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Brain-Eating Meteor

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♪ ♫ Sure they might think it's deranged, but they won't give it a thought after I've eaten their brains.

I always preferred Hector Con Carne's half of the Grim & Evil show. Sure it might not have been as imaginative, but the brain/bear/stomach and leader/backstabber/sycophant dynamics were a lot more interesting than idiot/idiot/idiot/Mandy. But then an alien asteroid lands in Endsville and coerces Billy into feeding it brains through dark cabaret music, and, well, nothing will ever top that.

"Little Rock of Horrors" - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
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MEGAPOTAMIA325Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well hello boys and girls,

Don't be shy.

Step right up I'm a reasonable guy

Don't be startled by the look of the eyes (0) (0)

Just your average evil meteor from outta the sky
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PenciltipWorkshopHobbyist General Artist
tthus a whole generation of kids were exposed to voltaire
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Yeah, and it was amazing!
does anyone hear the song called brain by Voltaire?
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The funny part was that I'm 100% certain that Evil Con Carne was NEVER meant to be a children's show to begin with--there was so much stuff they managed to get past the censors and it's a heck of a lot funnier when you watch it as an adult.

Yeah, "Little Rock of Horrors" was how so many of us were introduced to the wonderfully dark and deranged yet catchy as hell music of Voltaire. A brilliant move on the show's part. This was one of those episodes where I was a bit disturbed when I first saw it, but it very easily became one of my favorites due to the brilliantly catchy song throughout it.
Also, I am loving those brain cameos. Amusingly enough, General Skarr did make a brief cameo in this one.
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
I'm a HUGE Voltaire fan, and I about fell over dead the first time I saw this episode. 
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CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Lobe!
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I recognize Hector Con Carne and Kraang (even though he's not technically a brain, he still looks a damn lot like one), but who's the other brain there on the right?

And I loved watching Evil Con Carne a lot too as I loved the concept behind it! ;)
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I'm pretty certain that's the Lobe, a Freakazoid! villain. He was basically a mad scientist with a brain for his head.
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Ah, so that's who it is. Thanks for clearing that up.
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No problem! :nod:
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NecroartXND300Hobbyist General Artist
“Brains , Brains, I won’t lie! I’ll eat their Brains till they’re Zombified...”
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dlee1293847Student Filmographer
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KingOvRats Traditional Artist
That show was awesome, so was Voltaire's song for it.:D
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I know the brain on the left is Krang from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but, who's the brain on the right?
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It's the Lobe, from Freakazoid.
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TerriblyJadedGamerStudent Digital Artist
I loved this episode! The song in it was so snazzy! Awesome drawing, too!
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CipherDraco54 General Artist
Jeebus!!!, this is not gonna end well for these Brains.

BTW: I know at least 2 of these brains :)
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CheesySquidSandwichHobbyist Digital Artist
The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy vibes
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hopefully it doesn't absorb a certain sociopathic little girl's brain or we're all fucked.
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MeglindStudent Digital Artist
Billy and mandy was a great show 
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