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Welcome! This is a group dedicated to those who love the Monster Hunter series. We hope to create a thriving community for those who love these quality games. We will host contests, events, and feature plenty Monster Hunter themed artworks.

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DWOAH: Deviljho vs Mythic DeathclawDeadliest warriors of all historyDeviljho vs Mythic DeathclawWalking extinction eventsDeviljho info:Height: 19 feetWeight: 4 tonsWeapons: Tooth and Claw, Dragonbreath, Venomous SalivaStrengths: Can be considered to be one of the most powerful and feared Monsters of the entire Monster Hunter franchise, Immense strength (Is one of the most powerful Monsters, Can easily kill and tear apart Herbivore Monsters with single bites, Can be seen easily defeating and chasing away other Wyvern’s through sheer brute force alone, Can knock out even seasons Hunters with a few hits), Immense durability (Requires dozens of attacks to kill from even some of the most powerful Weapons in the games, Shrugs off attacks from other Wyverns), Incredible speed (Can match and outspeed most Wyvern’s on foot and can easily outrun the Hunter), It’s Saliva is incredibly toxic and can down Hunters quickly, It’s Dragonbreath can cause Dragon Blight, Has an incredible sense of smell allowing them to smell prey from miles away.Weaknesses: Is weak to Dragon and Thunder element attacks, Lacks its protective scales on its underbelly and throat, Thanks to their high body heat and metabolism Deviljho are constantly hungry and can enter a state of starvation within hours of their last meal greatly weakening them.Mythic Deathclaw info:Height: 10 footWeight: 700lbsWeapons: Tooth and Claw, Horns, TailStrengths: Deathclaws are considered to be one of the most dangerous Mutants of the Fallout universe and the Mythic Deathclaw is the most powerful variant, Incredible strength (Can tear apart near any living thing with a few swipes of their Claws, Can kill the Sole Survivor with minimal effort), Incredible durability (Requires dozens of bullets and explosives to kill, Can survive direct hits from Mini Nukes), Incredible speed (Deathclaws are easily the fastest Mutants in the Fallout universe, Can easily outpace and catch up to a fleeing Sole Survivor), High intelligence (Deathclaws have shown intelligence roughly around that of a young human, Are smart enough to understand what Explosives are and will dodge thrown Grenades), Its Claws are powerful enough to shred bone and dig through concrete, Have extremely heightened hearing and sense of smell.Weaknesses: Like all Deathclaws the Mythic Deathclaw suffers from terrible eyesight making them easy to avoid and get the jump on if their aggressor remains still enough.Battle begin!Tearing into the flesh of the Aptonoth the Mythic Deathclaw feasted heartily on its latest kill, the Dinosaur-esque Monster being far meatier than any Brahmin the Mutant had devoured before making the kill far more satisfying.Ripping out one of the Herbivores ribs and stripping the flesh from it the Deathclaw then stopped as its sensitive hearing picked up movement from the dense forest several metres behind it, the Mutant turning to peer at the trees but with its poor eyesight all it could see was hazy green blurs forcing it to rely on its hearing and sense of smell to detect the huge mass prowling towards it.Stepping out of the treeline the Deviljho salivated at the sight of an easy meal, a deep rumbling emanating from both its chest and stomach as it then thundered forward with a deafening roar, the Monster only entering the Deathclaw’s field of vision all too late preventing the Mutant from being able to get out of the way, the Deathclaw getting violently shunted out of the way with a swing of the Deviljho’s massive head sending it sprawling.With the Deathclaw out of the way the Deviljho wrapped its Jaws around the Aptonoth corpse and lifted it high into the air and with a few snapping motions proceeded to force the entire body down its throat to swallow it whole.Even with a full juvenile Aptonoth filling its stomach the pangs of hunger still burned the Monsters insides, the Deviljho turning to look for the Mythic Deathclaw only to find that it had disappeared, a hastily dug hole now in place of where the Mutant had fallen.A split second later the Deathclaw erupted from the ground under the Deviljho, its Claws raking at its soft underbelly drawing blood and making the Monster bellow in pain before it shunted the Mutant away again with another swing of its head.Rolling as it fell the Deathclaw quickly scrambled back up and charged on all fours at the Monster, surging forward with its Horns ready to impale the Deviljho to which the Monster snapped its Jaws upon one of the Horns before it could reach its jugular.Roaring and bellowing as it felt its Horn start to break and snap in the Deviljho’s powerful Jaws the Deathclaw Clawed at the Monster's face, its Talons raking along its protective scales until it managed to reach one of its eyes, raking across it and cutting it in two blinding the Monster on its right side and making it pull away bellowing in pain.With its destroyed eye pouring blood down its face the Deviljho reeled back and let out another thunderous roar, steam beginning to rise from its body as its body temperature rose ever higher with its rage and hunger, the Monster then opening its Maw to release a stream of Dragonbreath at the Mythic Deathclaw.As the burning purple wave of Dragonbreath washed over the ground towards it the Deathclaw began to run around the Deviljho to avoid its Breath, the grass and plants that the Dragonbreath washed over immediately dying and wilting away as the Mutant ran in a wide circle around the Monster.Running towards a large rock that jutted out of the ground the Deathclaw ‘rebounded’ off of it, using it to get more height on its jump to land upon the Deviljho’s back, its Claws raking at the Spikes and spines that ran along its body whilst its Teeth pressed against its scales trying to bite into them whilst the Deviljho thrashed and roared trying to shake the Mutant free.Surging forward towards the forest the Deviljho proceeded to smash its body against every large tree it passed, violently shaking the Deathclaw with every hit before finally throwing it off of its back sending it slamming into a tree.As the Deathclaw hit the dirt the Deviljho surged towards it, its Maw wide and ready to bite only for the Deathclaw to whip out with its strong tail, managing to knock out a couple of the Monsters Fangs before it quickly retaliated by clamping its Jaws down upon the Deathclaw’s Tail making the Mutant howl as its Fangs tore through its scales, flesh and dense muscles with relative ease.Dragging the Mutant by its Tail the Deviljho then slammed its foot down upon the Deathclaw’s back, releasing its Tail and clamping its Jaws around its right arm as the Mutant tried to swipe back at it, more roars and howls of pain leaving the Deathclaw’s throat along with the sound of cracking bone and tearing flesh as with a strong twist of its head the Deviljho wrenched the Deathclaw’s arm clean from its body leaving only a gorey blood spraying stump in its place.Desperately clambering away as the Deviljho momentarily lifted its foot so it could focus on devouring its severed arm the Deathclaw tried to get back onto its feet but its movements were becoming sluggish and its already terrible eyesight was blurring even more, the combined forces of blood loss and the Deviljho’s Poisonous Saliva slowly killing the Mutant from within as the Monster turned its sights upon it again.As the Deathclaw tried to stagger away the Deviljho attacked again, bellowing so loud that it disoriented the Mutants sensitive hearing making it stumble even more leaving it open for it to clamp its Jaws around its head, its Fangs tearing into the Mutants face and skull as it effortlessly lifted it from its feet with a swing of its neck.With that all it took was two strong violent shakes of its own head to rip the Deathclaws from its body, its bloody corpse hitting the dirt as the Monster swallowed the Mutants head hole before turning its attention to the body, snapping it up and gulping it down with a few powerful bites leaving no remains.But it was still hungry, the Deviljho letting out another enraged roar of sheer hunger before prowling off in search of yet another meal.Winner: DeviljhoGod writing this reminded me just how terrifying the Deviljho is and how many times I’d be just hunting another Monster and it would just turn up to utterly destroy me.So why does the Deviljho beat the Mythic Deathclaw?Well as I just mentioned the Deviljho is an absolute Monster, no pun intended, yes the Mythic Deathclaw is the most powerful variant of its species but a Mythic Deathclaw, whilst extremely deadly, simply never ended as many runs and quests as a Deviljho did.The Deviljho is simply far more ferocious, stronger, tougher and outright deadlier than any Deathclaw could ever hope to be.There is an extremely good reason that one of the Deviljhos many nicknames is the ‘Walking Extinction Event’.
A hunter's life for me ch.6,Hoarfrost ReachHer horns gleamed threateningly in the darkness.Her fangs menacingly pointing forward.Her tail swinging abundantly causing small tremors.Her eyes shone a demonic red among the black carapace of her face.She turned her devil-like mug towards me, glowing eyes leaving a trail of crimson behind them as she moved her head in my direction.I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream or yell my usual obscenities.I was stuck there helplessly in my spot as the massive monster prepared to charge at me.Oh no...She’s crouching down.Wait…She’s pawing the ground as if preparing me for the imminent death...Help...And the last thing I saw was her head closing in me at maximum speed like a freight train.And all black turned to red. ,“!!!!” I woke up with the gasp of someone that are about to shit themselves (That would be me in this case) I slowly lifted my body up and remained in a seating position for a few minutes trying to pull myself together. I ran my hand through my blue locks feeling like crap.Dammit, Cynthia…This isn’t the first time I had a dream about the female Diablos. Ever since my horrid encounter with her three months ago and it feels like her soul has been chasing me in my sleep. Whenever that happens, I question myself if I have a slight case of PTSD or something. But I pretty much doubt it. Her nightmares occur very rarely and even then, however terrifying they were, I forget about the whole thing a few minutes later and go back to the usual routine of monster ass kicking and abusing my Handler. As far as I’m concerned, victims of such mental conditions have it way harder than this. I’m not traumatized. I can’t be.Edge and Nova are clueless about my nightmares involving the Rogue Monster – the term we’ve come to officially refer to formerly tamed monsters –as I wasn’t particularly excited about worrying them more than necessary and not over a matter that was long since gone. What I’m especially concerned about is Nova. She had her share of getting beaten more than I did. I let the incident faze me that much and I wasn’t even very hurt, just hella exhausted and emotionally broken. Let alone the one who came back practically covered in cuts and bruises and a broken appendage. Now that I remember this, I must have a seat with the Halk and discuss some serious shit together over a cup of hot beverage. In the nearest opportunity, I shall grasp her from the horn and be like ‘get your smooth ass over here, buddy. We must talk.’I raised my head up and checked my surroundings inside the tent I was holed up in; until my eyes fell on my pair of dual blades I kept by the exit.,I decided I should get up. I didn’t have any quests or assignments for today but I could use the fresh air. The second I peeked with my head outside and I felt the sudden cold gusts of wind slapping me in the face as if to snap me the heck out of it. No, too much fresh air! I got out of the tent in a daze. Everything felt so surreal. That dream must have done quite the number on my orientation, hasn’t it? Because I feel like the surrounding environment, trees and snow and even the canteen, didn’t exist. It feels like - “Hey, Partner!” aaaaand I’m back to reality…“Egh...” that was the only greeting I could give to my nincompoop Handler. “We’ve got some exploration to do today and this time: I’m coming with you! Hehehehe!”. Suddenly the nightmares didn’t sound so bad anymore. I was more than happy to crawl into my tent and go back to the moment where I was getting gored by Cynthia’s horns but please! Anything but that!This is all your fault, Akira!!7:15 amThe Russian speaking Khajiit was accompanying me this morning in the hinter lands in what’s considered as his first expedition in said harsh environment.,I was giving him a tour with my Wulg and Wingdrake fooling around and Abigail looking at them like she’s their self-proclaimed babysitter.“Hey! Are zey edible?” he chuckled as he ran over to a herd of Antika and slayed one to carve for some meat.“Those are Antika, my friend. They’re Small Herbivores and are ugly as fuck. They fall under the same classification as the Kelbi and they are divided into different groups of buffoons and idiots.” And in a monotone voice, I demonstrated my excellent tutor skills.,“Now zat you mention, za resemblance between you and zem is uncanny! I almost mistook it for you! Hahahaha!” someone is feeling lively today…He knocked his pray to the ground with the knife and carved the kill. then headed over to me looking giddy over his small prize. “Come on, Simba. We haven’t got all day.” I urged and turned around. Goliath, my Wulg, was rolling around in the snow like a little piggy and… Goddammit, not again!,“Dammit, Vera. Stop staring at that thing.” I caught my Remobra getting engaged in a staring contest with the Antika and the latter looked as if it was too busy contemplating the Wingdrake’s mental state to run away. “Tsk. Shoulda seen that coming.” I mumbled.,“haha it’s okay! It’s harmless fun! Vera, over hyere, girl! Ve’re moving!” and the snake wyvern responded leaving behind the puzzled Antika with a ‘wtf’ look on his face.“Devil. Get over here and bring Alduin with you.” I commanded my Rathalos through the earpiece I equipped him with. Damn thing is quite handy whenever he’s not within hearing range. It’s custom-made at the smithy and I started using it recently. Wish I had it earlier, but better late than never.It didn’t take long for the bigger Familiars to show up. My Rathalos and Akira’s black dragon, landed in front of us awaiting our orders.,,,“C’mere, big guy. Have something to eat first.” I treated Devil to some raw meat from the Antika Akira just hunted and while it wasn’t much, he seemed to be satisfied by it until it was time for a bigger meal. He even helps himself to the Small Herbivores herding around while he’s at it. “There you go, bud.” And I treated Alduin the same.“Dat’s kind of you, Dyeps. Are zey gonna scout ahead now?”“Yeah. Wanna have Alduin accompany Devil, or separate them to cover more ground?”“Nah. Let zem bond. Ve aren’t in a khurry to see everyzing.”“Is there anywhere specific you want us to visit?” inquired Alduin making me imagine how it would be if Devil could talk. I bet he would sound goofy and tells jokes and bad puns once in a while.“Nah. You guys are on your own. Uncover the locale at your own pace.” And so we let the dragons set off together. And our smaller monsters stayed with us.To put it simply: We were basically uncovering the areas for Akira to see; from mountain tops to underground taverns. All while having a few run-ins with large monsters once in a while, may they be ours or wild ones. That’s when we were just about to have it from a Fulgur Anjanath, but Akira latched onto its head using the clutch claw and rammed it against the wall with the slinger ammo he found on the way, then we quickly escaped the taverns so we won’t have to deal with Thunderjaw down there. ,Right by the exit, we watched a Viber Tobi-Kadachi hunt a Popo and passed by between us holding the meat in its mouth like a squeaky toy. We both giggled at how cute that thing looked carrying its meal with a derpy face.,And just as this Screeching Legiana was gonna freeze our brains off, Devil and Alduin interfered just in time to shoo the dark Articuno away. And this time, Akira came prepared with the earplugs for the sake of his hearing.,All in all, it took us a couple hours to explore the entire map until it was finally time to take a break.“LAST ONE TO HOT SPRING IS JAGGI BRAIN!!!” the crazy Khajiit sprinted over to the so-called oasis of the hinter lands with Goliath, Vera and Abigail racing behind with him. I just walked over with the air of zero fucks radiating off of me.“Oooff…” I sighed with relief at the heavenly feeling of being soaked in hot water in contrast to this damn blizzard. I took my spot next to Akira with our Familiars joining in and, at the time, protectively surrounding us. “I wish Mizutsune was here with us. I could use a bubble bath.” I said as I floated on my back.,“Ummm… are zose monkeys floating around viz us?” I heard Akira ask skeptically.“Yeah…?” I replied without looking at him still closing my eyes.“hehe look at zose tiny ryed faces! dey look like mini-Blangos!” “Ugh, don’t remind me. Their Alpha leader was a total dick just like how its face looked like!” I said as I reverted back into a seated position.,“I zought Khezu looked like deeck!”“That one was literally half dick half pussy!” and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. In terms of looks and gender, that creepy shit had the whole package. I don’t mind hermaphroditic creatures and I actually find that gender to be quite fascinating. But what I do mind, however, is when the monster has a neck like a penis with a vagina-like mouth at the end. And if that’s not enough, there’s their way of reproduction; it injects their offspring inside you then burst out when they’re old enough like from the Alien movie and the young ones are known as Whelp. “Good thing it’s absent in the New World cuz I’m not about to get mouth fucked by that thing anymore.”“Remembyer zat one time in Sunkyen Hollows vhen ve first encountered it? You vere like ‘fuck fuck fuckitty fucker fuck!’”“You’d be losing it too if you had something stalking you in the dark and you couldn’t see it. When it finally showed that unfathomable mug, I was like ‘oh my Sweet Lord! That’s so ugly!’” we chuckled at the reminiscence of that moment. “Fucker looked like a Silent Hill monster.”“I hope for your sake zat it shows up at your campsite for re-match!”“Then I’ll be like ‘Whelp! Here we go again!’”“Khilarious, Dyeps. But you’re not zat punny…” I gave him a look that said ‘really?’ at which he playfully pulled out his tongue and splashed some water at me. Then we all turned around to check out the newcomer.“Hey Aki. Wanna put that in your room?”“I don’t zink huge pet like zat can fit in, Dyeps…” we both raised our heads to the Banbaro approaching the small spring for a drink. It lowered its head harboring those massive horns that it uses to toss shit at you and dipped its muzzle in the water.,We let the moose/deer-like Brute Wyvern mind its business for a while until it wandered off somewhere else. Then we decided we should do the same and leave as well. It didn’t take us long until we reached an area where the snow grew a bit thicker.“Khow long are ve staying hyere, Dyeps?” asked Akira as we were having another dose of Hot Drink and Ration.“We’re staying until we decided we’ve explored enough.” I wiped my mouth. “If you’re tired, we can come back later.”“Zat vould be vaste of time. I’m asking if zere’s zomezing else I’m missing.” He looked kinda hilarious when he talks without noticing the fellow behind him closing in on us.“Well, you got your answer.” I said as I dodged us out of the way of the Piscine Wyvern jumping over us like Free Willy.,“Phew! I didn’t expyect ve vould go feeshing!” he said as he recovered from the jump and shook the snow off of his body. Then he quickly prepared his Charge Blade. “I’ve been practicing on dis bad boy at your training area. And dat two-legged tuna should be fine volunteer to tyest it for real!”