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Mature Content

Ophilia by liminalbean
Pond Faerie by Hjemi
Teresa Awakening? by gooloo0-o
redhead fairy by mssPElena
Sketches, Lineart and Monochrome
Faerie Thief by Doudren
Demon Girl Doodle by FlavorlessMuffin
Witching Tree by Doudren
Nefeli (com) by Pastelkittyprincess
Demons, Succubi and Devils
Alptraum by SythraNightshade
Etna - Police Girl by Zeption
Morrigan Aensland. by PROtypeM3X

Mature Content

Demon Babe by PROtypeM3X
Nagas, Lamias, and Gorgons
Naga Anina by Blazbaros
Inktober18 Day26 Not like them (collab) by LualaDy
Original- Lamia by TODODeygulash
Red Hot Tongues by TenaciousTinkerer
Centaurs and Sphinxs
Lavinia by ebonydragon
Burroots 16 - OPEN by artofdroth
Centauress Knight by Blazbaros
Character Sheet - Kroanette by AG-Publishing
Harpies and Winged Monsters
ADOPT CLOSED : Zephyr (Angel Girl) $7 USD by jellyycake
Seraphim of Gold by ValkyrieVale
MG: Swimsuit Pterosaur by Blabyloo229
Alkonost [collab] by LualaDy
Mermaids, Cecaelia, and Sea Monsters

Mature Content

Lauren-3 by BanyeX
In fondo al laaaag! by YukiOshi
Original- Shark Mermaid by TODODeygulash
Witchy Tentacles by TenaciousTinkerer
Arachnes and Driders

Mature Content

Office Rachnera, by Roresu by Antsstyle

Mature Content

Arachne by mrForg

Mature Content

[C] Monster Lasagna by Riveree
Arachne punk by mrForg
Bug and Insect girls
Araknia by Spikeydude309
INK...VEMBER #04 - Insect by MSMoura
Firefly Girl by LukkiStarr
Geomancer by Doudren
Slime and Goo girls

Mature Content

Blue Slime Girl - October 2018 by VioletVixenPro

Mature Content

Aimee the Slime Girl by SakArt98
Slimy slime by 8eternal-paradox8
Galaxy Slime (Commission) by Nine-Tailed-Fox
Nekos, Canines and Kitsunes
#69 Crystal by GigaMessy
Dryads, Alarunes and Plant monsters
The Rose Unseelie by AngelaSasser
Dragon, Lizards, and Amphibians
Amazonian Dragon Monster Girl OC - Sulphea by DeviErwin
Satyrs, Minotaurs and Beast girls
mouse girl - OPEN by artofdroth
Elementals, Genies, and Sylphs
The Lady of Light: The Goddess of the Storms by taracakes
Vampires, Ghosts and Undead
Scarlet Eyes by SamidareScarletSpy
Aliens and Robots
Original- Alien by TODODeygulash
Elves, Fairies and Genies
Cali of The Wheel of Time by AtropaGrimm
Couples and Groups
Halloween 2018 by Jon-Smitten
Misc Monster Girls
[Ref Sheet] Kacey by Estherella
Bite Sized Monster Life: Fascination by AnAdminNamedPaul




Hello everyone! no journal skin at the moment, I'm hoping to have the funds to have this group be super again soon but that won't be till june. The group has slown down a bit since  I had to go offline again for longer than I would have liked. My apologies again for that. I want to make sure I get more mods asap for the group, that way during extended absences if  I have anymore ((which knowing how life just happens sometimes, is possible)) the group won't come to a crawl because of it. Endless thanks to the couple mods I had doing their best to hold down the fort. If you want to be a mod and help this group out, shoot the group or me a note, if you've had experience with groups before that's even better.

I also want to make two people cofounders, that way when I'm away there will be people who can make bigger changes/keep the group going in even better.

I have dA points saved up, and I'm hoping to do a summer contest for the group to get people more active in it again. I love this group and monster girls and I don't wanna give up on it just because life gets in the way sometimes!

Also if your work was declined/expired without reason please resubmit! Often times we probably just didn't have enough people on at the time to approve or there was confusion with the rules.
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My piece expired twice - should I keep resubmitting? :( I don't want to clog your inboxes...
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Yeah, feel free to resubmit anything that expires. We only have a few mods so sometimes it's just not enough people around to approve submissions.
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Any chance of a literature (more specifically poetry) folder?
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I would ask our founder, until then sadly no. But there are many other groups who are perfect for showcasing poetry and other forms of literature \o/
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Is there one group with "X reader" stories ?
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