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Ancient Evils Chapter 3The blanket of darkness began to lift as the two hunters trekked through the twisted undergrowth. Although it was dim because of the unbroken canopy above them, bits of light shone down from small crevices between the leaves. Still no conversation was sought, keeping quiet as the lone hunter had warned. Previously, Estella had heard the roars of disappointed monsters from behind them, not finding the easy prey they had wanted.But now that they were alone, Estella had let her mind wander. What benefit does this hunter get from helping her sorry ass? Her purple eyes narrow into the man's back in front of her, fingers twitching lightly, wanting to tug out her sword, be ready at a moment's notice to defend herself. She had no idea if he was leading her out of this zone or even further into it. The Sea of Trees was not an easy place to navigate, even to S-rank hunters. And as for her, less so, only hearing stories, seen ecological paintings and maps, but none of those would help her return to Astera or at the least, a location she did know."Estella." The woman announces in the quiet air, releasing her tension tightening her muscles. She could already feel those bruises settling into her skin as she walked.The hunter before her barely gave pause or moved his head to give her recognition. "Mike." He responds in kind.Sensing no irritation from her speaking, Estella continues. "Why are you helping me?" She asks bluntly.At this, Mike swiftly turns to face her, his shoulders drawn up in an intimidating manner, or would be for any creature that witnessed the gesture. "I want you out of my territory. You'll bring noise." He huffs in answer. "You're bad for prey, especially with that stunt you pulled."The battle-ready male lets out a quiet growl before turning away once again, now moving toward a heavily scarred tree, pressuring bone guarded fingers into the grooves. This time a grunt sounds and a nod of his head, beckoning Estella to follow, to climb.She wasn't sure to be relieved he had intentions or rage over his annoyance of her presence. She wisely chose the former, not wanting or needing to get into a fight with another hunter, even with his attitude.Mike was the only one of them who knew the way out of this maze of trunks, vines, and branches.The sword and shield wielder follows in the long sword's handholds up the tree trunk that was as wide as a gluttonous Great Jagras. The holds were smoothed out with age and covered in the greenery that collected on every other surface in the area. Mike had certainly used it in his past.The climb seemed to be as long as their previous traveling, but Estella knew it wasn't truly. They had started to reach the bottom of the canopy line, where thicker branches had grown from the trunk and thickets of leaves blocked the sky above.Her purple eyes watch as Mike pulls away from the main trunk and follows a branch, suspended by just his arms before flipping himself upright with a grunt, weathered boots biting into the bark with small gripping prongs in the heels. He comes thundering back to her with no fear of falling, pulling her up with ease onto the branch beside him."Come, up these branches." Mike users, pointing to selectively chopped branches and vines that made its way around the trunk like a spiral staircase."Wow." Estella mutters under her breath, her annoyance to being handled like a researcher or worse, a handler, fading as she trudges up the sturdy log stars, unable to see anything around her as her vision is blocked by the leaves of the canopy.Like being inside a cloud.A green cloud, but still.Finally, finally they make it to the top, the dim morning light shining on her with familiarity now.Mike surveys their surroundings with her, pointing to the light-colored spires in the distance. "That is where you came from." He states. "And where I will take you."Estella glares at the background, those spires had done nothing to prevent her launching into a whole other zone, like a terrible safety net. "I don't know what the fuck that thing was, but it had the presence of evil." She mutters.That seized Mike's attention, making the hunter grasp at his belt and push into her personal space with vigor. "What did you see of it? The color, the size?" He questions quickly, gruff eagerness in his voice. His hand shakes the quilled belt around his waist, the large black spines dangling from his hold were thick as bone even. "Did it have anything like this on its body? Describe its roar!"Estella clenches her teeth, backing away from the agitated man with a grip on her weapon. "Back up man!" She snarls with a hot-blooded temper. At her 'request', Mike scoffs, drawing away with a turn of his body and begins to pace pensively on the treetop platform in front of her. And all at once, he stops and sits down cross-legged, pulling the sword from his back and laying it beside him with ease. "Tell me what you know of this creature that sent you here in my territory." He requests once again, a low even tone in his voice as he controls his enthusiasm.The woman blows out a heated breath to settle her emotions before sitting parallel to the hunter, doing the same with her weapons. "My team were on a routine quest that lasted into the night. The isolation of the locale made it difficult to tell what type of creature it was that began attacking us." She gives pause to rustle a hand through her hair in a nervous gesture, shaking away the cold feeling that began to surface. The long swordsman did not interrupt her."From what little I saw of it, it looked like it shouldn't exist. Shouldn't be living or moving for that matter. Like it was barely hanging onto the skeleton it was made from, pieced together from each small part. A big milky white bulging eye was right in my face when it lowered itself." Estella describes, hands going up to her own face before framing it down the middle. "Its skull was like it was stapled together straight down the middle crudely. There was metal on it, I could hear it like the weight was causing it to bend from the stress when it moved." She feels that cold chill down her back again recounting the creature's sound. "I don't know what you were looking for, but it sounded like a horn in a cave, echoing loudly. It took down a Nargacuga with one slam of its paw, so it must've been huge."Mike pulls off his helmet with a scowl and settles it down to pinch at the bridge of his nose with irritation. His dark chestnut colored hair spiked away from his face and decorated with braids that warriors in Seliana and the Old World's deep north would do to show their worth with smaller ones contained in his beard. Carved bone beads were locked in the strands, each from a different monster, a catalogue of those he's hunted. Four solid scars littered his face, three above his right eye and one running down the other orbit, showing that he did not always have that helmet when he fought. His icy blue eyes glare lightly at Estella before he shakes his head. "It is not the one I'm looking for. But you will take me to this site. If there is a creature of that power, I will hunt it." He orders, a glint of pride in his tone.Estella rolls her eyes before puffing out a breath. "Whatever you say, Mike."