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Does anyone want to see and Fight Godzilla Earth in Monster Hunter World?
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Day 256

Dear journal,

Today... I don't know what to say..... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING ?!  
that creature was so big, it would be capable to held an adult dalamadur between his jaw.
So strong he would destroy mountain in a single hit.
With wings so large that it mask the sun entirely bringing the night with them,capable of flying higher than any wyverns or even elder dragon, each flap would make huge devastating storm.
And his damned fire breath, i've never seen something that impressive and yet destructive, covering ~783,8 km² judging by the size of the burned area.
his size... his size....HIS FUDJING SIZE ! i've seen adult dalamadur before with their 1 miles long body, but that...that thing is litteraly dwarfing them i've estimated his size to be 7500 foot tall (2286 meters) when standing up on two legs and 3500 foot tall (1066,8 meters) when on all fours. And the freaky thing about this creature, he have 10 EYES !, and he can walk on two legs Just like a human

I think I discover their god, yeah it must be, there's a countless number of elder dragon flying around him and around his lair.

If this journal get to the guild or even the commission, yes, I discovered it, it wasn't a legend, The DRAGON GOD does exist, and i'm the first one Who see him in flesh and bone

Signed: Wyverian Omna

MHXX, or should I say it's localize title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) is coming out on 28.8.2018!

8/30/2017 update
To those who designs wasn't the 20 that got selected by Capcom (…), I assume it's safe that you can show your design entries to the public now. So if you want, you can submit it to the group now to show others of what you created for the contest.


Capcom doing a contest of to design a weapon for one of the 14 weapon types for Monster Hunter: World & if the winner wins that weapon design be in the game!

Source & Rules:……

I asked on Twitter the people who lost during the MH4U weapon design contest could they re-enter those designs for this one. (Y'know like a second chance for their designs.) Yuri replied back saying "Will double check on this one.".

Important Edit:
Forgot to add this, but in the rules it say don't share your entries public or it have been submitted in another contest, you could get disqualified!

"  ii.        has been submitted to another contest, assigned to a third-party, licensed to a third party, or released to the public (e.g. via a posting on a website);"
So don't share your entries on here, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And by another contest I think previous MH weapon design contests count towards that if so now I feel like a idiot asking that above & overlooked that part of the rules. Ugh.
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A group for all Monster Hunter lovers and fans of the series.

The group focus only on related things from Capcom's video game called Monster Hunter. Monsters or OC monsters & hunters that got nothing with the game in any way or form are not accepted, for this group isn't just a monster group. If the OC monsters/hunters that are related to MH are ok!
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