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Joust Pas dArmes [Thumper vs Viper]



414 Thumper has already given up, but 398 OTTBS Viper is not finished with her torment, frighting the colorful stallion so much he is unable to move, poor Thumper is such a scared thing..

Stocks used: standardbred - rolling - stock & Bay Horse Rearing Stock

Both horses are made in SAI1 including their shading, then suddenly I decided to download SAI2 and I'm happy I did that, because holy smokes it did a lot for my background, I still have to get used to it tho, but I'm so happy with the outcome, hope you are too Baylili00
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oksy now that I got that out of the way.

This is absolutely beautiful! I keep coming to look at this and find new things to love about it. I think you captured the two wonderfully~! I adore the interaction that is happening. It's viper vs rabbit, predator vs. prey. Thumper's look of giving up vs Viper who is ready to fight till the end captures both of them so well. There's so much more that can be said but i'm speechless:love: