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December 10, 2006
Want to update your XP desktop to the sleek look of Vista without having to bother upgrading your OS? Vista Folders 3 by =monolistic is the perfect solution for you. See =monolistic's gallery for more Vista-style folder icons.
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Vista Folders 3

Vista Folders 3

Want to feel the "Clarity" of Windows Vista on your Windows, then clean up with these folder icons.

90 icons to transform your tired old XP (or earlier) folders in to tomorrows Vista.
The icons range from files to programs to system based properties.
Including: Pixel Art, Gimp, Corel, Skype, Spybot, Ad-aware, Norton, Panda, NOD32, Yahoo! Messenger, Gaim, BitComet, Perl files, Python files, nVidia, ATI, Colored folders, MySpace and Blogger. Just to name a few!

Format: Icon file format (.ico)
Sizes: 256 (Vista ready*), 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16x pixels
Icons (#): 90


Also see Vista Folders 1.5 and Vista Folders 2


Need help applying the icons click here.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 monolistic art
No unlicensed/unrequested use other then personal
© 2006 - 2022 monolistic
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...These are longhorn icons

nionat's avatar

Amazing as always

Link is Dead :(

WOW, some proper hard work gone in here.. just a quick question tho, dunno if you are able to oblige. Is it possible to create a blank folder icon in the same colour as all of your filetype and program folder icons? I did find the coloured blank folder icons in one of the packs, but the yellow folder in there was not the same yellow which you use for all of your other folder icons. Now my blank folders are a different shade to the branded folders!

Many, many thanks for you hard work, it really is appreciated.

Awesome Work !
kamargo's avatar
Very nice job... I'm using your icons on every folder I have.

Are you considering adding a Dropbox icon?
geek23's avatar
Nice, I love this icon pack. I made up my own Windows Vista theme using these. I will make sure to use these.
This shows how creative you are my friend. Outstanding collection of icons!

Thanks a zillion!
Jaabster1234's avatar
thanks, theese go great on rocketdock
nathystfae's avatar
The1Blur's avatar
TheeMC's avatar
really nice and simple stuff, I enjoyed your last 2 packs and I look forward to any future work from you, keep it up.

cool i like it very much!
Ok that is ok with me then.
so i will have to do it to folder/file one by one
monolistic's avatar
Yes, it's almost impossible for me to it with a preset bundle - like Iconpackager - due to the fact that most of these icons won't be used in the same place or in the same way on every persons computer.

I choose to put them as individual icons to give you the freedom to choose how and where you use them.
yea i have read this but i will have to do icon buy icon is there not a way to install them all at once or is that not possible
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No they are not able to be applied all at once.
i love you icons and all that but i am new to this and do not not what to do to get them to work. i have messed around a little bit and i have found out how to change things like Firefox and that, but i do not no how to do My computer and My documents.

could you help me with this please because i really want these.
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This article should help you: [link]
That's Greaaaat !
rianvanu's avatar
Awesome icons.
xeodesign's avatar

I very much like these icons..

Can i use these on my new company website..
I will put your account/email/name in the credits of the website if you wish.

The company will be very well know.
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