~x~Compared to her impromptu flight the night before, she enjoyed the trek back immensely more, more in control this time around. What Estella didn't enjoy was the reminder that her team was in horrible shape, or dead. Among the coral platforms were the smoldering embers of their camp, their tent went even properly put up when the ordeal had occurred. But with it, came the welcomed presence of other hunters, people at the location already trying to make sense of the destruction.Estella's lilac eyes brighten at the sight, rushing to a trot to the people collecting samples and looking over the cracked coral and jelly mushrooms that had been smushed entirely. "Hey!" She exclaims, waving a hand.There was no corpses, monster, or hunter on the scene, that Nargacuga had been eaten just like its tail, but it was strange that nothing remained, no blood, bones, or flesh to mark where it had perished. All that persisted were those cracked circular depressions. "I was here when this happened!" She states, leaving behind the disgruntled hunter that set on his own tracking, growling, and huffing at any researcher or curious hunter that came his way. Although there was not many when they saw the weapon that was stuck on his back. "Mike!" The sword and shield wielder shouts, getting a huff in return as he turns back to face her. "Thanks." She merely murmurs, giving him a nod and a flourish of her hand before she heads off with perplexed and concerned people surrounding her at all angles. Some grabbing at her bruises with vigorwasp gels and tonics laced in bandages. Others brandishing paper and pens to take down her statements.The lone hunter shakes his head before continuing his investigation, his prickly nature offsetting the people around him, allowing him to keep his thoughts quiet and his own. The marks were familiar to a degree, obviously not the same creatures that had been mucking up his territories but had the same motivations at the least. Estella's descriptions had been the same, creaking metal, the horn melody from the monster were all signs that Mike had heard often, but just like her, had never been able to pinpoint a singular monster. No sighting to go off of either. He had always been too late to find it and the scout flies didnít work; the horn seemed to put them in a daze.Like it was the right frequency to numb them, to set off the fear response in any creature, or person for that matter, that heard it.Mike went on expeditions to the bowels of the Rotten Vale regularly, seen horrid beings drift in and out of the farther down, Misty Abyss, that was just bleached bones and eerie fumes, always silent and sullen. And a native like him had been creeped out by the sound. Experience was on his side, but that didn't stop him from feeling this dread. As Estella had said, the creature was not to exist.~x~Whisper glances around the port with excitement in her veins. Her headdress billowing gently as she turns her head in different directions, even the smell was different from the air of the Old World. Fresh. New.A mewl at her feet focuses her once more, pale eyes looking at the miffed palico waiting for her. A soft smile erupts onto her face before she ruffles the fur on his head. "Sorry, Warrior." She murmurs quietly. "Lead me to the old Rajang then." Warrior nods sharply, twisting his body forward and begins tracking his master. Hopefully, the old man was still at Astera and not on another one of his adventures. The researcher trusted the palico beside her, trusted herself even, but she didn't want to waltz into the environments in the New World without a proper escort.A map could suffice if necessary. Damn the admiral and his infectious gallivanting. Well him and her old man.Speaking of, the news traveled that the admiral had his own band of descendants running around. His son had remained in the Old World, but his grandson had followed his footsteps.Quite literally it seemed, being in Astera with the old hunter to become the next leader. But that was as far as news had crossed for the researcher, no details of accomplishments, nor feats of strength. Merely that the young hunter was stationed in the New World with his grandfather.Perhaps he was part of Estella's group? But then again, with the admiral as his mentor, as his role model, it was unlikely that he would let his kin hunt for zeni.'It's for the thrill, for the balance. The respect between two animals pitted against each other for survival! The strength of their will to survive being tested and every battle is a testament to your life, to your knowledge and understanding. It is a way of life just like yours is to doodle in that little pad of yours. ' The admiral had once told her with glee, enthusiasm as he had slapped her roughly on the back and laughed boisterously.Whisper smiles, shaking her head, perking as Warrior had finally began to move. His little body bouncing through the parting crowd with ease. The palico was as much as a celebrity as she was. But at least here, in the New World, she was a rumor still to the younger hunters. She enjoyed the bustle around her as people went about their business, vendors selling their wares, the melder stirring her larger-than-herself pot with a hum, guild handlers conversing about which quests would be taken first by the hunters, and those that would be appropriate for their rank.Her wear was certainly eye-catching with its unusual color, the night sky trapped in fabric, but not enough for anyone to stop her. More than likely thinking it was a cosmetic choice during its creation with the smithy because