Monster World 4 Design Document
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Published: April 8, 2020
Hi everybody, Eon-Sonny here
Some months ago the group founder mangamanvii found and shared a seriously interesting document containing a lot of original art from Monster World 4 lead artist depicting scrapped content, concept art and alpha designs
Unfortunately for many it was 99% in japanese (although a crude machine translation was applied with a certain grade of success) and it appeared to be only a fraction of the full document

Well, with help of Zaqquaya I found the very same design document well hidden in the extra content of the PS2 wonder boy collection, still in japanese and everything but complete.
Now that I have the certainty I got all of it decided to translate it, if you are interested in downloading the translated version please go here…

There's still a lot of untranslated content but this are probably the most graphically descriptive bits, if it's to your liking please enjoy!
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I strongly advise that you all check this out, especially if you are interested in lost content or things that went unused. There's a lot to sink your teeth into and there is more to come in the future! Eon-Sonny has done a great job with translations so far and I'm certain that with time, we'll be able to see as much scrapped content as possible. Stay tuned!