“Be careful though, that big boy is not very easy to use. But I trust you’ll handle it.” I warned then went into my Demon Mode and sprinted at the Beotodus with my twin blades and unleashed a flurry of slices before it counter-attacked and charged at Akira at which he reacted by blocking the incoming strike. We both distributed our attacks on our adversary; I focused my strikes on the legs while Akira continued to break its head with his massive weapon. He would use the sword mode for quick strikes then switches to axe mode whenever the opportunity provides. See?That guy knows what he’s doing!Vera, Goliath and Abigail went in on the action too. The Wingdrake and Wulg attacks are considerably stronger than untamed monsters from their classification. and judging from the way the sardine wyvern flinched and staggered that Abi’s sharp clawed strikes were quite heavy for it. ,My Wulg leaped on the Wyvern from the side causing the bigger monster to stumble, while Veraclutched to the neck with her claws and bit the monster in the flesh. Must have tasted like herring, I bet.The monster got angrier though. It made a tail hit that I dodged but it sent Akira flying. Then it made a hipcheck knocking off Goliath from its side. The monster’s newfound ferocity caused Vera to make a temporary retreat and she let go of the monster’s neck and instead spat a ball of poison at it from a safe distance, while Abi waited for another opening to strike again.Goliath wasn’t as discrete though. He’s prone to losing his temper in a fight and, without hesitation, he made one big leap at the monster – clawed front paws stretching out, mouth open wide revealing serrated teeth ready to tear at flesh. And he latched on to the poisoned Beotodus’s head without mercy. The monster shook its head in a panicked attempt at shaking off the ferocious Wulg, then my small wyvern jumped off leaving a messy trail of blood behind him, started from where the monster’s eye used to be, now an empty dark socket.I looked at my Wulg holding his prize between his jaws. He hungrily chewed on the eye and swallowed it with a loud ‘gulp’ then turned around to face the monster still licking his blood smeared mouth like he’s wearing lipstick.“Consider that your breakfast.” I told him jokingly and he looked at me emitting an indigent growl/whine.Just as I was about to continue slicing at the guy, Abigail rammed at the monster with a side tackle, and Vera dove at the monster with her claw stretching out. And with a determined screech, she managed to make a well-landed hit on its weakpoint. Causing the monster to stumble again and just stood there panting and drooling purple saliva intensely. Then it flinched and uttered a startled hiss and I raised my head up to find Akira mounting the thing.“Dyeborah! I know you love Sushi and it’s time to khave some for lunch! Come join me!” well, don’t mind if I do! I latched on with my clutch claw and started to tenderize the monster’s hide as Akira relentlessly stabbed at the monster’s dorsal with his small silver knife. I had to jump off at some point cuz the crazy horned tuna rammed itself against the wall to knock us off of it. But Akira was quick to react and jumped off to the head to avoid the impact.“Come on, hit it!” I encouraged him.“Time to cut up Sushi!” and with two immensely powerful strikes of the Charge Blade in its Axe mode, the Beotodus fell in a stunned heap to the ground losing its horn in the process.Me, Akira, Goliath, Vera and Abigail all ganged up on the helpless fish but before we could even touch it, the six of us – the monster included – got tossed away like a pile of sacs.Eh?“MMOOOOOOO!!!!”I raised my head up from where it was buried in the snow. Among the sound of Akira coughing up snow from the background, I saw the Banbaro from earlier raging around with a blasted bigass tree trunk.,Oh fuuuck… “Not this shit again!” I grumbled,quickly getting up and grabbing my Khajiit from the arm. “Vera! Goliath! Abigail! Retreat!” I yelled my commands to the Familiars. The Wingdrake was trying to fly again in her daze, the Gryphon was shaking snow off of her feathers like a wet dog, and my Wulg just pulled his head out from the snow looking as if he just survived a skiing accident.“I feel like I got run over by tru- hold on! Ve’re leaving?” he said as he was witnessing the turf war of the two wyverns.“Your fucking pet gets super annoying and dangerous when he interferes in a battle.” I explained as I ran over to my Wulg. “I wouldn’t mind fighting them both but I think we should call it a day.” I concluded as I mounted my fanged wyvern. And just as Akira was about to latch on to the drake, his ears twitched and he looked behind us. Then his face twisted in a horrified expression and his eyes became unbelievably wide.“ooohhhh SHEET! INCOMING!” we all turned around to behold the massive snow ball rolling towards us like a snow meteor. And just as it was being hurled towards us, we all hightailed it the fuck out of there away from that crazy cow.I was holding in my giggles as I heard Akira flying above me, stilling catching his breath and muttering obscenities under his breath.9:54 am“Hey Goliath, look! Your ryelatives!”“Grr!”We dismounted our monsters in the last few miles leading to the camp to let them take a breather from the long day. Vera was flying from a high altitude, while Goliath walks by my side with me placing my hand on his head or neck like the habit calls. Whereas Abigail walked by her Khajiit owner. And on our way, we spotted a pack of Wulgs passing us by from afar. It seemed to pique Akira’s interest to find so many lookalikes of Goliath, but the latter growled aggressively at them for he knows that they’re hostile and are gonna attack us on short notice. And for that reason, he never showed any care or interest towards his own kind.,“maaaan, I feel safe…” I felt the welcoming atmosphere of the camp the second I stepped foot in the vicinity. The familiars must have felt the same cuz they started playing around in the freedom of their own home.“I’m glad ve’re done. All in a good day’s work.” As I heard my friend’s comment, which I couldn’t agree more with, I called Devil to come meet me at the camp’s entrance and to bring Alduin with him. Then I entered the tent for a few moments and came back outside with some mushroom, fish and raw meet.“Who’s hungry?”------------------------------------------------“Vera! Your ryaletives! How come I didn’t notice dem?” the Wingdrake walked over to see what he was pointing at. And from our camp’s high vintage point, you could see a couple of Cortos flying around like they’ve got nothing to do. But just like Goliath, she didn’t seem interested though. “You zink she might vant to stare at her own cousins too?” he pondered sounding amused at the idea.“Would you shut up with your talk about relatives already?” I grumbled as I was roasting the food on the barbecue spit.“Vhat’s wrong, Dyeps! You seem ‘ryelatively’ angry’! haha!”“You do realize that your food is between my hands, my friend, and I recommend against angering the one making your lunch.”“Vhat are you gonna do? Poison it? Burn it? Be my guest! I don’t mind overcooked food.” he playfully retorted.“The least I would do is spit on it though…” I mumbled.“Zat’s vhy it’s called BBQ Spit! haha!” ok, that was a fucking good one.“If this camp wasn’t ‘relatively’ warm, I would have bitten off your frozen fingers.” I threateningly waved a skewer at him.“Ugh, don’t remind me! I didn’t appryeciate gyetting snow on my teez!”“My teeth are as sensitive as yours, bud. I’m gonna warm us up now.” ok, the food seemed ready. “Mushroom for Akira.” I handed it over on the skewer.“Dank you, my love.”“Meat for Goliath.” Toss. “Fish for Vera.” Toss. “another fish for Abi.” Toss. “And more meat for Deborah.” This one is mine, thank you. I didn’t need to feed the two large monsters awaiting us outside. When they arrived, I saw what seemed to be the remains of a Popo dangling between their deadly jaws. More for us then!We all ate silently and I would be lying if I said I didn't notice the contemplative look on Akira as he munched on his Exciteshroom. I remember I was scared to eat that mushroom when I first found it cuz… well ok, you might shake your head or laugh at my dumb imagination but I thought it was some kind of an aphrodisiac mushroom because of its name; I thought it implied sexual ‘excitement’. The reason why I knew it was safe at all is because I allowed my Handler to be my guinea pig and let her have the first bite and, in case the anticipated results happened, I’d knock her out until the effects wear off. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that shit though. Now I’d like to change the subject cuz I’m not interested in the mental images of the Handler trying to hump random objects.“Something is on your mind, Akira. And I can tell it’s not the mushroom.” I’m gonna explain to him what I meant by that but muuuch later. Not while he’s still eating it.“I’m gowwa weave fo fhile.” I stayed silent until he swallowed. “*gulp* I’m gonna leave for vhile. Zere’s steell so much for me to explore in New Vorld and I’m eager to start.”“Saw that one coming. So where are you gonna visit first?”“Ancient Foryest.” He said as he was nibbling on some remains on his food stick.“And you’re gonna leave me alone with my crazy Handler? She’s on her way here to make my life miserable.”“Such convenient timing and is all da more reason vhy I should run avay! Now I see vhy you didn’t vant to introduce me to hyer! She’s driving me nuts!”“Pfft. be grateful that you don’t directly have to deal with her. She still thinks you’re a Palico.”“Oh yeah! Pretending to be a Palico around her was the greatest idea I’ve ever kheard from you!”“Alright, bud.” I grunted as I got up to approach my friend to see him off, not without tossing the bone leftover from my meal to Goliath, and hugged my Khajiit friend. “Stay safe, okay? Your Familiars are with you so you all take care of each other.” “You do ze same.” He hugged back then patted Goliath on his head and licked my forehead – using the very same tongue he licks his nose with – then he mounted Abigail, signaled Alduin to start flying, gave me one last wink, then flew off with his companions. Out to explore the New World.12:35 am“Hey Partner! Over here!” and that’s how I ended up stuck alone with that Satan spawn for the past half hour. After my traitor buddy set off to the Ancient Forest, I headed inside the tent for a much-needed nap when the nightmare started. And when I walked outside the tent, I found an even worse nightmare waiting for me.“Don’t fucking fall off - or better yet, please do!” I growled as I stomped over to that insane nitwit as she was leaning dangerously close over an edge overlooking vast fields of ice and snow, and grabbed her clothes from behind. “Honestly, can you get any stupider? Because if you can, give me an advance warning.”“I thought I saw a huge mushroom over there but it turned out it’s just a big rock! Hehe...” I snarled so hard, I scared off some of the penguins who jumped off the high ledge somewhere safer than here. Can’t I make the Handler join them? Pretty fucking please??And if you’re wondering where Goliath, Vera and Devil were, they were all still napping at the camp like they just came back from a war zone. Lazy fucks! Honestly, I’m surrounded by fools and traitors!“Hellooooo~~~~” that’s when that crazy little Whelp started playing with her echo. As if her voice alone wasn’t bad enough.“Hey, Cram it!” I opted to shut her up but it’s no use.“Come on, pard! Loosen up a bit! You’re too stern~~~” and she yelled again and let her ear-piercing echo do the rest.“And you’re too dumb~~~” two can play this game, fuckhead.“You’re a big meanie~~~~”“And you’re a fucking idiot~~~” and I let my echo repeat the phrase over and over and over again just like how she deserves it.“Huh? No way! I’m the best Handler ever~~”“Bitch please~~~”“Yes, I am~~”“No, you’re not~~”“Yes, I am~~”“No, you’re not~~”“Ya-uh~~~”“Nu-uh~~~”“Ya-uh~~~”“Hey, Goliath. Nu-uh~~~”And like a couple of total buffoons, we kept this shit up for the next few minutes that I thought the entire Hinter Lands were gonna collapse. Until my Wulg caught up with me and he probably wishes he didn’t…“I’m the best hunter~~~” “I’m the best Handler~~~”“‘best Handler’ my…”“Grrr.”“…ass?” pretty sure that did not come from Goliath. I looked behind me to find myself staring at the disapproving face of a Barioth. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it wanted to participate with us in our game of voice echoes. But unfortunately, I believe it wants us dead.,I quickly dodged to avoid the heavy paw swiping at me. I prepared my twin blades and started to attack the monster, which was already mounted by Goliath. I made to focus my strikes on its fangs and dodge when necessary, which’s quite often as the bastard is one slippery sonuvabitch, and slice at other places until it was time to go for the face again. Goliath kept switching places atop the monster from time to time, biting and clawing at wherever he lands driving the monster crazy. We both cooperated against it for a while until we both stood side by side facing the Flying Wyvern. I wasn’t planning on killing it though. I’m just gonna hold it off until it retreats then we go our way. I could have just used a Farcaster and got it done with but, alas, I have a deadweight with me. My brain told me to ditch the bitch (wow that rhymed!) and my heart told me that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.“Goliath. Cover the Handler. Leave that guy to me.” I heard him growling and whining in protest at my order. “I know you hate her, buddy. Me too. But we can’t help it. Just go!” and I saw him from my peripherals retreating to find the shithead handler as I entered my Demon Mode again to slash away at that snow cougar. And just in time, Vera came swooping in for assistance.Just where the hell did it come from? We never stumbled across a Barioth during the time we’ve been exploring the map. It must have entered the locale recently looking for prey and found two idiots howling strange words at each other. Now that you think about it, we must have looked hella comical from afar to any bystander.Now excuse me while I stab this monster I just mounted with the hunting knife. But I must have had some kind of a brain freeze that made me lose my focus, as I wasn’t paying attention to what the monster was about to do. And so I got knocked away when the bastard rammed its massive body against the wall. I was just about to shoot my harness to the monster in Attack on Titan style to mount it again, but I was caught midair by a bunch of talons that moved me away from the monster and placed me gently on the floor next to Goliath and the other simpleton.“ROOOOAAAAR!!” the angry warning roar of Devil proved to be much louder than our echoes combined. And his Barioth adversary proved to be just as loud when he howled back in challenge.,,,My dragon didn’t hesitate to dive in with his poisonous claws at the saber-toothed cat. The latter barely dodged before it counter attacked with ice breath as if telling him to ‘chill out’.“Call the Commander and tell him that Akira has left for the Ancient Forest.” I ordered my useless Handler as I crouched next to her in our hiding spot keeping watch over Devil’s battle ready to interfere at any moment.“Who?” I forgot she didn’t know who Akira was. Lucky rug…“Just do it!” I yelled above the roar/howl voice of the Wyvern my dragon was fighting against.But no matter how tough that Barioth is, a wild monster has little to no chance against a trained and more intelligent adversary. Devil stood very closely to the edge of the cliff then baited the Barioth into leaping onto him and when it did, the ice kitty was met by a thousand-foot height. I internally gushed, he did it just the way I taught him! But however smart that move was, it would have worked against non-flying monsters. And sure enough, the Barioth flew its way up there again, eyes seething bright orange with rage. Obviously didn’t appreciate how it just got fucked with.,“Ummm… which commander?” I heard the stupid question being asked from behind me.“anyon – ugh, fucking hell! Just tell both!!” I wanted to elbow her face so bad when she’s still within hitting range.“I don’t know who Akira is, but you’d better introduce me to him! I’d love to see him!” oh what you do not know, my foolish handler, that you already did! Wonder how she’d react when she finally gets to know him though. Hopefully she doesn’t try to eat him…Then Devil finally came up with a move that shut up the snow leopard. He performed his favourite move where he grabs the monster from the neck, then rolls on his back and flips them both off sending his opponent flying. And in case this move was used against a heavier monster, he’d push them with his legs. The Barioth fell down the sloping passage leading to the taverns beneath. And for a good measure, Devil relentlessly shot a bunch of fireballs at the poor chump down there. Jeez! I wonder if it’s gonna make it!“Devil! That’s enough! Get us outta here!” and so he flew close enough for me and Goliath to leap on his back and we started getting away with Vera flying nearby. But I feel like there’s something missing. “Umm, Devil??” I addressed him warningly. He made a whiny growl then turned around to swipe the Handler whose yelling turned from ‘hey what about me! Take me with you!’ to ‘whoa! Put me down! These claws aren’t sanitary!!’. There’s a reason why Devil wanted to leave her behind after all. Then I had to tune out the constant yapping for I have received an incoming call.“Hello, Deborah.”“Put me up there, Debs!”“If it aien’t the Third Fleet Master...” I greeted the big-nosed Wyverian and started with the conversation which wasn’t exactly easy with so much background noise coming from underneath.“I know you’ve been frolicking around in the Hoarfrost Reach with your Khajiit friend.” I heard her say from the other line.“Deps! Please!” totally ignoring that.“Well, how did you ‘sniff’ me out? Haha!” nose pun!“I don’t wanna get poisoned!!!”“A little birdy told me. Come over at my headquarters. I have something important to discuss with you.”“Deboraaaaaaahhh!!!”“What do you – SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!!” why didn’t that bitch bring her own Wingdrake?? “Sorry about that. You know my Handler.” But the Third Fleet Master was already guffawing on the other end seemingly quite amused at my dilemma.“hahaha! anyway, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Please come see me. hehe.” she said amongst her giggles.“Consider me at your doorstep.”1: 27 pm,“Whaaa!!!” the Handler was unceremoniously tossed inside the balcony of the Third Fleet’s Research Facility which’s none other than a giant balloon made out of Paolumu material. I jumped off of my dragon with Goliath and Vera following behind me. I proudly smirked as Goliath deliberately stepped on the dumbass Handler emitting a squeak from her as if adding insult to injury. which calls for a fresh meat as a reward for such a fine act. I guess I forgot to let the moron borrow Vera but having her hanging from my dragon’s talons was a much better option! Right across the Handler groaning helplessly on the floor, I saw a nose, and behind that nose is the place owner herself coming to greet me. I shoved the Handler out the way just as she was about to get up again, sending her into another pathetic heap on the floor. And went over to approach the Wyverian for a welcome hug.“Hey.” I greeted.“You all must be tired.” She chuckled. “Have some rest for a bit then we’ll have a little chat. Your friend is waiting. Oh and he’s the one who told me of your adventures today.” Then she turned around to head back inside with me and my smaller Familiars in tow. Half way inside, she already had a tea cup waiting for me which I had gladly accepted. Then she left me to my devises until I was ready to talk. I walked down to the lower level and spotted Akira seated in a comfortable corner. Goliath went to Join Abigail sleeping next to the Tailraider Palicos, whereas Vera sat next to Akira but not without staring at that Palico that seemed unnerved by her habit. And I already saw Alduin flying around the balloon base when Devil brought us. Even though it’s been a few hours, it felt like weeks since I’ve last seen them.“Just came back from Ancient Foryest.” He started the second I took a seat next to him. I took a sip from my cup then looked at him expectantly ready to hear the juicy details. “So dere vas pink vyersion of zat dinosaur ve found at Hintyer Lands. And remembyer dat serpyent dat looked like squirrel? I found za blue one. Boz came viz differyent elemenyents. So de monstyers ve found today vere subspecies, huh?”“I relayed the news to Commander and Field Team Leader that you have headed over to the forest. Y’know, in case you needed backup or supplies or if they wanted to give you your next assignment.” I’m saying this relying on the possibility that my good-for-nothing Handler actually did as I told her because if she didn’t then so help me!“Kind of you to inform our supyeriors of my vhereabouts. Dat explains de beeg box of supplies I found at camp vhich is nice kheadstart. I’ll be sure to stock up properly vhenever I go.”“So, how is the New World for you so far?”“Surprises around every cornyer, I’ll say. But I’ll gyet used to it. Vhat I’m more impressed about are za new veapons. Za Charge Blade khelped me a lot vhen I was fighting that yellow Iguana. Za reason vhy I peecked zat veapon because it looked like Sword and Shield. Except crazier.”