of the festival that had copied her dress when it was first crafted for her father.It was still a popular set among the more fashionable of hunters, that, and couples.Warrior yowls again, stopping in his tracks as he looks over the broken bodies of three hunters. Hammer, dual daggers, and a bowman. Bloodied and cracked armor adorning them as they are carted on stretchers to the healer's bay. No signs of noticeably life, but they wouldn't be uncovered unless they didn't think they could be saved. The hammer wielder did have a cloth covering his face, he would not be returning to the field. His body was broken like a doll, and from the looks of it, the hunters carrying him had splintered his bones back into a more presentable image. The lacerations were bones had carved their way through were still there, open, and ugly. Her eyes watch with a sense of concern washing over her. Was this a part of the admiral's hunch?Isn't this more than a hunch at this point?Whisper grits her teeth, closing her eyes to steel herself from the sight. But not to forget, to forge ahead."Warrior." She mumbles, tone low and the command clear. 'Keep going.'The old palico meows deep, giving his brawny little body a good shake before pouncing forward even faster than previously. His conviction agreed. The researcher kept pace, palico bounding in front of her and leading her to several cases of wooden stairs that curled around the port's beach. It led down, away from the eyes of hunters, and instinctively, Whisper knew this was the way to the command room, where decisions were made without the prying eyes of the people that lived here. Where the 'top dogs' could prevent a panic, or a mob that rained down on a threat.Even when the woman was closing into the door ahead, she could hear that loud voice that she had heard many times during her youth. The admiral.
Ancient Evils Chapter 2The warrior woman silently sharpens her sword with her blackened whetstone, the force more than necessary. Flames licked at her charcoal colored hair as her light eyes cross her equally quiet group. The air was tense with irritation from all these hunters. The bowman, the dual daggers, and the hammer user were in their own separate areas around the campfire. Their target was the swift wyvern.Nargacuga. An old-world monster that had either been in the depths of the new world all along or had managed to pass the great ocean much like the hunters had.The creature had gotten away from Estella's band earlier that day. Something had spooked the normally quite aggressive, territorial being before they could detain or kill it.With this group, it was more than likely a kill ending for the ashen feathered creature.Just the thought that it had escaped brought another sharp movement across the woman's blade, the sparks of metal joining the fire before her. She blows out a breath and drops the stone back into her open satchel before dragging her hand through her curled locks.It was why their leader; the hammer blockhead had set up camp nearby to the grounds they had found the Nargacuga before. What he hadn't stated was that was Estella's idea at the beginning of their quest, as they were running through with the expanded locale of the Coral Highlands looking for the damn thing. Running around in the old world as a researcher bodyguard had the added benefit of learning a thing or two.Which was why she had stocked her slinger with pods ready to burst with sound. The nocturnal cat bird had sensitive ears for locating its prey.Her hunting party was only good for one thing, finishing the creature off when money was involved. There was no bonding, no friendships, no feelings, strictly the fight and the reward afterwards. Estella glances at her accompanying shield, the shimmering metal was plain looking but had a devastating skill attached. Her dream weapon made come true with that lucky break during the festival.Perfect challenger skill. Even her outfit helped with that skill of hers. The black roses adorning her waistcoat were not full of that trademark floral scent. No, it was heightening the pheromones that came off her sword and shield during combat whenever she wanted to take the heat off the rest of her teammates.Besides, it was a lot easier to fight the monster when it wasn't a little bitch always running away from her hits and slices. She scoffs at that inner thought. The Nargacuga wouldn't get the chance to run off again. They had waited until night, the darkness in the Coral Highlands was not without its sources of light. The glow of the environment came from bioluminescence of the flora and fauna around them, giving an overall eeriness of the locale like tiny fireflies lighting a pathway. The moon above was not full, further diminishing their sight. In the distance, a low rumbling begins to arise, growing louder as it comes closer to the squad's location. A feline howl of pain echoes out that snaps them to their feet, forgoing the meal they had prepared as they run towards the aggressive snapping of coral foliage and the glow of the scout flies. Their lanterns allow them to watch their steps as they watch the blackened, wounded Nargacuga rush its way through past them.Its huffs of pain are overshadowed by a loud horn like roar, metallic in sound that follows the escaping animal. Estella pauses in her stride, trying to pinpoint this mystery animal that was hunting their prey. Its shadow was clear, chasing this tired creature. A swift movement, the sound of a blade interrupts the locale, even while the rest of her team darts after it, likely thinking it would be an easy score that could result in two monsters for the price of one.Nargacuga's trademark screeching trill sounds out sharply, its body twisting and fumbling away before it collapses onto its side, unable to get up right away.Now mewling in obvious pain.Estella gasps silently as she steps back, something flying to land in her previous spot of stay. The Nargacuga's splintered tail lays before her, gaping with the marks of repeated tears and lacerations from the fight it had been in, blood now pouring to paint the pink coral red below it.Her eyes watch the appendage for a moment longer, the breakaway spines had been torn in some places and others were still twitching with the last of its muscle strength. When she looks back up to the scene before her, she can clearly tell that her hunting party is taking advantage of the downed Nargacuga, their belt attached lanterns thrumming with orange lights that dart around the panicked form of the battered cat wyvern.Even at the distance she was at, she could see that obvious wounds the creature had sustained, cracked beak with multiple cuts dripping with crimson liquid. The wails only growing louder as it tries to bat away the hunters during its return to its feet, unsteadily and unable to spring away from the team and twist into an attack.Instead, the Nargacuga is more focused on trying to run away than combat all the attackers crowding the large beast. Which only slows its progress.The sword and shield woman grips her gray and silver lined gloves as she makes the motion to help her enthused team before her eyes catch the movement of the predator their prey was running from previously. Its shambling form beginning to stray over to her, creaks of metal and hollow sounding growls murmuring in its throat.She could feel the cold run down her spine.Her. A fierce hunter that can stare down a Bazelgeuse, a Rathalos, a Diablos, and this creature, without even seeing what it looked like was sending the vibes of prey coursing through her veins as she grabs her sword and braces her shield.If she could help it, she wasn't going to antagonize this creature without knowing it. Without seeing it.Or knowing its definite size or attributes that could be attached to its body.She could hear the weight this creature had to its body, the crunch of coral and jelly mushroom pads under its heavy paws.The first thing Estella notices about this creature is its own broken looking jaw and then the bulging white eye that seems to be blind as it is unmoving even in the face of the hunter a clear few feet away from its own head as it moves into the light of her own lantern. Teeth were mangled and disproportionate to each other like they were placed in there individually instead of being grown in naturally. It snatches the severed tail within its maw and then slides it down its throat with ease as it lifts its head back away from the lantern, away from the female hunter.Estella could hear the sounds of its throat moving the appendage down towards its stomach. Creaks of metal echoing as it moves.She had never seen a creature with a snout like this predator had, it had scraps of metal piecing together two sides of a skull, flesh hanging off like something with effluvium rot but no creature she had seen down in the Rotten Vale had this beast's colorings, its teeth, the white eye. There was so many things that were wrong with this creature and she had only seen the barest of its snout within the orange glow of her light and dull moon above.When it finally faced away from her, Estella watches it limp towards the Nargacuga, the hunter party that had been able to once again, knock the catbird over as it panics even further, wailing its discontent.The vicious carnivore now takes its time going over to them, likely realizing that the Nargacuga was easy at this point and unable to run any longer. Estella could hear the whistle her party leader sounds when there is a suspected turf war to occur, free hits, the freedom to do in-combat sharpening and to catch their breath. The other two hunters follow his lead and pull back from the sleek ebony wyvern to allow this unknown to do its own damage.That is before the shadowed creature brings down its sharpened claws like a sucker punch to the stomach, the sheer force could be heard from the wind pressure around it. A sickening snap coming from the downed cat wyvern as the body stops moving, going slack."Hey!" Estella could hear shouted from her bowman in the silence that ensued after the death of the Nargacuga, no death shriek as the team was used to, just the brief struggle and then, no movement at all.Apparently, their lack self-preservation wasn't strong as the dual daggers and the bowman both began attacking the paw of this large creature, intending to get it off the body that they had to take back for their reward."Get over here Estella!" The hammer hunter hisses in irritation. "You haven't helped at this quest at all!" "What the fuck are you thinking!? Get away from that thing!" The female hunter screams back, beginning to run to her party members' aid, only to witness something that happens in quick succession of the blatant attacks the two fired on to this enigma.It should have been no surprise, but the predator retaliated, letting out that drumming horn of a roar, pitched with aggression before swatting both hunters away with one swipe alone. Her ears are still rattled by the sound but Estella still picks up the sounds of her companions' bodies hitting the coral walls around them, hearing the yelps in pain, just as easily as the snap of the Nargacuga neck before it."Shit!" The leader exclaims, eyes drifting to his downed teammates curled in a heap. His hammer slips from his grip enough that when the creature roars again, he isn't prepared for the tail to come slicing in his direction."Captain!" Estella yells, her speed ever increasing before lining up her shield with a brace to the majority of the its swing, coming in between her teammate and this menace.She can feel the bruising weight and scratch of metal against her shield before she can even realize with a startled scream that it had batted her into the air, and she was soaring away from the fight, away from her teammates.A longer distance than any monster had thrown her before.Estella was even leaving the Coral Highlands, heading into the uncharted Sea of Trees if the unbroken canopy tops shielding the unending foliage below it was anything to go by.The last thing her violet eyes view of the fight is her commander being struck and the lantern that illuminated him being snuffed out.Her scream carries as she rockets through the sky, quickly flipping to have her shield toward the ground to break through safely.Well as safely as one can while shooting down to the ground after being launched like a toy by a massive unknown monster.She steels herself, no longer making a fuss as she hits the first tree's branches, grunting with discomfort as she continues this way with her descent. Limbs snapping under her weight before she plummets soundly to the ground, a nice jutting rock to break her fall with a bounce.Estella gasps in pain, her shield tossed to her side as she pats her body for any injuries besides the bruising that would register to her later. In the distance, she