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Otaku Roadhog Skin Concept

Livestream 0617

An idea that I had a few days ago.
Just imagine running into him around the corner, I'd say it's more scary than running into the original skins! :D

Streaming on Twitch at:
Hope to see you there!
FB Fan Page at:
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I don't really like any of Roadhog's skin, but I would absolutely be using this if it were real. Of course, we'd need a skin of trap Junkrat in a pink schoolgirl outfit to balance the two out.
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Pretty much me, but I wear a Dragon Maid shirt and the poster rolls will shoot ki instead of used tissues.
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WOW, I LOVE EVERY PART OF THIS. It just works so well...,as ironically cancerous as it is.
Sniffing panties to gain health is great...don't take that the wrong way, I MEANT THE CONCEPT, NOT ACTUALLY DOING IT.

OK I'll leave
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In fact this is what looks like a good part of the "fans" of the game.

And they are cancer...
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I can already hear the Nightcore KPop playing in the background
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
My kind of armor, instead of used tissues I will use real bullets since I want to be less disgusting.
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I want this to be real... despite the used tissue thing might not get past that rated T rating Laugh LOL 
we all know what's in those "used tissues" just based on how the guy looks
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How to delete someone else's deviantart post
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Can I be his waifu omg
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This is the only thing that would make me buy the new uprising skins
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Thats more then otaku
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Make his healing thingie an inhaler 
MonoriRogue's avatar
Well he's already using similar stuff, I think sniffing panties works for this one. :D
slayerdude677's avatar
Omg even better 
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lol is the body-pillow his gun?
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The rolled up posters. :D
This explains why when I play D.Va every Roadhog instantly grabs me.
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