“It’s a great weapon but it aien’t no casual one. It has certain methods of using and might be a homewrecker if you don’t handle it well.” He smiled and nodded in an ‘I’m aware’ kind of gesture. There’s a reason why I stopped using that thing. heavy weaponry, while powerful, are too slow and I can’t fathom using something that would prevent me from even running when there’s a moody highly mobile monster right on my neck! I’m more into smaller lighter weapons that don’t take a moment of ‘one eternity later’ between every move and the next.We had small talks here and there. Apparently, Akira is planning to visit the Wildspire Waste for his next stop. But he wants to go back to Seliana in the meantime and visit said location tomorrow. Let’s see how he is gonna fare in the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale and what that region really is about. The Elder Recess, he’s already been to. But what I really want him to see is the Guiding Lands. But it will all happen when the time comes. Since he’s technically not a member of the commission, he has every right to do things at his own pace without orders from anybody. Pretty much all his quests are perfectly optional and he can come and go whenever he pleases.“Deborah?” I heard the female Wyverian calling for me. And that’s when I realized that I got way too relaxed.“Gotta see what she wants.” I excused myself then got up to see what that is all about. Gotta admit that I was getting more curious by the minute. I placed the empty cup on a table and politely thanked her for the tea, at which she nodded with a smile. Then gestured for me to come closer to take a look at her computer screen.Well, would you look at that…“Justice League…” I whispered.“You know about them?” inquired the fleet mistress.“More like heard of them. I’ve only seen their pages on social medias especially on this Facebook group.” I pointed at the screen revealing the homepage of the group in question revealing a large collection of people and such a merry looking band, might I add.A number of them were wielding guns and either wore a casual outfit or a police/soldier uniform. Some were wielding swords and adorned funny hairdos and there were even Chocobos with them. Heck, there are even those who wielded both types of weaponry. And they weren’t even all humans. As I heard that that pretty boy with the white hair is a demon/human hybrid. There’s also this blond woman who must be a longtime friend with demon boy if the air of casualty between them in the picture was anything to go by. And guess what? She’s a demon too. And I couldn’t believe it when I found out there’s a cyborg among them! I only learned about these things from Sci-Fi movies but to think they exist out there is just mind-blowing. You think this is all? Nay! This is only the page of the JL but there are even more of those lot under their alliance. For instance, there are a couple of androids; one of them is this girl with long white hair and a sword floating by her back. The other one is male with a small blue shiny circle on his right temple who seems to be some kind of a companion to this police detective lady judging from how he appears with her in almost every picture. And I think that guy with the devilish arm is somewhat related to demon boy. Heck, there’re these two girls – one of them has a flower on her eye like what the fuck – and the other one with purple hair. Both can use magic through singing. There are even anthropomorphics like Akira; You have that white Minotaur with a red tattoo. his clothes and weaponry seemed to be Greek in style. He is even wielding these dual weapons that go by the name of Blades of Chaos. Heh. Fancy. Wish I could try them. They seem like my type of weaponry. Likewise, that anthro black panther who is dressed like some kind of an assassin wields swords, shields and bows and arrows and judging from his clothing that he must be Egyptian in origins. There are also more hybrids like that redhead who happens to be a Dhampire; A vampire/human halfbreed. There is even this blonde woman who seems to be a half fiend, accompanied by this black-haired Japanese samurai girl.And so I, Akira and TFM spent the rest of the day analyzing those pages to uncover as much info on the Justice League as possible. And here’s what we came up with: they’re split into four groups called Alpha, Gamma, Delta and Omega. Each one consisting of four to six members. However, not everyone belongs to JL; as they have multiple allies who either belong to other smaller affiliations or operate independently.Some of them are supernatural beings with special powers. Some can even use magic and unleash elemental attacks but I couldn’t tell who they were. Some are normal humans who rely on their training, weaponry or physical strength to hold their own. But it was kind of hard to tell who falls under what category, unlike the obvious ones as with the Minotaur guy. These groups left no one out, didn’t they?And ho ho! I still haven’t even mentioned the Familiars! Some of those guys, especially the ones with the strange weapons and hairdos, own a unique collection of monsters that, after a bit of digging around, seemed to originate from the same world that the Behemoth who visited us came from. While the others own canines, felines, horses, eagles, reptiles and –“They tamed our monsters too??” the sudden realization punched me in the teeth.“They already know about us more than we know about them. Not only have they captured monsters from our world, but Skyrim dragons are no exception. That white-haired girl with the witcher powers owns an Ancient Dragon.” Deadpanned the Wyverian leader as if it didn’t surprise her anymore.“My vord, do I feel so ignorant…” can’t blame you, Akira.We continued to check what counts as pets for those guys. Not only did they train legendary creatures like dragons, unicorns or even bloody hybrid dinosaurs, they even managed to make friends with the monsters that we basically kill and hunt here. Most of them are Old World monsters though. Makes sense as the New World has just been recently discovered, which raises the question if they had heard about the New World shortly after we found it and somehow found their way here. As if to answer my question, some pages revealed that they have actually managed to get ahold of some of the New World monsters too. These guys waste no time, do they? Wonder how many times they’ve been here without us noticing.All in all, it’s a whole organization out there building their own bases, owning unique skills, equipped with different weaponry, and raising their own Familiars. Kinda makes them similar to us on some level.And all that led to a very critical conclusion: we’re not alone in this world. That much was obvious and well-known from what we see on the internet. The Old World? The New World? They’re nothing but a fraction from what is really out there.----------------------------------I headed back out to the balcony stretching my back from sitting at a desk for so long. “It’s dusk??” I exclaimed.“Good times fly by faster. It’s actually 5 o’clock.” The big-nosed Wyverian informed as she followed me checking her watch.“I’ve known about people from other worlds for a long time but now that I’ve actually bothered to look into it, it feels like I’m discovering them for the first time.” I thought outloud. That’s when I remembered something. “In fact, one of them actually visited us in Astera some time ago.” “I remember him. He’s one of the people we saw on the group. Apparently, he’s a treasure hunter of sorts. He even had this animal that looks like Kirin.”“That’s a horse. They have different animals from what we have here. I can’t believe we actually had one of them in Astera.”“Let me tell you something, Deborah.” She got closer to me, I held back from moving backwards lest I get pocked in the eye by that big nose. “You’re a hunter, right? And a hunter’s job is to explore and research, not just take down big monsters. Maybe someday, when you’re done with whatever duties you have here, you can travel to the home of the Justice League and become an ally with them. They seem interesting.”“Let’s not forget the weird shit I might find over there. Remember what we saw on the B.O.W page? I’ve never seen such creepy shit ever since that Nekker the Witcher guy told us about.” I paused for a moment at that last part. “In fact, now that I mention it, he was actually the reason why I started looking up different worlds. The second he popped through that portal and I knew that the world is much bigger than we envisioned it. Who knows what’s going on around us as we speak?”“See? You’re getting it now. All the more reason why you must go. There’s so much worth exploring out there. And that so-called Geralt of Rivia was a fine proof. Think about it.” and with that, she turned around and headed back inside just as Akira walked in and took her spot.“Vhenever you go, Dyeps. Know zat I’m viz you. Even if I couldn’t be by your side if you left for differyent vorld, your Familiars vill never leave you alone. Just keep me updated and I’ll catch up viz you vhenever I could, vill you? I vant to know vhat I’m missing!” he chuckled.“’Think about it’, she said! Like hell it needs thinking! I’m so going to go! But I still have some business to settle in the Guiding Lands…” I mumbled the last part.“Vhere?!” just as I was about to answer Akira, I heard Devil’s growl coming from somewhere. Then I saw the dragon flying right past us, followed by a playful Alduin. Then we had to move backwards to let our new visitor in.“What’s up, Nov. what brought you here?” I greeted my Halk.“Caw (when you told me you were here, I decided to come over and see what you’re up to. You took your time so I got a bit curious.)”“We’re done anyway. And once we go back to my room, I want you and Edge for a meeting where I’m gonna tell you guys everything. You’re gonna love It.” the second I said that, I remembered something that I’ve been planning to do since this morning. I grasped my Wyvern from her horn. “Get your smooth ass over here, buddy. We must talk.” And we headed back inside to speak privately. I led us to a corner where there’re less people around. It’s not exactly a secret, per say, but some matters simply don’t need to be exploited so to prevent others from worrying, you know?I stood there facing Nova with a blank face. Ah shit. I didn’t think about what I’m gonna say. Should I approach the topic carefully or just ram in? Oh fuck it...“It’s about Cynthia.” I started. I checked her face for any reactions butshe seemed fine so I continued. “Have you been having any dreams about her?”“Caw (what is this all of a sudden?)”“I know it’s been a while since the incident. But I’ve been wondering: did what happen affect you mentally by any means? Please, Nova. This is important.” She seemed to silently question why I’m asking this after such a long time. And perhaps if I told her about my dreams, it would make sense to her. But the desire to not let her worry about me prevented me from disclosing such info.She stayed quiet for a moment, as if contemplating whether she should tell me or not, until she finally gave me her answer. “Caw (Yes)” I stood still, not just from the shock of having my fears come true, but I wanted to know what she’s gonna say next. “Caw (on the first days following the incident, I kept dreaming about her almost every time. But those dreams lessened a lot the more I healed from my injuries. Caw Now I’m perfectly okay. I don’t even remember the last time when I dreamed about that crazy Diablos.)”“I’m sorry, Nova.” We both hugged obviously feeling sorry for each other. “You had it much worse than I did. Your broken wing was bad enough but you had to deal with those fucking nightmares too.” I was about to ask her why she didn’t tell me, but by this point, I don’t have the right to, don’t I? Plus, she probably kept it hidden for the same reason I did.“Caw (I didn’t want you or Edge to worry)” Touché.“Caw (and I know you would have done the same.)”“Ehhh….” I froze. She broke the hug and kept her wings around me looking me dead in the eye.“Caw (you have been having the same dreams too, haven’t you?)” I awkwardly sucked my lips in. “Caw (I figured that much the second you brought up this subject.)”“I’m sorry, Nov. I wish it didn’t take me suffering the same thing so I could notice something was wrong with you. I’m just shit at reading people.” I growled the last sentence feeling mad at myself for not realizing it sooner but no, unless I have those dreams too, I’ll never know that my friend has been internally struggling.Then I was nudged in my chest with my Familiar’s head for a nuzzle. “Caw (don’t ever beat yourself up over things like these. You’re not a mind reader. Caw I chose to hide this from you all and thus, the responsibly is mine alone. No one else’s.)” She said gently with the tip of her peak touching my nose. I felt like there’re so many things I wanted to say yet there was nothing to say at all. So I opted to stay quiet and leave it at that. We backed away from our spot and stood there exchanging looks as if recovering from the heart-to-heart we just had. But of course Vera just had to break the spell and stare at Nova who gladly stared back. And in the background, I watched Akira in the balcony sitting on the floor while tangling his legs through the fence and surveyed the surroundings outside with the wind blowing at his fluffy cheeks, only to be approached by a playful Devil and the Khajiit stretched his neck to him for a nuzzle. I walked over to join them.“So, made up your mind?” he asked without looking at me, still nose-to-nose with the giant dragon before him.“Told you I already did.” I said with an amused smile.“Just chyecking.” He said as he backed away from my monster. “Vhat do you expect to see?”“Most likely the unnerving crap we found on the Enemy Section from those guys’ homepage. Man, talk about an article from the Dark Web.”“Dat raises important question: are you taking your Khandler viz you?”“…….”“…….”“HAHAHA oh Akira, you’re so cute! She’s one of the reasons why I’m leaving!!” we both laughed at the silly notion that I’ll actually be taking that living form of torture with me, and I’m not even joking! I’d rather go toe-to-toe with a virus infected abomination than to listen to her stupid food-hunting adventures. Research? Investigation? Ha! More like a vacation from my Handler!“Please be careful, Dyeps. Dere are all sorts of dangerous creatures out zere. You may actually get to fight Zombies, dyemons, machines and even humans zemselves! And just like da monstyers ve khave here, dose mutated creatures known as B.O.Ws are not easy to take down so I suggyest you go prepared.”“I never imagined in my whole lifetime that I’ll be facing other things beside what we already have here. Hopefully, it’s a decision I won’t regret.”“You von’t. Take it from me.” He stood facing me with his hands on my shoulders. “You’ll receive more experience dan you have ever hoped for because you’ll be undertaking very unique journey no huntyer has taken before. I understand your anxiety as you don’t know vhat avaits you out zere. But vhatever hardships you’re in for, I have faith you’ll be able to khandle zem. Khell, you might even amaze any potential allies viz your skeels and perhaps even ask for your khelp!” He chuckled then he looked me in the eye harder than Vera does when she starts with her staring contests, meaning that he’s dead serious. “You’ll be a pioneer in your field, Dyeborah. Vhile ozer huntyers travyel between Old and New Vorlds, you’ll be travyeling to entirely different domain. I can already tell zat za knowledge you’ll gain from za journey awaiting you vill make you the commission’s ultimate huntyer if you aren’t already.” Gotta admit, his words really got me pumped up. If I wasn’t excited already then I’m fucking enthusiastic.,“I assure you, that once I’m done with my business around here, I’ll depart first thing. We already got their coordinates from Google map.”“Vhenever you’re ready, Just geeve us ze vord.” I nodded in a silent promise then turned around and looked over the vast lands and skies of the horizon as it slowly got darker. To think that beyond those fields lays an even bigger world out there. Ugh, So many questions going through my head right now.When will I leave?What’s gonna happen to me?Who am I gonna face?Will I be able to handle the enemies?Am I going to find allies?Are we going to cooperate?I do know one thing: I have a longer road ahead of me than I have anticipated and that this recently discovered world is gonna be on my list of destinations for me to visit someday and when that happens, it will all measure up to what I’ve been through during my years as a hunter. And by then, I shall have no regrets. ,
A hunter's life for me ch.5,Elder RecessI’ve found him: My rival. My counterpart.And when I say that, I mean someone who is practically on equal grounds with me. Someone who basically possesses the same skills I do. Someone who is just as sarcastic and anti-social and even shares my hatred for noise, crowds and milk skin. Heck, he even has his own collection of Familiars that you wouldn’t see with anyone else.Akira has been my brother-in-arms ever since we’ve met back in the Old World. We were the dynamic duo who has been known for doing things our own way, no one else’s.We both entrusted each other with quests in which we'd go our separate ways for days and report to each other the shenanigans we did when we cross paths again. In case we cooperate against a monster together, our teamwork is practically unstoppable. Yup, we’re so awesome.Why did I never mention him before? You never asked…Thing is, that I haven’t seen him ever since I came to the New World. And lo and behold, I find the bastard greeting me at the entrance to my campsite at the Elder Recess.“Hey, Dyeborah. Long time no see.”“Motherfucker…” I whispered.“Oi now, is zis khow you greet yer old pal?” he said in his hard-to-miss Russian accent.“When you show up all of a sudden at my damn doorstep after a year, of course I’ll react that way.”“Year and half.” He snorted bemusedly and then moved his furry head to crack his neck while swishing his tail. He shifted his weight causing his clawed paws to create friction with the ground.Oh and he’s a Khajiit. Did I forget to mention that? I guess I did.,Yes, my old buddy there is an anthropomorphic feline race. He used to raise countless eyebrows back in the Old World when everyone has first met him. They mistook him for a giant Palico at first but after they have gotten over the fact that we have a Khajiit among our troops, he was welcomed as a fellow hunter when they saw his skills as a fighter. In the department of monster slaying, he’s a fierce warrior owing to his previous days back at Skyrim.“Hey, you ol’ gal! how you doing?” I approached his Shadowmere, which just goes by the name of Shadow, and nuzzled her face at which she snorted happily. She is a demon horse capable of sprouting wings out of black matter, and also transform her entire body in the same matter for warping and transportation purposes and not to mention her ability to completely teleport. She also possesses impressive strength and stamina unlike any equestrian out there. ,“Averick, my man. Still giving trouble to your idiot master like I told you?” I switched my attention to the dire wolf who bounced on my shoulder panting happily. Besides the canine’s naturally impressive fighting prowess, he is big enough to be used as a mount. Doesn’t that remind you of someone, mmm?,“Hmm. I don’t see Abigail. Where is she?” I questioned the whereabouts of Akira’s next Familiar.“She is scouting right now as ve speak. Gal loves to explore, y’ know?”“Yeah I remember. Hopefully we will catch up with her.” “So zis is New Vorld, eh?” he commented as he walked around with me riding on his Shadowmere like the old days.“Yes and with it, new shit happens.” I crossed my arms as I raised my head to look at my surroundings. “Why did you refuse to come with us again? What made you go back to Skyrim all that time? You’ve missed out on some crazy things here.”“Lyet’s just say I had my ryeasons.” He responded as he slightly turned his head in my direction then looked forward again. “I’ll tell ya later. Vhen ve get back to yer home. Astyera, aien’t it?”That’s when something clicked. “Were you with that group of people who caused a raid on us back then?”“If by raid, you mean vhen ve vanted to speak viz commandyer, zen yes.”“Talk about what anyway?”“Our scholyers vanted to learn ‘bout new monstyers you people have discovyered. And us Huntyers came along as bodyguards.”“Dammit! If only I knew!” I facepalmed.“Do not fryet. I knew you hated crowds so I zought ‘fine. I’ll catch her latyer’.” He chuckled. “I saw you flying away vis zat Razalos looking anxious as if you vere running from somezing.”“weeell, about that... hehe. Let’s just say I was a bit in a hurry.” No need to let him in on the details of the real story behind this one, yes?Our conversation led us to the crystal hall where I enjoy dropping giant mineral masses on any unfortunate monster I happen to have a problem with. Just as we got to the center of the area, we heard slow heavy footsteps accompanied with dragging noise that was, of course, familiar to me but it put Akira on alert.,“Relax, Aki. That’s just a Dodogama.” I chuckled. That guy has a lot to learn, doesn’t he? Said Fanged Wyvern who looks AND sounds like some aquatic mammal emerged from behind one of the pillars and completely minded its own business chewing on some rocks like bubble gum.,“Docile?”