could hear the horn like roar, knowing that the creature had completed whatever task it had in mind. And her crew were more than likely dead.And she was lost. In the Sea of Trees, where only the S-ranked hunters were allowed to venture because of its twisting, confusing structure. It was much too vast, a trap that was pitch black before her. Even the hole created from her body barely gave her any light to work with."Damnit." Estella mutters, getting up on her shaky legs before grabbing her shield. A quick scan of her location gives her nothing, or rather that there wasn't any noisy predators about to deliver a fatal blow to her. She snaps her attention to her scout flies, a gloved hand giving them a quick shake and noticing the dim glow that they cast off.She tenses immediately when ears pick up the telltale sign of a twig snapping nearby. A shape enters her field of light and she goes into her defensive posture, shield raised, and sword drawn at her side.Instead of the maw of death filled with immense teeth, the figure of a hunter jumps from a gnarled root to meet her. His helmet casting a red glow from the eyepieces. Decorating his body is bones and scales of various monsters, even horns attached to his helmet. Kinds that seemed familiar to Estella. Diablos, Bazelgeuse, but some bones, spines were different and new to her. Maybe even from a monster only found here in the Sea of Trees.She had never seen this hunter before, or the weapon of choice located on his back. And Estella prided herself on her observation skills when not in battle."Who are you?" She questions, barely loosening her grip on her defense. This man had not shown he was friendly, or at least civil.The hunter grunts, swiveling his head before stopping in front of her. "Shut your mouth, unless you want to draw more here." He reasons, voice low and quiet, his hand motioning her to him as he turns away. "Follow if you wish to keep living." He begins to walk away, even with armor as large as his, the long sword adding even more weight to it, his footfalls were quiet. This man had made a sound for her benefit, not for a lack of competence. Estella barely has to think before she has her shield lowered and stowed with her sword and is keeping pace beside the man with timid footsteps to keep quiet as they leave the area that no doubt an opportunistic predator or two would be searching in no time.But he seems to know the area and hadn't done anything to warrant her ire or distrust just yet.
Ancient Evils Chapter 1In the quiet village, people are just starting their daily tasks. Chefs preparing meals to gift hunters abilities for their travels, researchers flipping through old knowledge to satisfy the masses eager to learn more, whether to combat monsters or to transcribe new ways of using their materials. The armory already in full swing, enhancing, crafting and repairing the tools of hunters and villagers alike.It was here that most hunters came as a last stop before diving into the unknown on their quests. A border town, one that frequently saw the sight of aggressed monsters being driven out of their own homes from new threats. It was a perfect place to find exciting research or materials, given your career. It was also the place for new recruits to learn the ropes before heading out on their own.A place where you could find all sorts of individuals looking to make their place in the world. The old world that is.Research had led hunters and other people of their society across the great ocean. In search of the place where unexplained monsters only hinted at in texts left behind by their ancestors could possibly dwell. It was successful of course.The discovery was made by the most prominent researcher at the time. Originating from a long line of researchers dated back from just after the great dragon war.The new world.It led to today's predicament.A lone woman sits at her kitchen table, staring with unnaturally pale blue eyes at the letter in from her. Her hands folded and resting on her elbows as she contemplates in silence. It was an urgent request for her assistance.By the admiral of all people. His personal palico had brought it to her, sitting comfortably curled up by the hearth as he awaited her response. The companion was spliced with so many scars from his experiences alongside the old bull called his master. Pleasant memories of their battles against the monsters they faced together. Most palicos weren't battle trained anymore, residing in easier roles than facing creatures that would sooner step on them than launch a threating attack. Too much of a nuisance to take seriously.But wasn't it the same in the beginning for the hunters?Nevermind.The woman runs a hand through her darkened locks, vibrant violet echoing in the tresses when the light hit just right. A disgruntled sigh leaving her painted lips as she narrows her eyes at the paper at this point before it eases, running over the expense of the table in front of her, and then the table just before the palico.They were filled to the brim with all sorts of books, papers and scrolls. Some of hers and others from scholars before her generation, writing down the knowledge they had found during their exploits along with hunters, researching monsters of all shapes and sizes.They were as fascinated as she is about them. How her father was when he finally found the new world through hidden texts in ruins of their past. He passed with a smile on his face at his accomplishments, and at what she had done so far in her life, following his footsteps. Even granting her his treasure, from the treasure of his life, her mother.An ethereal cloak from the shrouded Chameleos. They were just rumors until she had slayed one of the elders, gifting the camouflaging cloak as a wedding gift to her father. It was rested on a mannequin, between the two rooms, the cloak billowing and glittering like it was shining with the night sky trapped it its materials. It had such an amazing skill that brought tears to his eyes when he first wore it, the ability to disappear in his location. To be one with his surroundings and to not disrupt the creatures affecting the world around him.It had made all the difference in his eyes, his lucky charm.She came from a long line of researchers. All of them were exceptional, at the forefront of the field. And she followed them. Her help was like calling a Class S hunter, the highest of the high.If the admiral was