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Commission - Isis by SHADE-ShyPervert
snaaake by graciedart
The Eldest by SaneKyle
Centaur in Repose by liminalbean
Sketches, Lineart and Monochrome
Aries (Sketch) by SBuzzard
More Boss Sketches by Crotalewd
Cup of Spiders by Tokki-Trickster
Mermay by Tokki-Trickster
Demons, Succubi and Devils
Nice Plot! (200 followers Twitter milestone) by SamidareScarletSpy
Biker Xania by Maxa-art
Elektrocute by XXAnemia

Mature Content

Gauchissant [COM] by TheRabbitFollower
Nagas, Lamias, and Gorgons
Na'jan Na'ja by Doudren
30-Day Monster Girl Challenge #4 - Snake Girl by Spinosaurus-Fan
Monster World Bestiary - Gorgon by Spinosaurus-Fan
Nagini by ValkyrieVale
Centaurs and Sphinxs
Knight Errant by Doudren
Centauress by Doudren
Vani by DestinyBetweenWorlds by Redblaze27
Mare of the Night by hooksnfangs
Harpies and Winged Monsters
Harpy by Nairiai
Owl and panda by AtropaGrimm

Mature Content

Chloe by MissAnnaMatronic
Kazooie (Commission) by MissAnnaMatronic
Mermaids, Cecaelia, and Sea Monsters
30-Day Monster Girl Challenge #5 - Mermaid by Spinosaurus-Fan
Watermelon Merm by Dalblauw
I Cannot Swim, Only Sing by TheRabbitFollower
Arachnes and Driders
30-Day Monster Girl Challenge #6 - Jorogumo by Spinosaurus-Fan
Scorpia by Cherry-Treats
Upside-down by K--Fox
Reading by Candlelight by Moonlight-pendent13
Bug and Insect girls
Moth Girl by Sinister-Oni
The moth and the lamp - HornedRam by IncredibleIntruder
Praying Mantis by Maxa-art

Mature Content

Old com: Scorpion by BanyeX
Slime and Goo girls
Monster Girl Challenge #17,18 - Robot, Alien by Spinosaurus-Fan
Blue Raspberry Gogurt by CasualObsessive
Slime Girl by BOOMBZA
Slimer by teranen
Nekos, Canines and Kitsunes
|CM| Marsali Roane by GigaMessy
Dryads, Alarunes and Plant monsters

Mature Content

Plant Form (gift art) by Mutant-Horsies
Dragon, Lizards, and Amphibians
Filene by Maxa-art
Satyrs, Minotaurs and Beast girls
Same Sheep Cuts by hooksnfangs
Elementals, Genies, and Sylphs

Mature Content

The Genie's Navel by IncredibleIntruder
Vampires, Ghosts and Undead
Lady Frostflame by Doudren
Aliens and Robots
6FanArt - Liara Tsoni by YaggyDigital
Elves, Fairies and Genies
C- Drow by AshleyLun
Couples and Groups

Mature Content

Meal Thief by Otocai
Misc Monster Girls
Leaf Cutter by Doudren
Bite Sized Monster Life: Visionary by AnAdminNamedPaul




Hello everyone! no journal skin at the moment, I'm hoping to have the funds to have this group be super again soon but that won't be till june. The group has slown down a bit since  I had to go offline again for longer than I would have liked. My apologies again for that. I want to make sure I get more mods asap for the group, that way during extended absences if  I have anymore ((which knowing how life just happens sometimes, is possible)) the group won't come to a crawl because of it. Endless thanks to the couple mods I had doing their best to hold down the fort. If you want to be a mod and help this group out, shoot the group or me a note, if you've had experience with groups before that's even better.

I also want to make two people cofounders, that way when I'm away there will be people who can make bigger changes/keep the group going in even better.

I have dA points saved up, and I'm hoping to do a summer contest for the group to get people more active in it again. I love this group and monster girls and I don't wanna give up on it just because life gets in the way sometimes!

Also if your work was declined/expired without reason please resubmit! Often times we probably just didn't have enough people on at the time to approve or there was confusion with the rules.
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