“Unless you attack it, yeah.” We carefully approached the whale-like monster with me still mounting his mare and we both looked at it upclose and personal. It barely reacted to our presence as expected. Averick naturally decided he didn’t like the fat thing and began growling at it cautiously. “So that guy fills up its jaw with rocks to use it as projectile but…” and I spent the next couple minutes giving him a general explanation of monsters around here, starting with Fatso over there. I could tell he was listening from the way his ears perked in my direction. Or even have one of them pointed at me while the other was aimed at another direction to stay on the lookout. After all, we’re not in a safe place by any means. “Even Uragaan is here, you say?” he inquired as he already had a couple run-ins with the ugly thing from the Old World. Too bad it had to follow us here.“Yes, but you will find some… surprises here and there.” “mmhm. Like dat guy?”“What guy?” I looked at where he pointed with his head and… oh crud! “Get out of here! Hurry!” I half whispered half yelled and nudged Shadow’s side on instinct to get us to hightail it outta here.“I get from your reaction zat it must be strong muzerfuckyer.” He said as we reached the volcanic area away from said muzerfuckyer.“A Bazelguese is the king of assholes. You’ll understand especially in the middle of battle.” I explained as I dismounted his horse to pick some Chillshrooms. Once I got the Cool Drink, I handed one to Akira while I drank from mine at the same time. After we rendered ourselves immune to the blistering heat of the place, I walked off leaving him with his horse.“Shadow. Vhy don’t you go on tour for a bit?” I heard Akira speaking to his Familiar. “Hey, Dyeps. I’m lyetting hyer go to explore the ryecess, alright?”“Sure thing. Let her go.” I mumbled waving a hand dismissively without looking. It would be a good idea to let the Familiar get ‘familiar’ with the new surroundings. She might even cross paths with Devil opening an opportunity to let them bond. I heard the sound of flapping wings as I was slowly wondering off absent-mindedly. “Dyeps! Stay sharp!” I wish that warning would have been more helpful as I got planted into the ground by, speak of the devil, a shit-eating Uragaan. ,Just why me?? I wanted to cry so bad!I saw in my peripherals Akira and Averick running in my direction then stood with their faces right above mine.“I tried to varn you…” I do know one thing: I’m not gonna repeat the same crap from the Rotten Vale.“Akira?”“Yeah?”“Wanna slay your first monster here?”-----------------------------------So we ended up starting trouble with that walking mine ore. I’m so carving that bitch once we finish it off.,“Ready, old partner?” I looked at my favorite Khajiit with a smirk that suggested that I’m up to no good.“Locked and loaded.” Just as he was saying that, he pulled his scary-looking Daedric Sword out of his ass that just the sight of it makes you realize you’re about to be fucked and not in a good way. With it, he sprouted the Ebony Shield that not only is capable of blocking powerful attacks, but can give you the bonking of a life time. Like the fearsome warrior he is, he’s skilled with all sorts of weaponry. But the sword and shield style are his favorite choice. Just like how I prefer the Long Sword.As he was doing his preparations, Averick did some of his own as well. his body began to transform. He stood on his hind legs as his fur began to darken. His torso broadened and gained a humanlike appearance. His front paws morphed into tall arms ending with sharp clawed hands as his body gradually shaped into its new form.In other words? He’s using his anthro form. His more preferable form when he needs to do more serious business.,“It’s been a vhile since I last fought wid monstyer, I was starting to get rusty! You need practice too!” actually I started this battle because I felt the need to eliminate the potential of getting run over again. But whatever he says!I don’t remember when I’ve brought my Long Sword with me but I did anyway. And good thing I did because ramming that bad boy into my assailant’s head and unleashing some elemental power into that thick ass skull sounded like a good revenge plan to me. And we all know how I am when I’m feeling vengeful.,We wasted no time running at the monster to flank it from all sides among Averick’s aggressive roaring. We made our hits as we made sure to avoid the little bomb things that it kept shitting out of the many holes in its body. I felt the need to impress Akira with the latest tools the commission has developed recently. So as the hideous Brute Wyvern slammed that stupid chin onto the ground, I used my chance to latch onto its head with the clutch claw, used said device to force it to face the wall, then unloaded all my slinger ammo on its unbearable mug in one big shot that propelled it to introduce itself to the wall. I dropped down and spotted Akira’s awestruck face as he moved to unleash his endless combos on the helpless monster on the ground. Just as I was about to join in on the slaughter, I spotted the asshole from earlier coming right at us.“Akira!! Heads up!!” he heard my warning in the middle of his slashing and ramming but he didn’t recover from his movements fast enough, so I grappled him by the tail to move him out of the living war plane that just made its unwelcome entrance on us.“WWWAAAAHHHH!” the distinct roar of the Bazelguese that sounds like someone yawning could be practically heard throughout the entire recess. Yay for earplugs!,Akira, however, wasn’t so lucky; he didn’t come prepared with said item and thus, had to suffer the comebacks from having more sensitive hearing. He was blocking his ears so hard, I thought his hands were gonna get all the way inside his head and touch his brain. Normally he would just flip his ears backwards to avoid having his ear drums get further ravished by the noise, but sometimes not even that is enough. Heh, giving that poor guy some much needed earplugs should be the first thing I do once we get back to my place.“Akira. I’ll leave Boza to you.” I’ll never break my habit of giving weird nicknames. “Can you handle it?”“Vho do you zink I am?” he smirked and prepared his weapon to face the nasty Flying Wyvern currently picking on the Brute one with Averick distributing his attacks between them. “I don’t need to tell you to avoid those scales it keeps shitting on you.” “Technically, you still told me zat.” “Hey, I’m trying to help here!”“Dank you for help zen!”“Here’s more: the scales take a while to detonate but you can set them off if you shoot stuff at them.” By this point, we totally forgot about said monster torturing the other guy in the background with the poor werewolf still doing all the work.“Intyeresting! I can use zat mezod to shut you up!”“Save it, wiseass. Anyway, they have small radius but still give nasty damage.”“Vell, zat’s vhat bombs do! Zey damage stuff!”“What’s worse that they can instantly explode if they’re already heated when they leave the monster’s body especially when it’s enraged.”“It’s okay. I don’t zink I khave ryeason to gyet nyear zem anyvay.”“Just cut off the damn tail and you should have solved half the problem. Hehe!”“No time for puns, Dyeborah!”“Well no time for your technicalities!” I retorted.“My tyechnicalities are hyelpful while your puns are useless and stupid!”“You didn’t help with shit!”And so we bickered back and forth like total morons almost forgetting the scene taking place right a few feet from us. Our werewolf companion never ceased with jumping back and forth between them as his growls got mixed with the other two monsters’ growls in the background.“You’re just as vulgar and foul-mouzed as you vere all zat time. Maybe even vorse.” He sneered bemusedly as he put his fist to his chin, shoulders shaking with chuckles.“Well you can take this vulgar and foul mouth and shove ‘em up your – WHOA!!!”“Screaming will do you no – oi!!” I grabbed him this time from his cheek fluff and pulled him out of the way from the monster who finally decided to pay attention to us. We knew there was no time to continue exchanging insults. We being monster targets was more than enough to bring us back to reality. So we both nodded at each and we proceeded to fight the respective monsters.“Bazel is weak against Ice. So use your ice magic.” I gave one last tip.“Got it.” And we both set off.I know you must think it’s just nuts to let a new visitor in Akira’s case take on a powerful douchebag like Bazelguese as his first target in the New World. But let me just say that that guy doesn’t give you many reasons to worry about him. He’s no beginner. He knows his way around battles and always knows what he’s doing. Plus, He’s a quick learner and is pretty damn good at reading movements in order to counter attack twice as hard. Maybe even thrice.And all the pointers I provided him with should give him more of an upperhand now that he had the extra info. He could’ve easily figured that out but I’ll be damned if I don’t save him the trouble. Back when I have first faced Bazelguese, I had no one to give me tips besides the Handler’s useless remarks and had to figure out everything by myself. As powerful as Akira is, no need to let him go through that while I’m here. He’s practically my guest now.Now what was I doing again? Oh yes!“I’m not letting you squash me a second time, you fucking pile of pimples!” I growled as I kept slashing at the monster I mounted with the hunting knife. And like promised, once I got it to shut up and stop moving for a sec, its head was drilled by a raging elemental sword and bam, it fell to the ground again at the final hit, only for me to latch onto its head and further lay waste on it with more elemental slices. The dragon element is no joke, let me tell you that. It’s because of that very element that some monsters are turned into subspecies if they could master it enough. Though perhaps the ice element would have been more effective on this monster, the Nergigante Long sword is what I have at the meantime and is doing a fine job nonetheless.Thing is, what the hell is a ‘dragon’ element anyway? I thought dragons are supposed to be monsters or animal species, not something to classify elements with. Oh who cares!It’s still fucking cool!I spotted in my peripherals a light blue beam being unleashed as Akira used his ice magic on the war plane wyvern’s unreasonable mug causing the latter to flinch and counterattack with a head slam to the ground. But the Khajiit fighter dodged in time for another counterattack with a shield bitch slap.I paid my attention back to the other ugly one as it opted for a tail hit but I was ready with my Special Sheath move and slashed right through creating a horizontal red line forcing the Brute back. Followed by another bitch slap from Averick to stun it to the ground. Thank you, buddy!“Dyeborah!” yes, I noticed the stupid bomb scales. I steered clear as Bazelshit created more explosions that are just as annoying as their owner, made one short ‘I’m out’ roar then took off. Whereas Uragaan limbed off to its resting area.“I’ll catch up wis muzerfuckyer! You follow zat Uragaan!”“You’d better have killed it by the time I get back to you!”“Challyenge is on!”“Later, terminator!”And we both ran off in opposite directions to find our dance partners. I followed the Thanos Wyvern to find it napping on its nest. Just what’s with monsters and their tendency to sleep even knowing that there’s a hunter coming after them? I mean, you know I’m here to kill you! The least you could do is to not let your guard down like that. It’s just careless and rude!Anyway, not gonna complain at the monster’s suicide stunt cuz, for some reason, they’re more sensitive to damage when asleep which is a delicious opportunity for many hunters to prank it with a couple explosive barrels at the head. And I definitely did not wake up the monster with a fine smack to the face using a thick ass sword or anything – oh wait, I just did!The wyvern reluctantly got up with the mood of someone who had to go to work early while having a hangover. Too bad, it’s not going anywhere.I dodged out the way as it proceeded with the rolling tantrums like a giant truck wheel. If it rolled over me again, I swear! I’ve had enough of being handled like cookie dough recently. I picked up some bomb slinger to force it to stop in its tracks. Once it tripped on its side, I didn’t slow down with the beatings until the ugly thing finally dropped dead. Like promised, I milked it for all it’s worth; ore and body parts alike. Then I headed over to pick those sleeping herbs and carve more ores and…Oh shit! What the hell am I doing? I remembered something super important!I ran back to where I’ve started the fight and quickly carved the tail I left behind in my hurry to chase after my victim. Phew, much better!Still, I feel like I’m forgetting something…Why didn’t I use those Nitrotoads to stagger the monster while I was at it? Oh well, maybe next time…I gathered some more collectable shit until my item hunting led me to the area where Lavasioth hangs out so I took extra gulps from the Cool Drink. Just gotta watch out if that guy spotted me. Fucker shoots lava balls out its mouth with the range of a canon and the accuracy of a sniper.“Grrrr!” yes, that’s what I’m talking about! I was not in the mood for its bullshit so I went to bail on it. Thing is easy to outrun anyway and its habitat is limited to only the volcanic parts. Once I’m out, I’m good.,The same can’t be said for Silver Rathalos though, who had greeted me right at the exit of the flame region and made sure to let me know that it already doesn’t like me. I don’t need your love, bitch. I have a cousin of yours who can beat your ass! Though I gotta say that guy looks really nice in silver. Maybe someday Devil can evolve into that form.,As for said cousin, well… after Devil had informed me of Akira’s arrival, I sent him off to scout at the far side of the recess. I would have introduced him to Akira, but I needed to catch up with him alone first before I let the others know. Boy, will Edge and Nova be shocked. I still want him to see Goliath too!“Roooaaaar!!” alright alright, I’m totally not ignoring you or anything! I can’t help it if you’re so boring, you made me zone out!As if reading my mind, it made a dive at me with claws stretching out. Fine, You’re not boring! You’re cool as shit, now get off of my back! As I dodged out the way, I accidentally tripped on a conveniently placed rock and fell to the ground with what was supposed to be an obscenity but got replaced with an ‘omph’.And just my luck, the smartass thought it as a chance to shoot a fireball at me. Just as it was taking a deep breath, I was carried out the way right on the time the fireball collided with my previous spot like a meteor.I looked at my savior and… oh, it was just Akira.…………..AKIRA!!Oh ho ho! So that’s what I have been trying to remember for the last 20 minutes!“Well that was some nice catch.” I commented oh so offhandedly as I spotted what seemed to be a dead Bazelguese in the distance from over my friend’s shoulder. So he took it down after all.“Silvyer Razalos hyere too??” he huffed as he ran off from the dragon still carrying me.“Spoiler alert: there’s a Golden Rathain too!” I remarked from my very comfortable position on his arms, raising my finger as an emphasis in a totally casual gesture as if I was sitting in a Goddamn sofa and not just getting carried away from danger.“Oh really?” he jumped off of an edge and just as he rounded a corner, I started to squirm.“Ok, bud. That’s enough carrying me. You’re making me feel like a damsel in distress, which I’m so fucking not.”“God forbid.” He chuckled. He doesn’t know of course that the main reason for making him put me down is cuz I wanted to have pity on him and not make him carry me all the way to safety. If it were up to me, I would have hitched a ride on him while I happily rest in his arms, hands behind head and all. But no need to tell him that, yes?Just as he was about to put me down, we heard the angry roaring of the grey Rathalos getting closer and before we could move, he appeared right on top of us already wreathed in hellfire! Did that thing chase us all the way over here, like, get a life!,Just as it was going for a talon dive attack, we both got snatched up by a pair of large avian hands which belonged to none other than-“Abigail!” I happily greeted the large Griffon as she carried me and her master away from danger. She seemed to recognize me from how she licked me at which Akira gave off an amused chuckle. We flew some more to further put distance between us and the butthurt dragon. And sooner than we knew, we made it back to camp at the other section. Praise the Lord for not having the Handler here today. I don’t want to make Akira’s first day here a total nightmare by introducing him to the dangerously insane nitwit. Besides eating things like a Black Hole, theretard is a professional at making other people lose their mentality in a short span of time. And the last thing I need is to make poor innocent Akira make an early quit and go back where he came from when he just arrived. I must protect him at all costs!“Props for taking down that Bazelguese earlier. I never imagined that out of all the assfuckers out there to be your first New World hunt, it had to be that one.” I praised as I playfully smacked him on the shoulder. Then approached the four-legged eagle to caress her peak and head. My, has she grown a lot since I have last seen her! Akira has been raising her since she was a hatchling but I never met them until she reached adolescence. To this day, he would send me pictures of her when she was just a little fuzzball. Now she is a strong full-grown Gryphon. I feel like a proud aunt!,“Might as vell take care of it now zan latyer. I still have so many zings to learn hyere in New Vorld.”I remained silent for a moment. Then my smile was gone and my face took the emotional turn.Before I could stop myself, and without even knowing what I was doing, I squeezed him in a hug around the neck – hoping that wouldn’t suffocate him – at which he responded with just as tight a hug. “Good to have you here, buddy. I missed you, y’ know.”“Samehere, my friend. I’m glad to see you again. tyexting each ozer vhen ve’re apart just isn’t enough.”Akira was one of the first and few friends I’ve made back at the day in the Old World besides Edge and Nova. Alongside his Familiars, our group has had quite the reputation back then and even right now.As for how we met? Well then, flashback time!----------------------------------------,A slightly less intelligent younger me was taking a stroll like a total moron in the Verdant Hills.“What a nice day to take a walk.” Thought me. As a nature lover, the hills were actually one of my favourite regions in the Old World and, to this day, I would still view them from my phone gallery once in a while and let the nostalgia kick in. Every once in a while, I’d pick somewhere I can relax and it feels especially better after a long tiring quest of waving around a heavy ass weapon to smack annoying monsters with.