desperate to call for her. For Whisper to intervene and come to the new world, something catastrophic could be occurring. Whisper. Another trademark of her lineage. The names of silence were gifted to each child. Juxtaposed to the loud crashing waves they brought forth with their minds. Unsettling the written world with their thoughts, their theories.Whisper glances again at the letter, delicate fingers moving to hold the worn paper. She had never been to the world her father had discovered. Wanted to finish what he had started in the old world first. But this was like a sign, to find something extraordinary, something that would be in her name completely, rather than add-ons to texts or chasing rumors with incompetent bands of hunters. Something refreshing that her father would have jumped at the chance, if he were still around to do so. He would've told her now, to go for it.She steels herself, allowing an eager smile dance across her face as she stands. Her body moving rapidly around the room and startling the old cat resting by her fireplace with her active nature now after all that time moping and thinking over the letter from his master.She flitted around, stuffing papers and her journal into her luggage. The necessities to a researcher before stopping in front of the shimmering Chameleos cloak hung up and waiting for her. Her pale eyes soften as her hand brushes against the awaiting fabric."It is time, my friend." Whisper murmurs under her breath with a light smile. With this cloak, she was Whisper of the Silence, monster researcher, respected and envied by peers and onlookers alike. Without it, she was just Whisper, an enthusiast of monsters. "I've made my choice."The outfit was near weightless, and glided onto her form easily, defying the gravity around it as it flutters around her like a celestial robe. Tailors had tried to recreate the look for the festival of the moon, their astral set, but it came with none of her perks, thanks to its source material.When the cloak covered her body, she lets out a breath of familiarity, of home as she wraps her arms around the cloak adorning her. It takes her a moment to strengthen her resolve before heading around to the old palico cleaning his whiskers with lazy attention."Okay Warrior, I'm ready to go." Whisper states, saddling her person with her satchel, the letter safely tucked inside it, and hooking her journal to her opposite hip. The researcher is greeted with a long meow, the old feline bouncing up before happily trotting out of the slot within her front door made for mail carrying cats. With ease, she moves outside with him, flipping the sign on her door to prevent unnecessary visitors.It's when she makes her way across the plaza that people freeze in her presence, murmuring under their breath and some even stopping young blood hunters from greeting her. The cloak meant she was taken for a job, for an opportunity that she would not be leaving anything else for. Besides, the admiral was a well-known face in this town of hers, his palico was no exception to that.The admiral was not to be questioned, as old as he was, he was wise beyond his years, fighting tough enemies without knowledge of their weakness. Bold, yet stupid. But if he hadn't it would not have paved way to some of the knowledge they have now.A thought bubbles into Whisper's mind as she follows the battle torn palico through the streets toward the expresses to the docks. To the ships leaving for the new world.As a researcher, her way with weapons was limited. Even more so battling with them against beasts triple her size, all researchers were that way. She would need to call upon a group of hunters to help her in her travels across the new world, in search of whatever this 'hunch' the admiral had called her for.Most of her acquaintances were still stationed here in the old world, no doubt that they had either interest in traveling away to a world they have grounds on, or packed schedules training their students and conditioning their teams for work here during their trials. Running the list through her head, she settles on one she knew would have traveled. And did already for hunting. A spitfire warrior woman called Estella. A challenger in all respects, but could hold her own, despite the slurs that fall from her lips as she tore into the creatures that landed in her path. Perhaps in her mind, the words would reach the monster and encourage the battle further. More so the emotion behind the words were received.Perhaps Whisper wouldn't tell her that some could actually understand them.She had received word of Estella in the new world with a group of hunters, not based on kinship, but respect and zeni. A mercenary type. But she had heard the loud woman over the winnings of a special set of armor and the designs for the weapon of her choice, free of charge during the last festival lottery. It was big news since the old commander led the team to procure her materials.Though, she never heard about the armor itself, or the skills the ashen painted woman wound up getting, no doubts she covered it in her dark colors like the rest of her outfits. Armor or not.But Estella was a perfect choice as far as companions go. Whisper could at least pretend to trust her choice in teammates until her mission was satisfied. The woman could be pleasant and professional went in a good mood. And she had not failed the researcher before, nor sent scorn her way for wanting the quest to be taken in her way, the researcher way.'Yes.' The violet haired beauty thought with a smirk on her lips, a shine in her eyes at the aspect. 'A grand choice for the start of an adventure.'A grand choice for the start of an adventure indeed. She could not wait to make it to the new world.
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 9 by MasterofNintendo
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 8 by MasterofNintendo
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 7 by MasterofNintendo
Life of Hal-Chapter 1: Pg 6 by MasterofNintendo
Game Design
Monster Hunter World - Handler [wallpaper 7] by FrixenNSFW
Monster Hunter World - Handler [wallpaper 2] by FrixenNSFW
Monster Hunter World - Handler [wallpaper 4] by FrixenNSFW
Monster Hunter World - Handler [ReWorkDetails2] by FrixenNSFW
Monster Hunter Meme Blank by blackwing2
Meanwhile in Alberia by Infinite2017
RWBY Big T vs Grimm Gammoth by zoid162010
Monster Hunter Waifu - Lagombi by Siturba


