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Lynx mask half painted

By Monoyasha
Did all the finishing touches on the interior such as padding and springs, painted around the eyes/nose and mouth. Added tongue and screen for tear duct vision. Started the marking painting around the eyes/nose and ears.
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Canon PowerShot A570 IS
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1/60 second
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6 mm
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Sep 19, 2010, 10:36:30 PM
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WonderlandTrades's avatar
Oh wow this is good looks so petable great work keep it up, how did you sculpt it?
totodile-fan's avatar
awesome! i love that mask. is it possible you have commissions open?
RowanRayne's avatar
Holy freaking amazing!!!! Where do you order the eyes and nose? Taxidermy supply?

I plan to try making a furred wolf mask soon- only ever done paper mache though so it should be an experience! :)
Monoyasha's avatar
I make the eyes and noses
Bast-Incarnation's avatar
OOOooooh!!! I wants one!!!! >__<
My fursona is also a Lynx... this is just so awesome!! :iconwowplz:
Oooh, pretty..
AokiBengal's avatar
Fantastic work!! Great quality and the eyes are just gorgeous!! Fantastic job so far!
SaltyPuppy's avatar
Woah thats amazing!
RobotPaws's avatar
Oh wow Monoyasha, the final result came out great. Those almost look like realistic follow effect eyes.
SigmaStasDS's avatar
Wow, this is coming out really great, I can't wait until it's finished!
KurzarNinetails's avatar
It's gorgeous. Glad to hear it's found a good home! Would love to see you make another someday tho :)
Monoyasha's avatar
i might make another lynx in the future. But this mask will be completed and made into a partial which makes me happy cuz i do want to finish all the spots and whiskers.
KurzarNinetails's avatar
It's already looking awesome. Can't wait to see it finished. I'd love to see the new owners final partial.
ThoronWild's avatar
just wondering know you have spring loaded jaws how like thought do they need to be?
and dosent it strain your jaw to push down on it and for it to be strong enough to close the jaw?
Monoyasha's avatar
i use very light weight springs only 1" long one on either side. Just an example...If i only place one spring in the jaw hangs open some, its not till the second spring is added that i get the snap.
ThoronWild's avatar
thanks but i meant inst it like hard work for your jaw to push down on the springs

and wouldn't it be harder for you (aww its hard to ay but ill try)

say the spring needs to be strong to shut the jaw but the strength of the spring would hurt your jaw when you push on the jaw to open it?
Monoyasha's avatar
no it doesnt. in fact i find it to be less strain that the elastic jaws. and trust me when i go to Furbowl im talking to the point my voices gets raspy. ^^;
ThoronWild's avatar
lolXD you must talk a lot with you buds them ^_^

so furbowls a USA furrie convention right?

I wish I could go some day...

ohh really it must be pretty fun to have a sensitive jaw that really works with yours and comfortably!

can they move side ways too? or do the springs stop it (lol I tend to do that when I concentrate lol)
Doom-Wulf's avatar
That is looking great. Good job:)
fenriseye's avatar
This is gorgeous! :)
rosebefor's avatar
i like it are you going to sell it ?
and were do you get your fur?
Monoyasha's avatar
Mask is currently On Hold. I buy all my furs from Mendel fabrics and Im Stuffed Fur. This was originally all 3" white fox which which i shaved down. To save time i recommend ordering the Rabbit fur from Im Stuffed fur and use the fox for the longer parts.
rosebefor's avatar
ok because im going to start making hats and i was wondering were to buy them >.< XD
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