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Faye Valentine


Faye is the NSFW Poll winner for this month, I should do a few more old school waifus while I'm at it.

My Patrons will get:

  • Full size JPG
  • NSFW Version
  • Hi-res step by step process
  • PSD file
  • Process Video


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hot smoking pinup!


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Beautiful take on the lovely Faye :love: ! The facial expression, the detail of her toned abs, and thickness of her legs I love how she looks in your style!:nod:

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Faye! Marvelous Feye! Great work.

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Faye-Faye! :D Gorgeous piece!

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Excellent work on my waifu for all time Faye-Faye!

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Awesomely sexy and gorgeously bouncy

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Fantastic work here. Beautiful background city and Faye looks stunning.
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Excellent work on the Gambler.

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There's been casual chatter about a live-action adaptation so here's hoping they do it right. :)

I never really understood Valentine's outfit, mostly the red... shirt? thing hanging on her arms. That'll be a trick for a living person to keep up. As always, great quality here. :)

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She's still one of my favorite anime wifus. Love the smoking.
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I can only assume the live-action one is latina to differentiate her from Spike (who is being played by a Chinese man). I wasn't sure how I felt about Spike's casting, but after seeing him, he actually does look the part. Faye and Jet....not so much (for the record, my problem with Jet isn't that he's black but that he looks too scrawny).

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Keep on strutting Space Cowboy. 👍😎👌
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"Cowboy Bebop" is one of my favorite anime and Faye was one of my first waifus. Thank you for this great work of art, you drew it beautifully! <3

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I love your artwork

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