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MH3 Online Hunting Party
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- Go to Server Type: Open
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- Head to Gate: 25
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Recent Journal Entries

This post is going to be a collection of our members Monster Hunter Tri online stats. If you would like your stats to be added simply become a member and tell us your information in the comments. For each section I'm going to make it alphabetical by User. This is just to make it easier for me to update the post. Use this to find fellow deviants to hunt with!

Also, if you have filled out a Monster Hunter Guild Card (Found in the "Templates" folder in the Gallery) feel free to submit that as well to the "Hunter Art" folder.

Also, if you are currently listed here without a hunter ID, please give one as soon as possible. The ID is the only way for hunters to find each other. So basically, if you don't have the ID here, you are defeating the point of the list. Try to get one soon! Thanks!

This list will be updated frequently.

:bulletblue: Founder
User: ~Ushio-Akuma
Name: Lore
HR: 25 (Yeah I haven't played online too much)
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: Mostly Saturday nights

:bulletorange: Co-Founders
User: ~Maddie-Mangaka
Name: Naomi
HR: 1
Main Weapon: Hammer
Usual Times: 6-9 pm

:bulletgreen: Contributors
User: *Wrath-of-Acelious
Name: Morin
HR: 125
Main Weapon: LS, Lance, and Hammer
Usual Times: Sometimes between 12:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. On Wendsdays, around 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

:bulletpurple: Members
User: ~6903Viola
Name: [←This is a japanese name]
HR: 3
Main Weapon: HuntingHrn/Bow
Usual Times:Always changes

User: ~Aekely
Name: Akel
HR: 38 (Didn't know I was so low!)
Main Weapon: Long Sword/S&S/Bowgun
Usual Times: Weekdays; Anytime after 5:45 PM, Weekends; Anytime Period

User: =Alexisaurus-Rex
Name: Comet
HR: 60 something
Main Weapon:
Usual Times: Usually late at night

