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Sorry for my lack of presence here on deviantart, my life is a everywhere.
Thank you for all the recent comments and messages! I am reading everything now!
And thank you for sticking with me!

Work work work 

To those of you I sent my account to DO NOT PAY ME.
The account has been hacked and is no longer in my control.
I have been calling to fix it but my English is not the best and there seems to be nothing I can do.
Now that I'm all settled in, I'm reopening commissions for now.
I'll only have slots available for all those who request this week.  
Thank you!
I have been having some difficulty in the real world and to come back to such wonderful things is beautiful!
And a DD is so nice, thank you all, and thank you :iconiingo: for suggesting me and :iconrydi1689: for featuring me!  I really appreciate it!  As well as everyone who commented!
I'm done taking commissions for now!  Thank you everyone.  (Don't worry, I am still reserving the slot for you.  You know who you are~)
Sorry, I'm so slow to respond, I have been busy with moving and family situations.  The prices for commissions are as followed.  I will only take money (USD) as of now, because I have recently moved into the US myself. (It is very exciting!)

I will only complete commissions after payment.  It will take me a while to get settled and finish up commissions so if you are not a patient person, buying from me might be a horrible idea.

Commission Prices:

Digital Coloring:
Headshot = 30$ B&W, 50$ Coloured
Halfbody = 50$ B&W, 70$ Coloured
Fullbody = 75$ B&W, 100$ Coloured (couple = $100 B&W, $150 Coloured )
No background.
Example: we love V by MONQMONK

Detailed Clothing Design: +30$
Example: Skive 0901 by MONQMONK

Simple Background: +20$
Complicated Background: +70-150$
Example: Devilish Children by MONQMONK ANTI-WORLD by MONQMONK

These works will only be drawn for personal use.  I do not wish to do commercial work at the moment.

Things I will do:
Original Characters, Fanart, light romance (no matter the sexual orientation)
Things I will not do:
Furries, porn, heavy detailed mecha.

PATIENCE is important.  I'm a slow worker but I promise you will be notified of my current progress.
Do not cancel!  If there is a time when the piece must be finished, please send me a note.  I will not be giving refunds.

Payment Method:
When paying with paypal, please include your DA id in the note.  Please select the GIFT option as to avoid unnecessary charges.

Order Form

DA username:
I want to order: (copypastah the option you want INCLUDING the price)
your paypal email:

Character name:
Character reference:
One sentence to describe character's main personality:

You will be given my paypal email in reply of the note.  Thank you!
Would anyone be interested in commissions?
I've been sitting on the idea for a while.
I have created an Anipan but nothing seems to load.  Even my avator does not seem to work.
Can someone explain this to me?

Wonderful Person

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 9:53 AM

I want to thank :iconichigokitten: formally for giving me points for dA's membership.  I've only know her for a couple of days but she's been nothing but kind.  Thank you very much!

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It's a pleasure to see all your wonderful comments!  Thank you so much for the follow and the DD!  I've never had one so I am very honored.  My English is not the best, but I read every comment.  Thank you so much again.  You are all very nice.

I'm sorry, but I do not do requests right now.  But I can reply to questions if you note me!