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Casual D.VA

Livestream 0518

D.VA after owning some scrubs in Starcraft 6. :D

Streaming on Twitch at:
Hope to see you there!
FB Fan Page at:
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I'm a girl,
and I think D.VA is HELLA HOT!
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YEEK dis is bootiful :oo
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np ^^ i just love your artstyle and your my idol :oo
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Love this artwork! I'm going to base my upcoming cosplay completely after this pic ^_^
Haha I found the exact glasses in the pic, now I just need the headphones and shirt.
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Thanks! :)
Good luck with the cosplay!
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This is really good, the details are superb!! I love her face, specially the eyes. Congratulations, looks like you put a lot of effort in it
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Oh gotta love that pink background!

Beautiful piece. :)
that draw... feels so real! i mean she looks so real like - put a ring on her finger and marry her right now xD

I main D.Va and your piece of art do her justice

I love the art style and the choice of colors, also nice hidden message with that drink :P

All Systems Buzzy!
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Thanks! :)
D.Va is always fun to play!
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This is so awesome man, it's even cooler that xKito Music used your art for her music too ^_^
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You're welcome, question! How did she contact you to ask permission to use your art? Does she have a deviantart? 
I find this hotter than hell.. really enjoyed it.
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that is me *also it is my profile pic*D.Va - Overwatch Spray Emoticon D.Va - Overwatch Emoticon 
Is it weird that I find Hana sexier in this attire than in the catsuit?

Moreover, is it weird that I call her "Hana" at all?
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Depends on how close you are with her! :D
Weeeeell... She is my main...
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