User: ~Animefreak12334567
Name: Anna
ID: 2769HD
HR: 40
Main Weapon: Switchaxe/Long sword
Usual Times: Saturdays/Sundays around 4-8 PM

User: ~AryaWolf19
Name: arya
HR: 13
Main Weapon: Switch Axe
Usual Times: ramdom, but mostly at weekends

User: ~blackzero04
Name: Ichigo
Gender: Male
HR: 55
Name: Keyona
Gender: Female
HR: 5
Name: Zectoris
Gender: Male
HR: 0
(Not coming online with Zectoris until I beat offline with him. Have to have him with better armor and weapon sets. Let me know if anyone wants to hunt in groups , if you can't get a hold of me here, text 1-304-373-6068 to let me know. I love to hunt in groups. Just tell me who you want me to log in with. These are my three main characters. )

User: ~btlax123
Name: Tony
ID: I'll post later
HR: 45
Main Weapon: Great Sword, S&S, and Bowgun
Usual Times: 7:00A.M. - 10:00A.M. and 6:00P.M. - 9:00P.M.

User: ~Cie-Talvon
Name: cie
ID: 3N16ND
HR: 50
Main Weapon: I have mastered two: my Great Sword: Crimsonwall, and my Bowgun: Rathling Gun
Usual Times: all weekends or days off

User: ~dragclan
Name: dragclan
ID: idk
HR: 61
Main Weapon: Lance, Greatsword, Hammer, Sword and Shield, Switchaxe, Longsword
Usual Times: 3 times a week. Or randomly

User: ~Gadi-Whitefang
Name: Rronal
ID: soon~
HR: 23ish
Main Weapon: GreatSword, Lance, Bow
Usual Times: Fri(10pm-5am) Sat(3pm-5am)

User: ~HikaHikari
Name: Hikari
ID: soon
HR: 25
Main Weapon: Longsword
Usual Times: Around 5-9 pm

User: ~kanpa888
Name: Anthony
HR: 72
Main Weapon: Great Sword/Switch Axe
Usual Times: Anytime

User: ~Link-117
Name: Link
HR: 319
Main Weapon: Lance/Longsword/Hammer
Usual Times:

User: ~MintMongoose
Name: Minty
HR: 49-50
Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Long Sword
Usual Times: Whenever, you can note me for my skype. :3

User: ~MonsterHuntressNani
Name: Nani
HR: 447
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: 6pm - 5am Est.

User: ~Nawn-The-Wolf
Name: Nawn
ID: later
HR: 48
Main Weapon: Hammer
Usual Time:

User: ~Raion156
Name: ryuuji
ID: I'll update this when I'm on
HR: At the moment 52
Main weapon: Sword and shield but I'm pretty good with long sword too
Usual Times: Mostly at night but just when I can get on so not a set time sadly

User: ~SoulRedness
Name: Redness
ID: I don't know
HR: 3
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: Who Knows

User: ~spanishcastlemagic1
Name: Anthrax
ID: soon
HR: 70
Main Weapon: Longsword
Usual Times: Weekdays form around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, weekends possibly all day.

User: ~Spartin-823
Name: Drake
ID: Either GX4FLP or CX4FLP
HR: 66
Main Weapon: Switch Axe
Usual Times: Random days/times sometimes past midnight ET

User: ~StrikeRogueMk2
Name: Kaname
HR: 100 something
Main Weapon: Bowgun
Usual Times: Weekends, past 6PM Est. Weekdays

User: ~tdragon114
Name: Tyus
HR: 3
Main Weapon: Long Sword
Usual Times: Saturdays and Sundays 3 - ?

User: ~teke99
Name: Teke
HR: 5 (monster hunter freedom unite)
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Every Day

User: ~TheMacronian
Name: Govan
ID: 577RK6
HR: 87
Main Weapon: Lance, Hammer
Usual Times: Inconsistent, but almost always weekdays; 10AM-5PM

User: ~uberfrill14
Name: Fury
HR: Near the 30s
Main Weapon: Long Sword, Switch Axe, Hammer
Usual Times: No set time

User: ~waterdragonrain
Name: Feyrah
ID: 9ND961
HR: 130 (I think)
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Random days but usually 6:00pm onward! (also I live in Europe.)

User: ~YouBetJurassic
Name: Ethan
ID: I'll post it later
HR: 30
Main Weapon: Great Sword
Usual Times: Sat/Sun afternoon

User: ~Zalaria
Name: Espeon
HR: 90 (whoooo!)
Main Weapon: Great sword
Usual Times: usually around 6-10pm

Live for the hunt!

-Ushio Akuma
More Journal Entries


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