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Mature Content

Ophilia by liminalbean
Pond Faerie by Hjemi
Teresa Awakening? by gooloo0-o
redhead fairy by mssPElena
Sketches, Lineart and Monochrome
Faerie Thief by Doudren
Demon Girl Doodle by FlavorlessMuffin
Witching Tree by Doudren
Nefeli (com) by Pastelkittyprincess
Demons, Succubi and Devils
Demon Lady - October 2018 by Enshohma
Diablesse / devil girl by Madd-og
Faustia's Demon Markings by ValkyrieVale

Mature Content

COM:Succubus by BanyeX
Nagas, Lamias, and Gorgons

Mature Content

A Scruffy Naga by kaafan33
Green Gorgon by ValkyrieVale
Neon Snake by Dalblauw
Naga Mom by ValkyrieVale
Centaurs and Sphinxs
Burroots 16 - OPEN by artofdroth
Centauress Knight by Blazbaros
Character Sheet - Kroanette by AG-Publishing
Character Sheet - Hollia by AG-Publishing
Harpies and Winged Monsters
Seraphim of Gold by ValkyrieVale
MG: Swimsuit Pterosaur by Blabyloo229
Alkonost [collab] by LualaDy

Mature Content

::I'm...So...Sorry...:: by MATicDesignS
Mermaids, Cecaelia, and Sea Monsters
Bubblegum Mermaid by FeydRautha81
Little Mermaid by Emerald--Weapon

Mature Content

Serene by Helmiruusu

Mature Content

Free Giveaway - Yingying by Otocai
Arachnes and Driders

Mature Content

Arachne by mrForg

Mature Content

[C] Monster Lasagna by Riveree
Arachne punk by mrForg

Mature Content

Nekane's breasts by K--Fox
Bug and Insect girls
Scorpion Fly Girl by Black-Heart-bh
Azure by wolfwantsart
CDC - August by Amande-Dooce
Terraria fan-art: Vortex Aliens by Jon-Smitten
Slime and Goo girls
Galaxy Slime (Commission) by Nine-Tailed-Fox
Officer Orange Marmalade (Uniform) by Miyazi9
Terraria fan-art: Queen Slime by Jon-Smitten
lemons by popstck
Nekos, Canines and Kitsunes
Restaurant City by Mimtii
Dryads, Alarunes and Plant monsters
The Rose Unseelie by AngelaSasser
Dragon, Lizards, and Amphibians
Marie by Antischwert
Satyrs, Minotaurs and Beast girls
mouse girl - OPEN by artofdroth
Elementals, Genies, and Sylphs
Honabalba Shabrinaga by Redblaze27
Vampires, Ghosts and Undead
October 12 by SythraNightshade
Aliens and Robots
Cyborg Katana by Maxa-art
Elves, Fairies and Genies
Moe O's by BashfulBerry
Couples and Groups
Give me your fire, give me your rain by Pastelkittyprincess
Misc Monster Girls
GBA by Croxot

Mature Content

Bite Sized Monster Life: Restless by AnAdminNamedPaul




Hello everyone! no journal skin at the moment, I'm hoping to have the funds to have this group be super again soon but that won't be till june. The group has slown down a bit since  I had to go offline again for longer than I would have liked. My apologies again for that. I want to make sure I get more mods asap for the group, that way during extended absences if  I have anymore ((which knowing how life just happens sometimes, is possible)) the group won't come to a crawl because of it. Endless thanks to the couple mods I had doing their best to hold down the fort. If you want to be a mod and help this group out, shoot the group or me a note, if you've had experience with groups before that's even better.

I also want to make two people cofounders, that way when I'm away there will be people who can make bigger changes/keep the group going in even better.

I have dA points saved up, and I'm hoping to do a summer contest for the group to get people more active in it again. I love this group and monster girls and I don't wanna give up on it just because life gets in the way sometimes!

Also if your work was declined/expired without reason please resubmit! Often times we probably just didn't have enough people on at the time to approve or there was confusion with the rules.
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SimonWBeresford Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Professional Writer
Any chance of a literature (more specifically poetry) folder?
PhillTheFab Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I would ask our founder, until then sadly no. But there are many other groups who are perfect for showcasing poetry and other forms of literature \o/
LoraCraft2000 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018
Is there one group with "X reader" stories ?
PhillTheFab Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I would look that up in the groups section of deviantart, as i have no idea.
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PhillTheFab Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
A friendly reminder to everyone \o/- Please send NOTES to the group. Due to DA's format and code involving messages and groups, oftentimes moderators and admins are NOT notified b comments on the mainpage D:

Thus in order to make sure you're heard and understood- and then responded to in a professional and timely matter: please send a note to the group \o/ that way staff will be properly alerted and notified :D (Big Grin)


In other news- if you are inquiring to as to why a submission to the gallery OR if your membership application was declined. Please READ this journal \o/ 

It's the groups TOS , and it may answer some of the reasons why you were denied D:

Rules and Guidelines update ((Jan 1st 2016))
Rules and Guidelines update ((Jan 1st 2016))(( Jan 1st 2016))
New Rules for the Monster Girls Group
How to apply for membership
Please make sure to include a link to a monster girl related work you have done in your inquiry!!! or  else you will be declined. If you do not have any monster girl art to contribute you are still free to watch and enjoy!
Quality control: Here at Monster girl fans we are lenient as far as quality goes, we  only ask you to be sure the picture your submitting is colored/finalized. Anything that is not finalized/a sketch Please put in the appropriate folder. This includes traditional art that is blurry/hard to see/not scanned well
new   :bulletgreen: Submission limit  The limit for submissions is five per week
:bulletred:  All Submissions should be placed in the correct folder PLEASE double check for this, we WILL decline anything that is submitted to the wrong folder, if your monster girl is ambiguous ((IE Slimegirl/Lava Elemental o

If you cannot find the reason why- and you would like to dispute a claim further then please feel free to send a Note, that way you can be answered as quickly as possible \o/
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