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You may remember my Krampus from last year. Well, he's been selected to appear in the book Contemporary Krampus, which is due for release late October. I'm receiving a couple of copies myself, so if you'd like to buy the book and directly support *this* artist (since I'm not getting royalties from this), why not buy one off of me?
Really the greatest ever
Because the "Kindergarten" is my favorite environment since I don't even know when.
Wasn't this in Invader Zim?
If you've ever looked into Bigfoot cases, you've probably heard witnesses denying they saw a bear since "bears don't walk on two legs". Well:…
Anyone got tips for naming things (creatures, characters, etc.)? I've always had a really hard time with this, so any help would be appreciated.…
Started adding some of my stuff for sale at RedBubble, mostly stickers at the moment. If there's anything in particular you want to see, give a shout.