling around. But the most amazing thing was battle between two demons. One of them looked like a giant black pyramid with a yellow eye with a vertical pupil. In addition, he had six arms. The second demon was a girl partially like a dragon. Bill shot many flame rays at Julia. This spell was dangerous because it always hit the target. Like a fighter, Julia flew forward to meet the rays, deftly dodging them. The rays did not have time to follow the trajectory of the half-demon's movement. Instead of the specified target, they crashed with either asteroids or each other. Sharply opening her wings, Julia attacked with shards of shadow ice. Despite all the attacks, Julia could not hurt Bill. Not a single scratch was visible on it. He didn’t even look tired, which was not the case for Julia. She had almost reached her limit. Julia created a black sword in her right hand and raised its point into the sky. The Internet Demon said "Darkness, give me your power to bring the world a Bad End".A stream of darkness emerged from her sword and soared into the sky. Darkness has formed a large classic black dragon with glowing blue eyes. Julia sat on the back of her dragon. Then her dragon flew to meet Bill. Julia growled in unison with the dragon and said "Darkness, Despair, Fear, Night, Illusion, Blood and Poison let me be the epitome of Pure Darkness." The Shadow Dragon snarled and attacked with a black stream of darkness. Bill sent a powerful stream of light blue fire at Julia. Two streams of flame collided with each other. Julia intensified the flames of her dragon, feeling the last of her strength leaving her body. But a light blue stream of flame consumed another one and destroyed the Shadow Dragon. The sword could not withstand such force and shattered into pieces. Julia was thrown back by a stream of light blue fire. Her mind started to feel hazy, weakness gripped her body. She passed out and began to fall down. Bill returned to his normal form and stopped Julia's fall with a wave of his hand. The girl's body froze in the air. The timer has stopped.Bill said "I'm amazed that you lasted 2 hours against me; a feat not many demons have achieved. Now let's go somewhere more quiet and talk. After all, you completed the challenge".The Nightmare Realm, Fearamid...Julia woke up in an unknown room, lying on the couch. The Internet Demon sat up and looked around. Judging by the luxurious furniture, she was in the penthouse suite. Julia asked "Bill, where are you? And what am I doing here?"The Triangular Demon appeared instantly after these words. Bill said "You're at my place so we can talk privately. And I must say congratulations, you lasted 2 hours and won the challenge".Julia said "Wow. I seem to have surpassed myself. I got so carried away that I lost track of time. Surprisingly, that none of them found me yet, but I feel it's not for long." The girl got up from the couch and walked over to the piano.Bill said "I'm a demon of my word. Since you won the challenge I will hold up my end of the deal. Also, I want to make a deal with you. You see I'm interested in your world".Julia asked "Where is the guarantee that my friends and my world will not suffer?"Bill warned "I don't mind you adding your terms. However, you should think carefully before making this deal. Once our hands shake there's not going back".Julia said "Alright. I will provide you with information if you don’t try to use it to harm me, my friends, and my world. No harm whatever the method is. The same goes for your demons." The girl held out her right hand, which was engulfed in a dark blue flame.Bill said "Fair enough. Now I will provide you a safe place if I'm allowed to enter your mind while you sleep". Then he held out his right hand, it enclosed with a blue flame. Julia reached out and shook his flaming hand. The girl notices that the flame on their hands looks beautiful.Julia asked "So, where are you going to put me in?"She was curious. What could the Triangle Demon offer?Bill said "Hmm, let's see. Eenie, meenie, mynie... HERE!" The last word was spoken in a low voice. Bill's eye withdraws into its socket, revealing sharp teeth and a long black tongue. Julia confusedly before Bill's grip got tighter and he pulled the girl towards him. Julia wrapped her tail around the piano leg to keep herself anchored. Bill's black tongue extended and began to lick Julia, tasting her flavor. He then wrapped it around her head and drew them both inside his eye-mouth before beginning to swallow her. Feeling her tail's resistance, Bill summoned more hands to not only tickle Julia's tail but also help remove her shoes. It didn't take long before Julia's tail lost its grip and pretty much flung her into his mouth, which showed no bulge or signs of her inside. Soon her tail was all that's left before Bill swallowed one last time. Not a sign of a full-grown girl inside Bill was shown.Inside Bill...The girl plopped down on the dark purple soft floor.Julia exclaimed "Not again! Why does this happen EVERY time?"Bill taunted "I can see why they can't resist you; you have such exquisite taste. Next time you should be more specific on your deals. After all, not all places are 'safe'".Julia sat up and leaned her back against the wall. Glowing eyes with vertical pupils appeared on the walls and stared at the girl.Julia sighed "When I was human, I dreamed of being eaten alive to be safe. On that moment the dream seemed just a stupid fantasy, an attempt to hide from the reality. But when I became a half-demon, my desire is out of control. I know it's a harmless games, but sometimes it tires me. No matter how hard I try to hide, one of them always finds and devours me. Even you could not resist the temptation to eat me. Am I out of my mind?"Bill explained "Not at all. It's just a defensive response against the cruel reality. I'm sure deep down, you enjoy it as well. After all, you barely put up a fight when I swallowed you".Julia thought "I want to look at the starry sky before sleep."The landscape around the girl has changed. Now she was sitting on the grass, staring up at the dark blue sky with sparkling stars. Then Bill materialized in the air.Julia asked "What happened? How did you get here?"Bill explained "I changed the scene based on your desire. I have more abilities than you so I can even appear inside my