“That Abiorugu really had worn me out.” I thought about the Glavenus/Deviljho lovechild. Those guys always seem to be in a bad mood for no reason.,As for me, I picked up this habit where I would mount one of the Small Herbivores herding around and when I managed to calm one of them down enough to allow me to stay on its back, I’d take out my earbuds and let the music boom while the harmless monster wanders off with me on it. But of course not without making sure that there aren’t monsters in the vicinity unless they were docile.When I walked over to a Kelbi herd, I found this weird black equestrian one that seemed like it was glaring at me with… red eyes? ,Brushing that off as I was used to the glowing red eyes, I approached the horse thing for a closer look and gauge its reaction when I carefully touched it. I noticed how it looked like an Orochi Kirin missing its horn. I thought it would have been hella cool to have this one as a partner. So I decided to take the risk and hopped on its back. Surprisingly though, it didn’t try to buck me off or react whatsoever. I shrugged assuming that this creature in particular simply didn’t mind to be mounted. At the time, I had no idea it has an owner seeing as there was no saddle or reins or anything that would indicate it was taken.But just as I was about to pull out my beloved headphones, the demon herbivore slowly turned its head towards me like one of those creepy dolls in horror movies. Before I could do anything, I heard the next few words coming from it:“I vouldn’t do zat if I wyere you…”,-----------------------------------Ah, memories! I’m really glad I decided to mount that one suspicious-looking horse back then. Even if my troll of an imagination made me think for a second there that she was the one who talked but meh. One always witnesses so many weird shit starting from giant legged fish to oversized salamanders that can fly without wings.How much different is a Russian speaking human-sized Palico?I still mount Kelbi and Aptonoth while I blast some heavy metal and celtic music into my ear drums through my recently acquired Bluetooth headsets, or read something every now and then, but not as often as ever. Not only do we have our Familiars to fulfill that rule but they are also a perfect choice and definitely far less boring than some dinosaur who does nothing but eat, sleep, piss or panic. So occasionally you’d find me hopping on Goliath for instance and listen to some good ol’ Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence or Within Temptation and it feels much more fun and epic with me on top of my fluffy Small Wyvern as he aimlessly speeds off around the entire map. I only need a slow ride in case I decided to read something may it be a fantasy novel, or indulging in some juicy cliché fanfiction on my phone.,,,“Home sweet home. Make yourself comfortable, pal.” We were inside my room back at Seliana. Akira was planning to go to Astera but since he had already seen the most of it, I wanted to let him see Seliana as well. Of course, I needn’t mention that Edge and Nova were overjoyed to see him again after such a long time. Well technically I still did mention that, didn’t I? Heh, not 24 hours have passed and bastard started to rub off on me. Anyway, after the quick conversation of catching up, the two decided to leave us alone for a while and went outside to help with some labors around the base. Edge recently has developed this sudden interest in assisting Grammeowster Chef around the canteen such as crushing spices, cutting bread, making soup and grilled cheese. Whereas the task of moving boxes and goods from and to transporters was up to Nova.“Your lyeader vas gyenerous enough to give me private quarters as I’ll be staying in New Vorld until furzer notice.”“Fine! More space for me, then! I used to stay in that room back in the day before I moved so you can have my old bed!” I retorted playfully as I walked to the kitchen part to make us some sandwiches.“How can you enjoy space vhen it’s practically like zoo hyere??” he complained as he took a seat on the edge of my bed and some crawlers started to harass him.“Don’t diss my endemic life collection. I worked hard for those little guys.” I chuckled from my kitchen work desk right by the staircase. I’m glad this place actually has a spot for cooking shit however relatively limited it is. Vast as this place is, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for culinary activities. Guess I’ll just have to resort to the canteen should I need a large meal.I walked over to the central table with the tray in hand and saw Akira shooing a couple of Coralbirds away from him. If only I had my camera…“Dig in.” I said as I placed the sandwich tray down and he left his spot on the bed to join me at the table.“Dank you, my sweet.” We both took our share from the meal and sat there eating. As we were munching, a Woodland Pteryx approached us. I cut off a piece of bread to feed it with and Akira did the same. We both took turns sharing bits and pieces of our food with the little pet until we were finished with the meal. That’s when I saw a shift in Akira’s behavior. He reached out with his hand to pet the bird on its head and the thing stopped moving entirely as if welcoming the gesture. Even Akira looked incredibly intrigued by the creature presenting itself to us. ,“Zis is so byeautiful! I like dis one! Byetter zan zose veird crabs you have ovyer zyere.”“I caught those little yellow guys during a Kulve Taroth siege. You should join us sometime.” He gave me a look that suggested he didn’t know what the heck I was talking about but was too preoccupied with the matter at hand to ask. “It actually has two forms, y’ know. This one is called the Woodland Pteryx but can also switch to a rare form called Forest Pteryx if given enough experience. It’s quite common but remains one of my favorite endemic life critters nonetheless.”“I byet I can catch more of these things than you!” he challenged lightheartedly as he adjusted his seat. But the bird jumped on Akira’s shoulder and playfully pecked at him in the midst of his laughter and objections. Luckily, I had my phone camera so I was quick to snap a shot.Right at this moment, Akira’s massive canine Familiar showed up in his Feral Form and pounced up on his owner's shoulder spooking the bird away. “Hey, Averick! Get off, boy! Zis bird is not treat!” the grey wolf reluctantly obeyed with a slight growl. “Excuse him. he can be a bit jealous. You remember zat, don’t you?” he winked.“Edge also has this protective streak about him that can get outta hand sometimes. What’s up with our dogs, seriously?” I shrugged.“Zose two sure khave a bit in common, I dare say.” He agreed before swiping his finger across a mayonnaise stain and licked it off (I didn’t mean for that to sound suggestive this time, I swear!)I reached out with my hand to scratch the smooth area between Akira’s ears at which he purred contently. Couldn’t always help but notice how the small hair tufts on top of his ears make them look taller and more attractive.“Now it’s time for a drink, pal. Hopefully, you’re still a caffeine addict.” I said as I began to get up to grab the kettle from the kitchen section.“You know me, Dyeps.” He chuckled. Once I was done with making the hot beverages, I handed Akira his cup while I sat holding mine on top of the table next to him. “Cheers.” I said.“To our reunion.” He replied raising his cup and we clinked our cups together before taking a couple sips. We sat there laughing and talking about nothing and everything. We didn’t even bother inquiring about what the other has been doing during the time we spent separated. We just wanted to forget it all and let loose and instead picked subjects that included the latest anime, movies and videogames. I reached out with my hand to scratch his chin and he welcomed the gesture with content.“Welcome back, brother.”“Glad I’m here, sistyer.”“HIIISSS!” then we both were startled by the noise from my room’s balcony.“Ah! Good timing!” I exclaimed as I jumped up from my seat leaving my empty tea and milk cup behind and sped towards the source of the noise. “Hey girl.” I greeted the Wingdrake that landed next to the seating area separating the hot spring where I occasionally skinny dip, and the small pond where I keep some bigass Tuna and King Marlins.,“My vord! Iz dat Remobra? How did it gyet hyere??” Akira followed soon after still holding his Nescafe cup.“Beats me how the hell she managed to travel all the way from the Old World right to my doorstep.” I said as I went to fetch some raw meat to hand over to my visitor. “She didn’t attack me for some reason but I wasn’t gonna ruin that.”“Not everyday you find friendly Vingdrake at your household espyecially vhen it’s of aggryessive kind dat lives far away.” He agreed taking a sip from his mug. “Vhat are you…!” he exclaimed as I shoved the meat in his hands.“Tell you what, why don’t you feed her? I want you to experience it beforehand.” He nodded then gave me his cup and turned to face the expectant snake wyvern. He looked over at me one last time and I waved my hand in a ‘go on. don’t be shy’ kind of gesture. So he stretched his arm out with the meat to offer it to the Remobra. She didn’t seem to mind accepting the treat from another person and took it no problem. I saw Akira looking at me again from above his shoulders with an amused smile. Then quickly looked back at the monster before him when he felt her gently pry the meat from his grip to eat it by herself on the ground.,“Wasn’t so bad, huh?” I commented as I handed back his mug.“I nyever expyected to have my encounter viz Vingdrake to be like… YOU DRANK MY NYESCAFE??”“It was the last few sips anyway.” I shrugged as he indignantly held his now empty mug looking at me as if he caught me trying to murder him in his sleep.“You haven’t changed a bit…” he said as he playfully trapped me in a headlock.“Akira, no! *sputter* you mad about the last sip? Gaaah! I’ll make you another one! Just let go *wheeze*”I squeezed out those words out of my throat that was being crushed by the bastard’s tree trunk of an arm. Don’t misunderstand. I’m as muscular as that oaf if not just as bulky. I just happen to hold back against these ridiculous stunts from my homies simply cuz I worry I might hurt them accidentally if I tried to fight back.,“Yes so you could drink from zat one too!” “It was fucking delicious! Couldn’t help it! Ek!”“You did it viz me vhen ve vere togyezer at Old Seaway! Damn your habits!”“I was cold, alright? Keh! Let go you blasted carpet!”“Because you are blasted beetch!” He retorted as we both wrestled until we got too close to the pond.“Stop stop stop stop stop stop dammit STOP! Oh, shit! We’re gonna-” welp, too late. We both fell head first into the lake most likely killing the large fish from the heart attack they must have had. Two seconds later and we were pulled out of the water by the kind Wingdrake who held Akira from the back of his neck as he kept his grip on me. We both laid on our backs slightly panting in a wet mess on the floor.“*Cough* *Sputter* Oops! Hehe!” “Hehe? That’s all you have to say?” I mumbled but all he did was keep giggling at his insane stunt like a moron. I saw the Remobra entering my field of vision and would switch her attention between the two of us as if checking our condition. Bless her. That was a great move she did back there. Once she moved her head on top of my face again, I raised my head for a quick peck on her muzzle. “Thank you, sweetie.”“It was kind of kher to pull us out from za vater. Didn’t see zat one coming but ain’t complaining.” Remarked Akira as we both got up without bothering to dry up. In our line of work, it’s natural to get soaked to the bone so it’s no big deal. We will dry out in no time. “At least ze cup is clean now! Hahaha!” he laughed as he was holding the empty yet cleaner cup. “You’re doing it wrong!” I chuckled along then he went over to the Drake that was holding the now empty bone in her mouth like a guard dog. He fearlessly held out his hand to touch her snout at which she didn’t mind one bit. Instead she just tilted her smooth ass head sideways as if questioning the kind gesture. “She has been visiting me for a while and since I was thinking about getting a Wingdrake of my own, she can definitely use an owner.” I said the last part in a calmer tone.You see, every hunter is assigned a Palico, a Tailraider and a Wingdrake. I don’t have a Palico, that’s for sure, instead I have my grumpy Palamute. And what I have for a Wingdrake is an elemental Halk that can do the job just fine. We have already established that my Tailraider is none other than my cute Wulg. Last but not least, I have my own monstie which happens to be a Rathalos. But what about an actual Wingdrake? The reason why I have been meaning to get one for a while is that, even though I already have Nova, I need a Wingdrake in case she isn’t available. Devil can be a fine substitute but sometimes I’d send him off for some patrolling and also because he is too big to do everything a Wingdrake can do. And as much as I wouldn’t mind using the commission’s Drakes if I needed to, I just want something I can call my own Familiar and not a random, know what I’m saying?“One more Familiar can’t possibly hurt, yes? She even came right for you! It’s a sign you should take hyer!” he agreed as he looked between me and her. “I like hyer already, Dyeborah. Can ve bring her inside?” he said as he was scratching her chin. I walked inside and ushered him to follow and he took that as cue to take the Drake with him. I used to be twitchy when I’ve first let her in in fear that she might see one of my Endemic Life pets as breakfast. Luckily though, my hospitality wasn’t repaid unkindly. Besides the fact that the helpless pets freaked out a little at having a ferocious Wingdrake in the house, it was nothing too tragic. In fact, the reason why I trusted her to be in my room unsupervised at all was when I came back from a hunt this one time and she was just there making herself comfy on my dang couch.My first reaction when I saw her making herself at home in my own domain uninvited? ‘Scoot’ I told her then took a seat next to her. Sounded kinda reasonable, no? I mean nothing was broken and no one was eaten so yeah.Back to the matter at hand…“Alright, I’m gonna name her someth-”“Vera shall be given proper training and she’s going to be one hyell of Vingdrake! You’re velcome, Dyebs!”“Well, that was quick…” I mumbled as I took the tray and started to head upstairs to clean it all up. On my way there, I saw our new Wingdrake companion staring at the Coralbirds, then headed over to ogle at some Emerald Helmcraps - Man, the shit I had to go through to get my hands on these crustaceans -It’s a habit of hers to stare at everything, living or not. Just as long as she doesn’t swallow anyone in the process, and especially the rare ones, I brush it off.“Lyet me hyelp.” Said Akira as he quickly followed me upstairsand took a cup and started to wash it. I was about to protest but I knew he wouldn’t budge so I let him have his way. “Zis eagle sure beats any of zose creepy crabs and lizards you keep here.” He said looking behind his shoulder at the Stonebill.“It was a bit hard to catch those guys but yeah. They’re also my most preferable ones besides the pteryx.”In the midst of our work, we heard loud flapping noise and we didn’t need to turn around to know that it was just Vera. What made us look, however, was when she stood on the second-floor railing and exchanged some stares with one of the Stonebills.,“Does she always do zat?”“Even with me, yeah.”“You engage in staring contyest viz Vingdrake…?” I gave him a blank look then nodded. “I – Nyevermind...” Once we were finished, we headed back to the first floor followed by Vera. But then the craziest thing happened: The Wingdrake landed from up there and… wait for it: Averick came after her and jumped on her back panting enthusiastically. We both wow’d and ah’d at the friendly yet bold interaction between the Wingdrake and the wolf. This lovely display between our Familiars is a good sign indeed.“You guys are khaving fun?” He chuckled as he headed over to Averick and started to caress his fur from atop Vera, who turned her neck to rub at Akira’s thigh lovingly. Even Shadowmere flew in from the balcony and joined in on the group and took her rightful place nuzzling the dorsal of her non-human owner.And yet another scene was forever recorded on my phone, my labtop, my USB and everywhere I can find for backup. Cuz this shit was just too precious to lose!-------------------------------“I’ve been meaning to ask you, Aki. How did you meet Devil?” we were both laying on our backs on my bed with Akira’s canine partner napping between us like he’s our son or something. The dark Pegasus stood closeby and would leave her spot to wonder around the place occasionally then comes back again next to the bed and so on. While the Wingdrake was roaming around to sniff at this or that or get involved in another staring contest with the Wigglers in the corner.“Don’t zink I don’t know about monstyer taming, Dyeborah. I knew zat one had an owner judging from the saddle and all zose byelts so I knew he vouldn’t attack me. And I figuryed he vas yours vhen I saw you flying off viz him.” He explained as he was petting Goliath’s head from his lying position. “I figuryered he vould undyerstand me if I tried to communicate viz him. So I myentioned your name and he vas off to tyell you about my pryesence. Such good and clyever boy you khave zere.”“Hold on, you’ve learned about the large monster taming??”“It vas da vyery reason vhy I hung back at Skyrim: To tame very special dragon.”“Ok, now I’m intrigued. Tell me more.” I said as I shifted myself to lean on my elbow.“Instead of just tyelling you, why not show you?”-----------------------------------------------“Alduin. I have friend I vant you to meet.” I heard Akira say as we entered the backyard of HQ to approach his dragon Familiar. And I stood right in front of it to take a closer look.Oh. My…A dragon from Skyrim.And a dang beautiful one at that.,“Oh shit, Akira! This is amazing!” I exclaimed as the dragon lowered his head to my level. “Greetings, Hunter. You look grumpier than how Akira used to describe you.” The fact that he talks pales against his marvelous communication skills.“Nice to meet you too, big guy!” I laughed. He blew with his nose at me causing my hair to fly back but the feeling wasn’t unpleasant by any means.“Zat’s his vay of showing affyection.” He chuckled.“Yeah I know. Devil does the same too. Apparently, it’s a monster thing.” I said as I cupped his snout. “Hey, is it okay if I call Devil over to introduce them together? He needs to see this too!”“Of course! Your dragon iz quite ze loving guy.” so with one fine whistle and my beautiful boi came swooping in. I couldn’t miss the look of surprise on his face but he didn’t show hostility by any means. It was obvious the black dragon standing before him was friendly and he knew it. “Dyevil. Ovyer here. Come meet Alduin.” encouraged Akira as he gestured for my dragon to come closer.He slowly approached but not without licking Akira in the process in his slimy way of saying hi. Then carefully went over to Alduin and they both slowly nuzzled each other which was a damn good sign that they can be left alone together unsupervised.,“A non-sentient wyvern yet a smart one. Impressive. You did a good job training him. not bad for a creepy goth.”“Oh thanks! Biggest compliment I’ve had in a while!” I said half sarcastic half serious. I’m already beginning to like that guy more and more. Akira really has outdone himself.“It took us vhile to opyen up to each ozer but it vas vorz ze vait.” He said calmly as he watched me petting the demonic looking but otherwise kind dragon. “I need to myention zat I actually vas on quest to slay him but he vasn’t as evil as I zought. Not after he has saved my life zat day vhen I was about to gyet executed. After some proper communication and he agreed to become, not just my Familiar, but my friend and partnyer. Ve learned to khave mutual ryespect for one onezer. And so I convinced him to come see za New Vorld.”“What about the Old World?”“Still getting zere.” He nudged my shoulder playfully. “It took at least entire monz for Alduin to allow me nyear him, touch him or mount him. To make long story short, He byecame officially my partnyer and ve set off to finish some Old Vorld missions and, zus, vhy it took me time to catch up viz you, guys.”“You were finishing some business back in the Old world? Was there some trouble I hadn’t known of?” I looked at him from above my shoulder as I was caressing Alduin’s muzzle.“There were some Elder Dragon problems. That and some more monsters showing up to cause trouble may they be normal, Tempered or Deviant. Then we headed back to Skyrim for preparations to finally visit the New World.” Explained Alduin.“That all took a year to handle.” I concluded in a whisper then faced away from the dragon, feeling his warm breath on my back. I walked off with Akira beside me, leaving both our dragons behind usto let them bond.“Year and half!” he smiled raising a finger.“I’m just glad I gyet to see you again, hun.” He nuzzled my cheek purring affectionately as I patted his head in return. His story made me re-think about the whole monster taming thing and how the chances of taming one differs based on personality.“Year and half!” he smiled raising a finger. “I’m just glad I gyet to see you again, hun.” He nuzzled my cheek purring affectionately as I patted his head in return. His story made me re-think about the whole monster taming thing and how the chances of taming one differs based on personality. Now those will need some serious work to befriend. However, just because some monsters are passive with you, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re ready to befriend anyone. They’re only much safer to get close to in order to check for any taming potential. Whether they’re meant to be tamed or not, that’s only left for the final result. And that explains why only a select few can be tamed while the rest are destined to be hunted or left alone. Why do you think I’m the only one in the commission so far who owns a Large Monster?But thing is, monsters like Rathalos are aggressive by nature. And to think this one didn’t want to start any trouble is just perplexing yet very much welcoming. This brings up my theory that a monster that’s most likely open to be tamed is recognized by their unusual behavior or unique personality traits, aggressive or docile. Just like how Vera flew all the way from her home right to this new territory. Any normal Wingdrake wouldn’t have bothered with such a trip, much less demonstrating a calm disciplined attitude in my room and refraining from attacking the others.Once we were within a bit of a distance from the two monsters, we stood facing each other just as Goliath ran over to the dragons and frolicked between their legs playfully.,“Guess you weren’t the only one who had a shit ton of business to take care of. We both had our own problems on our ends. While I was out there scratching countless monsters off my list, you had your own adventures too.”