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SunominiuS (Sweet Dreams)

This one took longer to finish than I expected. After some sleepless nights, and loooong days, I finally did another MLP drawing. Yay. Still experimenting with the style though. :iconitssomethingplz:
I started with a Nouveau-ish construction, as always, and... I was like "Fuck the canvas", I sneezed, and magic happened.

You may be asking yourself some questions:

"-What does Sunominius mean ?"
Well, it's a word recomposed with Souno- and Minio-, respectively meaning Dream/Sleep and Sweet in Gaulish. But since gaulish had a weird grammatical construction, and we do not have a lot of information about it, it may be wrong. But from what I read in Delamarre's book "Dictionnaire de la langue gauloise", it's the closest thing I could find. And I seriously think it's correct. But, if you speak gaulish better than me, tell me ! I'd be happy to correct it. So from what I know now, it means Sweet Dreams.

"-And why gaulish ?" 'cause it's been a while that I study it and I thought I could start to use it.
"-What's gaulish ?" Google. Now. :iconnotamusedtwilightplz:
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Ok I take that back, but only because she´s lovely