own body".Julia said in awe "Amazing. Everything looks very realistic, even the grass feels like real."The Internet Demon lay down on the grass, looking at the stars. Then the stars began to fall forming intricate patterns. They shine so brightly, as if they are trying to surpass the sun. Julia was silent, afraid to frighten away the silent beauty. As soon as the star fall is over, Julia notices Bill nearby. As soon as the starfall is over, Julia notices that Bill is sitting next to her. It was only now that she remembered the deal and began to worry. Sensing her concern, Bill began stroking her head.Julia asked "Does it hurt?"Bill cooed "I assure you your mind will be unharmed. I've done this many times so you won't notice a thing. Everything inside your mind will remain intact. This in mind, you can sleep in peace".Julia felt a wave of drowsiness come over her. She felt warm and comfy. It didn't take long for her to succumb to sleep. Bill turned into a shadow and sank into the girl's head.Julia's Mindspace...Julia's memories were like an endless labyrinth with lots of doors. Bill did not dwell on the events when Julia was mortal. He was much more interested in the memory of her becoming a half-demon. But the freshest memories were of an adventure in Hell. Bill's attention was drawn to an unusual door. It stood out against the background of other doors in that it was completely black and almost merged with the dark corridor.The doorknob had no keyhole. Also, there were no cracks at the door. It was tightly sealed. Bill grabbed the doorknob and tried to open it. But it didn't open. Bill started looking for a way to open that door. First, he looked around for a key or clue. After an hour of searching, he decided to open the door with a powerful spell. But no matter how hard Bill tried, he couldn't open the secret door. It remained unapproachable.Bill sensed that there was a powerful power behind the door that was comparable to the Ancient Demons... No! It was even more powerful than them!Bill said to himself "Interesting; this girl's more than a half-demon. Seems there's memories here that not even she's aware of".A dark blue flame flared up above the door and burned out the runes of the Ancient Demons. Bill flew closer, examining the secret message. The Triangular Demon knew many galactic and human languages. The runes of the Ancient Demons resembled the English alphabet, so Bill had no problem translating. The text read "This door will be open when Julia will regain her true power. Before the truth is revealed, Julia and Bry must die and go back to the Astral. For many millennia, they died and were reborn. But this time everything will change."Bill said to himself "My, I never would've suspected this. Not only with skills in the arena but this as well. Not to mention this door won't open. Strange since I've always been able to open these doors".The Nightmare Realm, Fearamid...Bill is sitting relaxed in an armchair. He snapped his fingers and a screen of blue fire appeared over his palm. The screen showed Julia sleeping peacefully in Bill's stomach.Bill said "Only 10% power huh? I wonder what kind of power she has when she's at full strength. But don't worry, this won't be our last meeting. For now just sleep and I'll be watching over you".Post-credits scene...Julia woke up on the bed at Bry's house.The Internet Demon said "Phew, it was just a dream."As if reading her mind, Bry entered the room.Bry said "I don't think that's a dream. Last night a triangular demon came to me; he said his name's Bill Cipher. He asked me to tell you there's a message in you right hand".Julia looked at her right palm. It read "The dream is real - Bill". Just below her wrist, Julia saw another message "Look what I did to your other hand". The Internet Demon raised her left hand and sighed in annoyance. A drawing of a turkey took up her whole left palm. In the center of the bird it was written "Look! A turkey!". Bry said laughing "That reminds me of Far Cry 5, with all those turkeys that gave you a hard time. This Bill seemed to has a great sense of humor". Still laughing, Bry picked up her mobile phone and took a photo the drawing of the turkey.Julia said irritably "It's not funny! Stop laughing!"Bry said "I remember how my jaw hurts from laughing so much that time".Julia crossed her arms over her chest, watching laughing Bry. Then a black vertical pupil appeared on full moon and stared at the two girls through the window.
Artwork and Literature made from Roleplays
Helloween story by Grimlai
Classic Monster Boys-General Artwork folder
Prince is not proud of you. by UchihaSama224
Commission Information and Journals
Requests #8 by Grimlai
Hot Cocoa YCH -Brion- by FloofAngel
Doll Makers Bases - Been Used into Artwork
Erick - Vampire Anthrothvoen Alien's Human form by SassyDragon18
Doll Makers Bases - Not Yet Used into Artwork
FREE anthro lineart 2021 by SnowSnow11

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Group Rules for MonsterBoys

Group rules
Welcome to MonsterBoys. The aim of this group is pretty straightforward, it's for monsters of the male kind.

-Please respect members and admins of the group
-Please submit to correct folders
-Remember to mature tag your works if you think it needs one!
-Do not steal other people's artwork or characters!!
-We will not tolerate hateful or offensive content and it will be removed without question if submitted. Numerous attempts to submit hateful or offensive content will get you blocked.


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I just draw plain art of monsterboys sometimes (mainly like, demons), and my art never has anything to do with RP or fetishes, so it's currently very hard to categorize my art a lot of the time. 

Thanks for reading, sorry to bother! I'd love to be able to to submit more again soon. 
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"Classic Monster Boys - the Original Monsters folder" : The
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Which of these do you like best for the name of the new folder? If you can suggest a new name of the new folder, that'll be fine. :)
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I think the names above would still be easier to use too, though.
Thanks so much for replying!
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