“Zat’s life of huntyer and Varrior, Dyeborah. I vouldn’t had stayed byehind if I hadn’t had good reason.”“He’s a good reason.” I pointed with my head at Alduin. “As much as I would have loved you to be there with us earlier to see what we saw here, He deserved every second of you staying behind.” I gave a content smile in the midst of the distant friendly snarling of the two massive Familiars in the background. “Zat’s sveet of you, Dyebs. Right now, I’m glad I can finally get down to business in zis new tyerritoy.” He nuzzled my forehead and I cupped his cheeks with my hands. Then we both looked over to see the two dragons exchanging playful growls with Goliath still jumping happily between them. Then the Small Fanged Wyvern trotted over to us, stood on his hind legs and joined in on the hug at which we both chuckled and pulled him with us. “I vould have told you, you know. But I didn’t vant you to vorry or occupy your mind vhen you had ozer zings to vorry about.”Before I had time to reply, I pointed with my head behind Akira. We both watched Shadowmere gliding towards us. She must have escaped from the rear balcony in my room overlooking the backyard and flew all the way out here until she professionally landed next to us. Followed by Vera carrying Averick from her talons and dropped him next to the mare.“Look who decided to join us.” I playfully remarked. Then Shadow’s ears perked up and snapped her head in the direction of the dragon duo as Alduin playfully pinned Devil to the snowy terrain. Her red eyes notably glowing with an upcoming emotion.“Vhat’s wrong, hunny?” cooed Akira in a voice I rarely hear him use. Only times I heard him speak in such a tone was when he was talking to this distressed newbie Palico who was trying to get the hang of things back at HQ from the Old World, and one time when I got seriously injured and he was providing with me with comfort as we waited for help to arrive.“She must be surprised by their roughhousing.” I concluded. “It’s okay, my sveet. Nozing to be afraid of. Zey are just playing.” He assured as he caressed her mane. As if proving she’s not scared, she sprouted her wings in a second and began flying around the two dragons leaving a trail of dark matter in her wake.“Alright!”“Zat’s my brave babygirl!”We both praised the demon’s boldness as she spiraled gracefully in the air with Alduin and Devil trying to catch her. I’m seriously pleased that she and her wolf and dragon comrades were getting along well with my own. When she first saw Goliath in my room, she walked over to inspect him without fear. But the one she was especially interested in was Devil. On our way here, I let Akira ride behind me and the two Familiars were flying right next to each other as if they were longtime friends. And Averick is already hitching rides from Vera.Abigail, on the other hand, not sure about her. This whole time, she has been sitting on a high snow-covered rock silently watching the whole thing unfold. She was being neutral to Devil if not outright cold. Then I remembered that she takes time to warm up to larger monsters seeing as she deems them as a bigger threat and thus requires more time to trust. Unlike the case with Goliath and Vera whom she pays more attention to.I looked over at Shadow as she was getting too close to one of the dragons on purpose then teleports away from their playful jaws at the last second. I imagined myself on her back this very moment. It’s been a while since I have last had her take me somewhere.That reminds me.“Wanna go on your next expedition some time?” he looked at me for a moment then stayed silent to think of answer.“pick za place.”-----------------------------------------Both of our Large Monsters flew off to scout ahead together as me and Akira followed on our respective Small Wyvern and Wingdrake. He wanted to know what it would feel like to fly hanging from a Wingdrake and who am I to refuse such a request?It’s been a few days since Akira’s arrival and he managed to make such good progress in a short span of time. Between fighting new monsters and getting to know everyone at the commission, he’s done a lot since his arrival and thanks to his quick learning; he was able to get the hang of things around here much sooner than anticipated. Ever since the Witcher incident and everyone became more desensitized to all that hocus-pocus happening around us on an almost daily basis. That’s why no one was really as surprised as the people back home and was quick to get over the presence of, and get even amused by, the giant Palico guy – the nickname he was deservedly given.Lemme just say that things are looking pretty good, it feels like Akira has been with us for months. And now he’s finally accompanying me on his first expedition to the Hoarfrost Reachand, call it my troll-ish sense of humor, I chose this place particularly cuz I wanted his first exploration mission to be chilling! Okay okay, no need to toss tomatoes at me, jeez! Anyway, he left Averick and Shadow behind at Seliana to give them more time to get accustomed to this new environment. Nova chose to stay with them which was all the more reason I was glad with my decision to take in a Wingdrake as a sub, while Edge was sent off on a quest to assist the Tailraider Safari I dispatched before we left.“Ah, it’s freezing! This is even vorse zan Skyrim!” complained Akira from his hanging place from my now trained Remobra, Abigail following in tow.“This is the Hoarfrost Reach, bud. There are new monsters as well as old assholes so watch out for them.” I yelled from atop my Wulg as Akira was devouring a Hot Drink.“Ryeally? Like who?” he said after wiping his mouth.“Don’t wanna spoil it! You’re on your own now!” and with that, I set off with Goliath leaving the three chumps to catch up.“Zen vhat are ve vaiting for! Lyet’s kick some monstyer ass!” I heard him flying behind me and we both raced off to whatever frozen shit awaiting us in this damn subzero environment. “WOOOO! Zis is diffyerent from riding Alduin! I can gyet used to dis!” I was running with Goliath at full speed with Akira, Vera and Abigail flying right above us - the Drake flapping excitedly whilst her rider was whooping like a total buffoon which was a comical contradiction to his normally calm tone. We all set off in the vast fields of the Hoarfrost Reach. I don’t know what awaits my Khajiit friend in this insane world. But I do know one thing: he’s more than capable of handling whatever shit these hellholes throw at him. “ACK! I zink I swallowed snowflake! Damn zis place!”Heh. Welcome to the New World, Akira.
A hunter's life for me ch.4,Rotten ValeMan, it stinks. Everything stinks. The roof. The ground. The walls. Wherever you turn your head, you find decayed remains of dead monster jerks jutting out from every surface that comes to mind. This region is practically the bed of deceased flesh and bones and if you don't watch your step, you might end up tripping on somebody's ribs or something. The area literally reeks of death and you're always surrounded by what's left of what were once huge and fierce beasts, now nothing but mere bones amidst piles of flesh and pools of blood…And I love it!What? I'm a Goth by nature. Not only have I got some… dark tastes but I have a knack for normalizing what most people find weird. And this oversized graveyard is no exception.Basically, this vale is the Underworld of the New World and every once in a while, you may find a Raphinos or even a blasted Legiana falling from the sky into its eternal resting place. Hopefully, the Handler will join them someday.And ah! Here's one! I looked up to witness the end of the Wingdrake falling limply into the depths as if it's a soul ready to be judged by Hades.…..............I really gotta lay off the Greek mythology for a bit. Ever since I got a hold of that book in my headquarter's library and I was hooked beyond help.Anyway…This time, I didn't have a specific goal on mind. I'm not here for vengeance or anything just as fancy. Just another pointless expedition where I pick up whatever useful shit I lay my hands on."OMPH!" I got knocked over by that dumbass Radobaan as I was busy carving some fossilized crap. "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING, YOU FOOL!" I hollered behind the oblivious motherfucker who paid squat attention to my angry tantrum and kept rolling away like nobody's business.,Letting it go, I proceeded to look around for carve-ables. Then I headed over to the upper floor to pick these Ivy plants that would later be used for Pitfall Traps. Once they were tucked safely in my hammer space pockets, my attention was diverted to the pile of bones that I don't remember what to use them for but I pick them up anyway. I squatted in the center of the pile and began picking up my stuff… only to get bloody rolled over by Rado-ass again! I impatiently got up with a growl while glaring daggers and harpoons at the bony hedgehog in the hopes that it'll get tripped somehow.,Alright. Deep breaths, Deborah. No need to lose your temper over such trivial stupidity. You're surrounded by idiots your whole life. You should be used to it."At ease, Goliath. I'm fine." I gently turned down my Wulg who's been licking at my face in an attempt to calm me down. I sent him out surveying the far side of the vale while I took the other side for myself. And he must have come back in perfect timing to witness my unglorified moment of being turned into roadkill.Me and my Wyvern pet stuck around for a while to sniff out more things for me to pocket. I didn't even bother mounting him. I just felt like taking a stroll while he fools around behind me, keep his place right next to me or even scurry off ahead – probably peeing somewhere - only to come back at me again. He'd point me at the collectables the scoutflies haven't detected yet which I'd hurry over to start digging while he moves on to the next station and so on.We kept this up in the upper level of the vale. Until it was finally time to… WHAM! Aaand I eyed the Fuck-obaan rolling off from my sprawled up position on the ground. Possibly with spike marks all over me."Grrrr!""No, Goliath! Forget about that dipshit." I got ahold of my Wulg to help myself up and to also prevent him from chasing after the Crimson Chin Wyvern.I dusted myself off and pulled out what was probably a tiny bone shard outta my ass and tossed it at Goliath to chew on it. Goodness, I didn't expect this type of bullshit when I came here. All I was looking for was some peace and quiet and what's better than the vale of the dead to spend my so called vacation?Ok, so looking for materials wasn't exactly the main reason for why I'm gracing this place with my presence. I needed to get away from the commission for a while. Y'see, we had some visitors who came to us at Astera. Apparently, they were hunters and scholars from the Old World and wanted to stay for a chat with the commander. And before I knew, it all led to my least favorite mix of noise and crowds and that was enough for me to fuck off until further notice, but not before telling the commander to give me a call should anything happens.The second reason is… a bit uncomfortable. Ever since I told off Easy-going Bitch last time at the Coral Highlands and she was on my case more than ever. I expected her to loathe me and curse my very existence. Thus, she'd leave me be and I'd never have to hear from her as often as I was forced to. Now I really wish that would have just been the case. Cuz recently she started to act almost as creepily as Cool Fiver. She'd stick to me like super fucking glue in every darn location I'd be in.Tradeyard: "where's the harm in being together!"Smithy: "I can make you happy! trust me!"Botanist Tree: "Why you no want me!"Argosy: "I'll get you whatever you want!"Captured Monster area: "please please take me with you next time!" with the Smart Biologist whispering in my ear with concern 'is she okay?'Canteen: "dunno what you see in that casta – hmph!" cue piece of bread in her mouth to spare myself the nonsense.Ever since I helped her with the Golden Rathian and she would outright force herself on me without shame. She would even go so far as to copy me in almost everything I do; Equip the same weapon I use. Wear the same armor. Have the same meals. Do you get my point now? I wouldn’t be surprised if she copied my tattoos as well, but she said they’re ‘not cute'. I even came up with this cool-looking armor mix using Tobi-Kadachi torso, Bazelguese waist, Pukei-Pukei arms/legs and the Showman earrings. ,Literally a few seconds later and I found a certain copycat waving at me which was all the proof I needed that this wasn’t a coincidence. The only difference is that she was wearing the Jagras waist armor seeing as the pink-haired brat wasn’t strong enough to take down a Bazelguese, that and she didn’t bother with a headgear at all so it was close enough. She didn’t own the one I had on anyway since they need to be attained through finishing those shitty as hell arena quests. Props to her for improvising though. Her lack of available materials tempted me to wear the armor of the more powerful monsters that she was too incompetent to acquire and see how she will react. When I showed off my Deviljho armor, her face was hilariously twisted with shock and confusion. Then she hurried over to her item box and frantically began searching for something that could be a close match to my outfit and she all had to show for was her Great Girros armor with the Thermae waist piece and didn’t even neglect to change the armor pigment to green to make us as identical as possible. Nice try, I guess. But she can never try hard enough when I put on armor that is impossible to imitate.,However, she wouldn’t necessarily use the same exact weapon as mine. She would just copy me depending on the weapon type but not always made out of the same monster parts. For instance, I have been using my Safi Dual Blades for a while and she resorted to her simple Kadachi Dual Blades. One time I came back from this quest using a Raging Brachydios glaive and she just used her piece of junk Pukei-Pukei glaive. Then I was sporting this Frostfang Barioth long sword only to have her switch to her measly Tzi-Tzi-Yaku long sword. Then I decided it would be a good idea to use my Furious Rajang bow but since she isn’t a bow user, she would just wait until I switch over to a weapon she uses. But you get my point.All in all, it’s downright pitiful.Suddenly, having her spike my drink with Pukei-Pukei poison like I had initially pictured didn't seem too bad after all. I never imagined I'd say this in my whole lifetime, but I think I've found someone who could actually rival the nitwit Handler at being a total nightmare. At least the latter sticks to her spot by the canteen and actually leave me alone and I never so much as share eye contact with her *shudder* except during missions. But I guess my harsh method of teaching that crazy bimbo a much-needed life lesson on acceptance and open-mindedness totally backfired at me. And if I don't have enough stalkers on my non-existent tail, you have the Cool Fiver to add to the stress - o - meter.To be fair, she isn't half as bad as the other fangirl. At least this one doesn't follow me around like a baby animal; She only bugs whenever she happens to see me, which is a lot. And she's also more subtle with her approach by sending not so subtle hints at me while I pretend to remain oblivious. But she's undoubtedly a bit more tolerable than the rabid one. Oh you want an example for this one too? Listen up, then!You have this one time when I was standing near the exit of Astera looking over at the vast horizon and watching the beautiful sunset and some shit like that, until…"Boo!" a pair of unwanted hands clamped on my eyes from behind. I didn't move. I didn't react. I just stood there helplessly as a stream of stupid-sounding giggles made their way into my ears. When I finally had enough of that horseplay, I forced her hands away from my face then turned around to be met with the Barbie lookalike."hey there, Depsy-bo~!" she chirped as she leaned too close to my face while putting her hands behind her like you see in those cringy social animes."murph..." I just grunted at her retarded greeting style."Wanna hang out with me at the new checkpoint?" and the stream of winks and nudges she sent my way couldn't have been more palpable."No, I don't feel like it." there. A straight and honest answer."Why? Don't you want to spend time with me?" I really didn't want to deal with this. I gotta find a way out of this mess quick."Look! A two-headed Jagras!" the brief moment of distraction was all I needed so by the time she looked back at my now empty spot, I'll have flown away with my Rathalos to go somewhere less annoying.And that's how I ended up here in the vale.It's not like I'm proud of this little stunt. But that was the only way to avoid what could have possibly been an awkward and irritating position that I'll most likely have a heck of a time getting out of. Not even a clear answer helped so I had no choice but to resort to plan B. I was stressed out enough as it is by the ruckus that was going on back at Astera and I really didn't need the... extras. I prefer the drama only when I'm but a witness to it. But me being actually involved in these live soap operas? No, thanks. I'm good watching from the sidelines.So, what was I doing again? oh yeah, I was carving some… WHAM! And that's when me and Goliath went flying like bowling pins. And said bowling ball, and one that reeks of tar for that matter, paused nearby our locations.,Ok, that's it. I'm gonna do what I should have done muuuch earlier…10 mins later…I walked away sharpening my dual blades leaving behind a dead half-carved Radobaan with Goliath walking in tow carrying piece of bone between his jaws. Now that the upper level had been swept of its contents (literally) it's the lower level's turn. There's a place I could jump off of that would instantly lead me to the grossest part in the vale. I dropped down in the middle of *cough* even more rotten flesh and effluvial shit with Goliath landing right by my side.Surprisingly, the pile of floof didn't seem to be affected at all by the toxic fumes. Edge, on the other hand… well, let's just say that if I hadn’t had my armor on, I would have come out of the situation with scratches and bruises that could practically make my entire body look like a map. The effluvium had a strong effect on the already wild tempered Palamute that turned him into a psycho machine whose sole purpose was to wipe everything out of his way, enemy or ally. ,I managed to hold him back a little enough for me to survive his overwhelming rage amidst the small monster corpses that he left in his rampage. But dayum, even fighting large monsters seemed like an easy peasy task compared to this. Until my Rathalos, Devil, bless his soul for all eternity, came to the rescue. Large monsters are basically immune against the effluvium so he entered the place no problem, only to find me struggling to ward off my own Familiar with my sword and shield. He seemed to have understood the disaster at hand and so he snatched Edge up from his bandanna using his mouth with me hanging carefully from his claws and dropped us off outside the biohazard zone.You can imagine the aftermath that followed next. Edge, of course, was so guilty that I almost thought he was gonna hang himself in shame. He kept frantically licking at me in an attempt to apologize and used a potion to heal the injuries he himself had inflicted, but I barely felt his tongue on my face back then. Because I was too busy reprimanding myself for my own stupidity. After all, I allowed this mess to happen in the first place. It's true that Edge is a smart sentient animal with a brain that can think and decide on its own and thus, responsible for his actions. But how would he have known the effect of the effluvium on him? I, on the other hand, have had full knowledge on what these cursed vapors can do and yet it completely passed over my head to give him an advance warning of what's down there. I guess I couldn't see that murderous reaction coming and so I paid the price for my negligence.Nova wasn't as affected as Edge though. The least she would do is just grunt and snarl and would snap once in a while. And her usually elegant fighting style becomes a bit wilder and more aggressive and even randomly switch elements. But thanks to her much milder temper, she doesn't lose it like her hotheaded counterpart. She still retains her consciousness and can still tell everyone apart. But doesn't stand it when anyone comes near her.,So that teaches us a lesson to carefully pick which one of your Familiars to get exposed to any substance with side effects, otherwise the