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Motoko Kusanagi


Winner of this months SFW Fanart Poll, OG Major best Major.

My Patrons will get:

  • Full size JPG
  • NSFW versions
  • Hi-res step by step process
  • PSD file
  • Process Video


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She looks so gorgeous!

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awesome work XD

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Major sexy :love: and perfectly well done :love:

The major waifu!

She looks gorgeous

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Beautiful we need more art of her not enough good ones this is the best I seen great job

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This SAC version is the definitive version of the Major to me. Neither the original movie nor the subsequent versions quite fleshed out her character as much as SAC all the way through Solid State Society. Plus the soundtracks were best with Yoko Kanno.

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Love the major!

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Major, assemble the team with an A-2 loadout!

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Excellent work on the Major

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OG Major all day fam! This is gorgeous! Will their be prints or posters?

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Major is such a beautiful character with a great personality

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I love your artwork

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