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Tyrant Chicken King

Inspired by the oh-so popular "they look like chickens!" retort some people make when faced with evidence dinosaurs had feathers. People, I assume, that are utterly oblivious to the other group of feathered predatory dinosaurs called "raptors"…
Besides, it's not like T. rex wasn't ridiculous as it was.

Also, fluffy Ankylosaur! No, they didn't find one with feathers (yet), but with fellow ornithischians Psittacosaurus, Tianyulong, and "Kulindodromeus" having similar features I thought why not?

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It looks more like a Dilophosaurus To me tbh for obvious reasons

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Its finger lick'n Good!

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Haha i pretty like it! :D

But you know that there also is pretty much evidence of scales on dinosaurs?^^

like on Tyrannosaurus, Hadrosaurs (Edmontosaurus Mummy), Juravenator and so on

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This is perfect this is perfect inspiration to create a creature like this thank you
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Never has a dinosaur been more terrifying 
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It attacks by kicking.
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Is there any real evidence that says T-rex had feathers?
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Not really

This is a super old comment but I wanted to shed some light on this
for people who want to know more about it

People speculated that t-rex had feathers due to there being evidence of feathers on close relatives of tyrannosaurus rex
but in fact new evidence shows that were was probaby very minimal, if any feathers at all on t-rex

also, due to its size, it'd likely have very little feathers because if it did, it'd make it even hotter, and possibly cause heat regulation problems
having feathers on such a large animal with so much mass could possibly even cause it to "cook itself alive"

this isnt 100% proven (i mean, most dino facts arent 100% because we'd never be able to tell just exactly how the world was all that time ago)
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 Cough "avian scales" cough
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Is there any evidence for that?
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Dude, that video has been debunked.…
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some dinos did have feathers tho
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I've never say all dinosaurs were featherless.
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Nope. In fact all direct evidence points to scales.
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my god! I did a cockadoodlesaurus rex not too long ago. this is amazing
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lol yep i can see that still be scared as hell tho to se in real life but the babys are so frekign god dam adorabul!
i want to hug it!!
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