consequences can be quite bloody. And only then will you usually have no one to blame but yourself.Since then and I stopped taking them with me to the lower levels of the vale. The upper level is all what they should stick with if they ever tag along. Eventually, the Smart Biologist had informed me that constant exposure to the effluvium should render them immune enough against its troublesome effects. It was risky to give it another shot, but the results were the ones I have been hoping for. They gradually began to control their effluvia-induced fury and with time, they showed zero reaction. So now I could safely have Nova and Edge accompany me amongst the effluvium without all that headache.I could have at least had one of them join me on this small journey to help with the carving. But it was really needless to bother them with something so minor. As for Devil, I sent him off to do some scouting somewhere he would be better off at rather than take him here with me only to have him do little to nothing. I didn't have any big plans that would require summoning my Familiars for. Except for my cute Wulg, Goliath. My only companion at the meantime.,We made our way through the gassy crap fighting our way through a group of Girros and potheaded Raphinos. Goliath isn't just a mean for transport that I'd hug and nuzzle for being insanely fluffy; I make sure that each and every one of my babies knew how to hold their own. Other Tailraiders would just refuse to be mounted and run off then come back later once the threat has been eliminated but not mine. Goliath was fighting off the Girros horde like a pro while I shot off my Clutch Claw at those crazed effluvia-high Raphinos. I grappled one of them using said device then used both arms to hurl the drake at its friends to make them all pile into a heap for me to easily finish off with my blades. After we made sure that we were the only ones alive in the area, I carved the kills to be used as rations for later. I can already taste them in my mouth from now. I smacked my lips at the thought then snapped out of it before I start drooling on my armor."UGH! What the fuck!" I cursed as I felt something huge and heavy drop on me from above. At first, I almost thought that the Radobaan whose ass was slayed by me earlier came back to life and now I was gonna get haunted by its undead body during my stay here. But I snapped out of such bullshit baloony when I realized that it was just a dead Legiana whose luck landed it on li'l me. ,So now it's corpses falling from the sky and dropping on top of me? What's wrong with those fools and their tendency to ram into me today, dead or alive? Oh well, I pulled out my hunting knife and approached the body.One carve later…We were just about to move on to the… *cough* damn, this shit can really make you highand... ugh, is that a Rathian's tail? Now what was I saying? That's right, I was about to mention the terrifyingly familiar footsteps nearby followed by Goliath's wary growling.Now look, it's nothing I can't handle. But I came here for some much needed relaxation to forget the bullshit back at Astera and I didn't sign up for any fighting. Now we gotta get outta here -"SCREEEEECH!" – Before the guardian of the Underw – I mean, Cerberus – I mean, fucking Odogaron starts causing trouble. Damn you, Greek mythology literature! I quickly mounted Goliath for a faster escape and had him move us out of the skinless mutt's way before the thing gets further triggered. "ROOOOAAR!" Oh great. The asshole squea - excuse me, roared to signal the beginning of a much unwanted fight. Either we moved too slow or it just reacted too fast. In both cases, we gotta make a run for it.,"Hurry, G." I propelled my ride to pick up the pace cuz the douche muzzle behind us isn't exactly easy to outrun. This is one of the situations when you look at your angry chaser from a rear view mirror with the label OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR written on it.,Good thing Ol' Deps had an idea. As my Wulg was passing by a pile of slinger ammo, I picked up a handful and equipped a rock to my slinger shooter. Then I aimed behind me at the Odogaron's legs where I made my shot promptly tripping it to the ground leaving us enough time to gallop away. I imagined the camera view showing us running away into the distance and the only thing that could be heard after was the pissed monster's roar. Hehehe, man, do I watch many movies…"I think we lost 'em." I said as we entered a wide area *cough* Ugh, did the nasty fog get thicker or is it just me? I dismounted my Wulg and just when I thought we were in the clear… ZAP! "uugghh fuuuck!" I fell to the ground in a paralyzed heap on my face then I strained to look up to see the Great Girros itself standing above me with what seemed to be zero friendly intentions if the way it shows off its fangs like that was any indicator. What's up with monsters today and their habit of sneaking on me like damn ninjas? As if getting flattened into a pancake wasn't bad enough.,The fucker was about to nom on me until it got jumped by Goliath and they both wrestled it out on the floor a few feet from me as I laid there helplessly cursing and sputtering obscenities. If Edge or Nov were here, they would have snapped me out of this messed up state by a well-aimed kick. But the only company I had in the meantime was too busy keeping the big threat at bay. Just wonderful.Ok, I think the effect has started to wear off now. I gotta get up reeaally slowly and – UGH! Fuckshit! Not again! That's when the blasted small Girros swarmed me with their teeny tiny fangs and forced me into a paralyzed state again! Next time, I’ll bring a Paralysis Charm so I could teach those bitches who’s boss. Ugh, just you wait till I get up, you little turds... I have a pair of deadly ass twin blades with your names on them."Grr!" that's when Goliath pushed everyone out the way and with a powerful shove of his front paw, I was tossed away but definitely up and moving again. Then I looked over to see the gang leader sprawled on its side thrashing around in a frenzied state. My Wulg must have knocked it over then used that opening to come and help.,Now, I promised those salamanders that I'd slice them into confetti once I get up. And I don't go back on my promises. Plus, I have the tendency to get rid of the pesky goons first before I aim my attention at the big boss. Cuz I hate distractions when it's finally me and them.I fought off the little suckers while Goliath busied himself with the Great version of those komodos. Huh. I was about to go for that asshat once I'm done with its brats. But I sure as heck can't complain! I never waste any opportunity for some proper training. And Goliath was doing a fine job on his own so far.At some point in this party, I spotted in my peripherals my poor Wulg get paralyzed in the middle of his battle. The Great Buffoon opened his mouth with triumph and was about to strike at him again in his helpless state. Oh no! Not on my watch! I forced my way through the swarm of morons and gave my ball of fluff a much-needed kick and that did the trick. I twisted my torso sideways to dodge the massive bite that was initially aimed at Goliath but found another chump in the way instead. ,Once he was up, he leaped aggressively at the bigger wyvern and carried on with the fight as if he was never interrupted.That's when I saw something that made me have a change of plans. I was planning to finish off those lizards so I could be finally alone but like I said earlier, fighting was not on my to-do list today. So while my next stunt kinda made me feel like a horrible person, it was nothing personal.I fired a small slinger shot at the Odogaron making its way into where we were having our orgy. Once I provoked it into battle mode, I grabbed Goliath from the back of his neck and dragged him away from his position on top of his adversary whom he was busy exchanging bites and saliva with. Then we ran off leaving both Fanged Wyverns to 'talk it out' themselves.,Then we became in the clear. We both remained hidden into one of those bushes to catch our breaths *cough* damn shit smoke wasn't making that easy. But the lucky son of a gun standing next to me seemed perfectly fine. Man, I envy him in this very moment."That was quite the mess back there, huh?" I chuckled and gave him a playful pat on his neck in celebration of escaping that bar fight at which he gave off a small growl of approval.We both stuck around for a little bit longer to get more collectables and, at the same time, making sure to avoid unnecessary fights. Until we reached the lowest part of the vale that's not only known for being the residential place of Vaal Hazak, but it's a spot that could pass off as Tartarus; the deepest and shittiest place in this hell of a region. Ok, so I came up with this one. If you wanna sue me, that's your problem. But when you get brainwashed by that stupid Greek mumbo-jumbo, you'll see where I'm coming from.,At least this zone is effluvia-free so I could breathe easy. I looked over and spotted what seemed to be a massive Elder Dragon skull fossilized into the wall like a balcony. Thing is, that I couldn't recognize what monster that was. What was it like? When did it die? How old was it? What I'm gonna say next is nothing but a theory but Dalamadur is the top suspect in that case. In fact, I even think that its blood is what formed the acid puddles, which is what said fluid is made of. Think about it: The skull. The acidic lakes. It kinda connects, don't you think?,No point dwelling on that, huh? So we both went back to item hunting. These ores definitely should help with updating my equipment. And yes, the Null berries. Can't leave those precious Null Berries. Herps. Check. Blue Mushroom. Check. Flash Pods. Check. Some other shit. Check. Once I was satisfied with what we had, I called it a day and made it back to camp.--------------------------------------------"Hey, partner~!" oh shit! I completely forgot about the very bane of my existence! I almost wanted to turn around and go back to the bottom of the vale and stay paralyzed among the Girros gang to just finish me off. No form of torture could compare to having to deal with this… thing! "How was your day? *crunch* " she took a bite of… is that a mushroom?"What the hell are you eating?""Oh, it's a Mandragora I found earlier and decided to roast it and eat it. haven't had my breakfast, y' know!""So the thigh meat you had at Astera didn't count?""Oh no, silly! This was just a snack!" this conversation was really starting to sound un-amusing. "And I didn't know what the Mandragora tasted like so... when in doubt, take a bite!" Well, that gave me the inspiration to offer her a Toadstool and ask for a… taste-test. If you know what I'm saying!"Anyway, have you seen Devil passing by?""What?""Devil.""What about him?""Did he happen to stop by here?""Who?""Dev – ah forget it. Are the rations ready?""What rations?""The shit I happened to leave on oven roast before I left?" My patience was wearing thin at this point."Oh that… um, please don't be mad. But I was so hungry and they were there and… yeah! *hiccup* "I SO imagined that bitch dropping lifelessly from above to eternally rot with the rest of them innumerable dead in this vale.,"Don't lose your temper... Don't lose it..." I pinched the bridge of my nose while mumbling the desperate mantra. "Dear Lord Almighty, give me the strength to not kill her, bury her in the vale, then report to the commander with a cover-up story that an Odogaron ate her. Sounds like a good idea but please don't make me do it..." and of course the little turd was oblivious to my attempt at not murdering her right there and then. All I could do was take deep breaths and pray that I would find the will to not splatter her innards against the nearest surface while she stays clueless to my grudge."aaww! Hey there!" she opted to touch my Wulg but he hissed at her as if he didn't want to be infected by her stupidity.,Hehe. Good boy!------------------------------------------That just about wraps up my business in the Rotten Vale. I was about to head back to Astera but then I remembered the commotion that was probably going on over there. Leaving Seliana my second choice. As I was flying there with Devil, Edge called me halfway there on the earpiece and told me that the coast was clear back at the first home.Astera, it is then. Seliana can be for another time.,*La me sitting peacefully at canteen* The next morning, I was going Deviljho on my breakfast while watching an anime episode from my medium-sized laptop. At least, that's what I have been trying to do without any interruptions. And just when I was in the middle of this Tokyo Ghoul episode, an intrusive hand had snatched my beloved gadget and the owner of said appendage took her place next to me with a greasy grin on her punch-able face. I tried to hiss at Cool Fiver for such a scandalous act but all that did was make me chock on the half-chewed egg sandwich and coleslaw salad I stuffed my face with. No really, I have a nasty habit of mixing questionably different food articles in my mouth during feeding time."Gimme…" I snarled from between my teeth after swallowing the glob I had in my mouth. I can't stand anyone touching my personal electronics. I almost bit Curious Fiver's finger for trying to forcefully (and curiously) take my phone from my grip being like 'whatterya lookin' at!'. And I'm not about to sit there and let that intruder cockblock me and my laptop, not while in the middle of a fight between that sissy Kaneki and the other guy with the glasses."Wow! Feisty today, aren't you?" she giggled and handed me my laptop back which I instantly snatched and quickly scrolled back the video to the last scene I was at until the douchebag arrived."At least have the decency to pause the damn thing. If anything was to be spoiled on me, I'll render you responsible." I spat at her without bothering to hold back my frustration."Yeah sure. Maybe next time." Next time? That can't be good…I didn't feel safe putting the laptop back where it belonged so I had no choice but to… sigh, continue the episode later. I shut it down and put it on my lap away from that wench’s reach. Then took another oversized bite from my food giving her an expectant look."So, babe..." is she talking to me? "I've been waiting for you to come back from wherever you've been yesterday. I really missed you~" bitch, I'm trying to eat here! "Have you forgotten about our date?" I stopped chewing. What's that bimbo talking about?"Huh?" that was the brainiest reply I could conjure up after having downed my inhuman sized mouthful. "What fucking date?" I didn't bother being polite anymore. She really started to sicken me."That new checkpoint at the forest outskirts, silly! The one you helped open a couple of months ago." oh my God. she still on about that??"Oh, that was a date?" I asked nonchalantly while taking a loud sip from my soup just to get on her nerves."Well, yeah?" she said as if it was the most obvious crap in existence."Well, sweetheart…" I started while putting my plate down. "I don't remember us going out in the first place so you could classify this activity as a 'date'." I twisted my lips in disgust as I said the last word but not without doing air quotes."Aren't we… y'know? Together?""Bullshit." I was hella satisfied by her expression after my deadpan response. "You only assumed we are together but we're far from it. You can't just dumb a relationship on someone without their consent. I may not know what hell you're talking about but we sure as hell aien’t together. Not everything goes at your own whim.”"Oops, sorry! Guess that must have come out the wrong way! I meant to say, will you hang out with me there sometime? As just friends of course!" it's very obvious that was her pathetic attempt at fixing her 'slip-up'. She just likes to play dumb – well, dumber than she is. But her intentions couldn't be clearer."I said no." not about to drag this on any longer. I just wanna get this done with so I could go back to watching the damn anime. From what I have seen, Kaneki-kun wasn't exactly having an easy time."aww, why not? It's gonna be fun! We'll walk around and view the beautiful scenery. And oh! It would be really sweet to pick some flowers th – ""I think I heard Hufflepuff calling to you.""Really? Haven't heard him! Ok, I'll go to him. See ya later, Deps!"Huh? Just like that? I was only despairing for her to get off my back but she actually bought this shit!? Either bitch was seriously dumb enough to believe that I could hear her Wingdrake calling to her all the way here from the Gathering Hub, or finally got the hint that her company was not wanted and opted to humor me for this one. But I'm gonna go for the first option. It's just the most likely one.Ok, you know what? I picked up my laptop and what's left of my breakfast as 'takeaway' then proceeded to head over to my room where I can't possibly have my privacy invaded. But what I saw over there made me question that."Oh come on! Is Deborah in there? lemme in!""Growl (I said no, you little brat! She's off somewhere else and even if she was inside, I won't let you anywhere near Deborah so you could bitch at her!)""Can I at least take a look inside to sniff at – I mean, see where she sleeps?""HOWL (FUCK OFF, YOU CREEP!)"Wasn't that hard to guess, right? wasn't that hard to guess that the friendly exchange of words and snarls has been taking place between Easy-going Fiver and my beloved big pup, who looked as if he was gonna slice her head off when anyone least expects it. But wait, what was that she said just now?!Edge's eye landed on me without the crazy ho noticing since her face was covered by his paw to keep her at bay and to make her as less noisy as possible. And to also prevent her from seeing the signals we threw at each other that were a telltale sign that I must get the wiggly fuck outta here.Edge: *tilts head at far direction* get out! Go somewhere where that bitch can't find you!Me: *shake arm* what's wrong with her?Edge: *shrugs* heck if I know. But she's hella desperate to see you.Me: *turns around and raises hand in surrender* fuck this shit, I'm out.-----------------------------------------Touka-chan, ma gurl! You deserve someone better than that wimp! But here you are, fucking that nincompoop before my very eyes! Ugh, unfathomable! man, do i gag at the very sight of my favourite characters pumping uglies with those shit characters. and since I happen to be picky with what i choose as my preferred character, i rarely ever approve of a ship and thus I'm often faced with this dilemma quite often. meh, not a big deal for me really nor does it ruin my experience whatsoever. Back to watching…If you plan on dying, we'll stop you everytime.Well said, Levi rip-off. I don't normally bother to memorize character names in most animes as I'll just end up forgetting them in a matter of 2 minutes. Tops.So I usually improvise by referring to their physical appearances, trademark habits and whatnot. And so far, I've come up with many nicknames for characters whose nomenclature was deemed unmemorable. And this anime is full of freaks like Mask Guy, Old Man, Loli Girl, Purple-Haired Yandere, dude that looks like a scarecrow, Other Loli Girl with the hammer, Shark Mouth, Green-Haired ninny, and finally the arrogant spiteful jerk who resembles dear ol' Humanity's Strongest Dude from Attack on Titan but that piece of shit ghoul is definitely nowhere near Levi in other departments.Unless it's a character that caught my eye, their names will sound more like bla bla yaddi yadda to me. Just like everything the Handler says."Grrr.""What is it, boy?" I looked at my Rathalos who poked his nose inside the tent I was holed up in. Wanna know which campsite I picked as my current sanctuary? Yeah yeah, sure. Maybe some other time when I'm feeling less obligated. I didn't know this is gonna turn into a damn quiz. Jeez!,Right now, my dragon wants me for a certain matter and that's what I'm gonna go for. I've just finished the final episode of Tokyo Ghoul anyway so that means it's time to pick the next anime, which I've been trying to decide as I exited the tent.So what's it gonna be? Demonlord? Kill la Kill? High School of The Dead? Berserk? Vampire Knight? Agame Ga Kill? I heard that Dororo is quite a good anime.I was busy going over my enormous mental anime list until… holy shit. Is that…?"Hey, Deborah. Long time no see."Motherfucker…
Downy Crake. by Ra1-x3
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 16 by MonstrousMultiverse
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 15 by MonstrousMultiverse
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 14 by MonstrousMultiverse
Game Design
6500nya's Fanmade MH Taxonomy 10 by 6500NYA
6500nya's Fanmade MH Taxonomy 11 by 6500NYA
6500nya's Fanmade MH Taxonomy 12 by 6500NYA
6500nya's Fanmade MH Taxonomy 13 by 6500NYA
Monster Hunter Meme Blank by blackwing2
Oh? You're Approaching me? Khezu vs HZHT Streamer by Razmakai
Vaal Hazak Confronts Dimitrescu by SporemanJake
Monster Hunter Waifu - Rebidiora by Siturba


