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Animorphs Races: Veleek by Monster-Man-08 Animorphs Races: Veleek by Monster-Man-08
The actual Veleek creature is no larger than a flea, but they travel in massive swarms, constantly communicating with each other (possibly with some form of radio waves, given their unusual "radio dishes"). They appear to simply feed on energy they collect on their 'filaments', possibly being on the bottom of the food chain (assuming there is one on their planet).

The Veleek live in our own Solar System, on either Saturn or one of it's moons (Titan being most likely). Mars was hinted at having lifeforms at on point, but died off thousands of years ago.

BOOK: Megamorphs #1 - The Andalite's Gift
Animorphs and all related characters belong to K.A. Applegate

The Veleek "extras" in the back, do they look too copy/pasted?
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Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
i like the organic radio dishes of the Veleek, i also love their swarm formations.
JoeMerl Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Student Writer
Interesting use of details. 
MizuPics Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I wouldn't have thought they looked copied and pasted at all if you hadn't pointed it out and set me looking for it. The rotation on a few of them makes it look just fine. :)
MantiisShrimp Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMFG *fangirls* The Megamorphs was the only part of the Animorphs I didn't read! Now I gotta find it XwX
Usagi-Zakura Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting how these seem to be the only aliens in Animorphs from our own solar system...unless I'm forgetting some.
sumoowl Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012
so thats what one veleek looks like
SpydrXIII Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
after seeing all these animorph aliens. you'd think they'd have been more popular. this fan art was a must do. some really cool aliens and for those like me who don't read animorphs, this is our first look at them. i think K.A. Applegate needs a little more recognition. at least these aren't just green skinned humans.
Monster-Man-08 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
I was actually disappointed at how little art of any kind, fan or official, was made of these aliens, especially given how popular the books were. That disappointment actually drove this project, since I felt there had to be SOME kind of depiction of these wonderful critters out there.
astrofire Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010
That is COOL!
NeuStrasbourg Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2010
your creature concepts are extremely beautiful, I must say. I especially like the armor and the many little wings in this one
gmac22 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
thats really cool!
praxcrown5 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work! It's very trilobite-esque. Did you use one for refrence?

Also, what software do you use to render your artwork? You do a wonderful job of it.
Monster-Man-08 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
Yes, it is based on a trilobite.

Thanks. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Casundia Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
Yeah, they kinda do. Sorry.

Anyway, it looks really good. I never imagined it like that.
CrohnieOwnie Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No they don't. You moved their mouth parts in each one to make them unique. Well played, sir.
Vexic929 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks awesome and no the "extras" don't look too copy/pasted. Well done! ^^
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