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There is a mythical, hidden Academy for the unseen and supernatural creatures that dwell in the human world...

Monster Academy is a grand institution that recruits young adults of any mythical, magical, and monstrous species to assimilate with and protect themselves from the human world. The Academy strives to give its alumni the opportunity to live at peace with mundane, and to protect themselves from supernatural forces of evil. The Academy grounds consists of three large islands, each held aloft by magical crystals, and protected from outside eyes by magic wards.

-Main Island-

An enormous castle sits at the center of the primary island--this is the Academy proper, where all of the students and staff live and attend class.
It consists of several floors:
The first floor contains the foyer, and a peaceful courtyard at the center of the structure. In addition, there is a cafeteria, some staff offices, and several classrooms.
The second through sixth floor are dedicated to classrooms, topped by an extensive library.
The seventh floor is dedicated to student dormitories, where your student can find a place to live during their stay.
The eighth floor contains the teacher dormitories as well as the headmistress' room.

In addition to the castle, the primary island has a large field and running track for M.P.E., as well as a pool and a fully equipped gym.

Around the back of the castle is a small forest which gradually thins out to nothing but a few large, sturdy ropes which guide students to the other islands.

-Secondary Island-

One the secondary island is a much more impressive forest, populated by ancient conifers and woodland creatures. There is even some kind of maze hidden in the dense overgrowth...

-Tertiary Island-

The third and the smallest of the islands consists of a relaxation area for students and teachers alike. Tall grey cliffs overlook a hotspring and several small waterfalls, whose source waters are magically replenished at all times. The springs even contain a small beach for basking in the sun.




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