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Gender: Male
HR: 0
(Not coming online with Zectoris until I beat offline with him. Have to have him with better armor and weapon sets. Let me know if anyone wants to hunt in groups , if you can't get a hold of me here, text 1-304-373-6068 to let me know. I love to hunt in groups. Just tell me who you want me to log in with. These are my three main characters. )

User: ~btlax123
Name: Tony
ID: I'll post later
HR: 45
Main Weapon: Great Sword, S&S, and Bowgun
Usual Times: 7:00A.M. - 10:00A.M. and 6:00P.M. - 9:00P.M.

User: ~Cie-Talvon
Name: cie
ID: 3N16ND
HR: 50
Main Weapon: I have mastered two: my Great Sword: Crimsonwall, and my Bowgun: Rathling Gun
Usual Times: all weekends or days off

User: ~dragclan
Name: dragclan
ID: idk
HR: 61
Main Weapon: Lance, Greatsword, Hammer, Sword and Shield, Switchaxe, Longsword
Usual Times: 3 times a week. Or randomly

User: ~Gadi-Whitefang
Name: Rronal
ID: soon~
HR: 23ish
Main Weapon: GreatSword, Lance, Bow
Usual Times: Fri(10pm-5am) Sat(3pm-5am)

User: ~HikaHikari
Name: Hikari
ID: soon
HR: 25
Main Weapon: Longsword
Usual Times: Around 5-9 pm

User: ~kanpa888
Name: Anthony
HR: 72
Main Weapon: Great Sword/Switch Axe
Usual Times: Anytime

User: ~Link-117
Name: Link
HR: 319
Main Weapon: Lance/Longsword/Hammer
Usual Times:

User: ~MintMongoose
Name: Minty
HR: 49-50
Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Long Sword
Usual Times: Whenever, you can note me for my skype. :3

User: ~MonsterHuntressNani
Name: Nani
HR: 447
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: 6pm - 5am Est.

User: ~Nawn-The-Wolf
Name: Nawn
ID: later
HR: 48
Main Weapon: Hammer
Usual Time:

User: ~Raion156
Name: ryuuji
ID: I'll update this when I'm on
HR: At the moment 52
Main weapon: Sword and shield but I'm pretty good with long sword too
Usual Times: Mostly at night but just when I can get on so not a set time sadly

User: ~SoulRedness
Name: Redness
ID: I don't know
HR: 3
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: Who Knows

User: ~spanishcastlemagic1
Name: Anthrax
ID: soon
HR: 70
Main Weapon: Longsword
Usual Times: Weekdays form around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, weekends possibly all day.

User: ~Spartin-823
Name: Drake
ID: Either GX4FLP or CX4FLP
HR: 66
Main Weapon: Switch Axe
Usual Times: Random days/times sometimes past midnight ET

User: ~StrikeRogueMk2
Name: Kaname
HR: 100 something
Main Weapon: Bowgun
Usual Times: Weekends, past 6PM Est. Weekdays

User: ~tdragon114
Name: Tyus
HR: 3
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: Saturdays and Sundays 3 - ?

User: ~teke99
Name: Teke
HR: 5 (monster hunter freedom unite)
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Every Day

User: ~TheMacronian
Name: Govan
ID: 577RK6
HR: 87
Main Weapon: Lance, Hammer
Usual Times: Inconsistent, but almost always weekdays; 10AM-5PM

User: ~uberfrill14
Name: Fury
HR: Near the 30s
Main Weapon: Long Sword, Switch Axe, Hammer
Usual Times: No set time

User: ~waterdragonrain
Name: Feyrah
ID: 9ND961
HR: 130 (I think)
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Random days but usually 6:00pm onward! (also I live in Europe.)

User: ~YouBetJurassic
Name: Ethan
ID: I'll post it later
HR: 30
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Sat/Sun afternoon

User: ~Zalaria
Name: Espeon
HR: 90 (whoooo!)
Main Weapon: Great sword
Usual Times: usually around 6-10pm

Live for the hunt!

-Ushio Akuma
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