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I feel ashamed that I'm uploading for the first time in, like, three monthts. Haven't had much time to draw lately, but I do have stuff lying on my harddisk waiting to be processed and uploaded. So hopefully next update will be faster!
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I just added a bunch of works.
I tend to upload my stuff in big batches, which is generally a bad thing.
Comments are as always welcome.
I haven't written here in ages (and hadn't submitted anything for as long, for that matter), but finally, I got some new drawings.
I did layout design for this student magazine, and beside that I threw in a few illustrations. And there they are. I like the way they turned out, I think I am getting more proficient in drawing and also scanning and editing my drawings for print.
So many things happened since my last post. I went to the seaside, I went to the mountains, I went to see my grandparents, and basically had a great time.
I started school, too. Man, this compiler theory course is killing me. I think I wouldn't ever work that, but 'never say never'...
Midterm exams are coming up, so it is not very likely that I'll post soon,

have fun
Finally, my two month internship is coming to an end.
This, like all things in life, has a positive and a negative side.

I actually enjoyed being here. The company is cool and my colleagues are great. On top of that, I like what I do. Fuck, I never wanted to be a workaholic.

On the other hand, though, the monotony of this way of life is killing me. Wake up - go to work - get back from work - eat - sleep. You know what I mean.
So this is why I am happy to leave.
I will be glad to go back to school in September for a change :)

And still I am thankful to everyone in the company. Big up and see you at the trip!