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Pity Game :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
Pity... it's a shame
Sorry it's a thing
You'll never achieve what you want without change
Limited to the range
See things aren't the same
Far from the tame
Blind to the faith
Hateful to the race
Feelings of the fang
Late to the game
Nothing will ever change
When trapped in a cage
Pity, it's a shame
Sorry, it's just lame
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 4 0
It may seem in vain, but I do care when I say I do and yes it hurts when I don't feel it too.
I try not to respond to things not related to me even if I fall into that category.
As people will get mad for any old reason
But truth is the fact that is for the season.
As I give my love in the same old silent fashion.
I hope some of you will regain your fiery passion.
For it is what we are against the insanity.
We must all hold onto our humanity.
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 1 0
Fro In Motion by monogatarithenice Fro In Motion :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0 Another side back by monogatarithenice Another side back :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0 Rudebrew by monogatarithenice Rudebrew :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 2 0
Expecting too much
I wish you'd grow up, but I was hoping for too much.
I know another who is quite a fine man. He is nothing like you, but I'm not comparing the two. I just want you to grow up, because my daughter's need a father who is man and not a teenage boy.
I refrained from insulting
I refrained from the past
I explained what I did and did not do to clear things up
I called and found out what did happen
I did not start anything
I did not behave in a petty way
I want the best for my children
I answered your questions in a simple manner as politely as possible.
I do not care about your relationship details, your personal life, or things outside of the subject of my children.
I may write out my feelings on the TRUTH of the past that haunts me, because I'm still living where it happened.
I need a new start somewhere else.
Again I want the best for my children, but it is MY decision currently.
I know you do not want to pay support.
I know you did not want to lose anything
And I know you do not want to
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
I can't pretend anymore
I can pretend like it's okay, but...
Do you think it's okay to pick one life over another? Not in a situation of danger, but involvement.
At times I just know my heart is broken and filled with hatred. I'm fully aware of it and I try to avoid saying anything or mentioning by name, by title, by former title. You can't pick which life is more important just as you cannot ignore people asking the obvious. You can try, but it just breaks my heart that so much I give in love is just faux and excuses from another.
I do my best not to speak ill will here or to anyone that knows them. The heart of a mother longs for her children to be happy with both sides. I'd be more forgiving if they actually tried to make an effort instead telling lies. They know where I live and what my phone number is. It's not her job to contact me nor will I make an effort to beg someone who won't even speak for themselves. Yes I hate your fucking guts, but I don't wish ill will upon you, because you can do that all by
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
In Progress by monogatarithenice In Progress :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 1 0
Power of the Mind
I don't want to think therefore I will stop.
Power over the mind. Mind over the power. Mine.
Is there a curse on one whose intelligence is higher the eye can see?Can I see beyond you or me?
My mind seeks the infinite me. But is it me that my mind does see.
My mind is over the power, but power is on my mind. Mine.
My power to see what is beyond what my eyes can see
To see through the words, the facade, what it is really.
My mind hungers for all. And yet for nothing.
It goes and comes and yet it craves for something.
See my mind is much more than the common who surround me
Though it's not my intention to make it obvious you see
My mind has it's power and it's power is me.
Power of the mind. Mind of the power to see.
See beyond the present. Beyond the future. Into the past.
Until the mind, my mind finds what it seeks at last.
Mind of power and power to move me
My mind is a flower floating atop of me
Within my mind if I want it to be
I will stop thinking and thus be free.
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
Shakunetsu by monogatarithenice Shakunetsu :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 1 0 The Progression til Final by monogatarithenice The Progression til Final :iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
Have a Good Day
I don't think I know how to start over or keep starting over again..
When my mind isn't fully in it if I can't see or touch it.
Surely, because the phone won't win it
And often it will make those stray
Away from me this day
However what can I say
Can't change the habits not build in one day
And so I move and keep on moving
I cannot stop not even in self soothing
My mind is ever going
On a path that never stops rolling
I'm afraid most will just give up
On what I am.. I say my own tough luck
What can I do
What can I say
So if you do one day part thy way
I bid you farewell and have a good day
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 2 0
Invade Me
Must you invade my mind....
Don't you know that is where I go to hide?
Why must you be in my every thought?
No matter how, no matter what I fought
Again, again it plagues me once more
That which I long feel once more
In which I fear to feel.. Adore
For fear I must hide... Amore
Feel what I feel I must
Feeling trust I must thrust
Because nothing is known just hiding away
But I know nothing of these feelings.. At least not today
So here I hide from the fear of the past
I fear oh I fear it will not last
So I must ask again why do you invade me?
When I only seek to hide only... within thee.
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 1 0
Believe not Mislead
I would like to believe.. but I will not mislead. For if I know you not I cannot fall in love with you.
And if I should.. there is no reason of why
Because love knows nothing it is blind, it is foolish, it cannot lie
A feeling to which engulfs the heart
Is the feeling I cannot stop once it starts
So please don't ask me if I love thee
Because I will not know until it strikes me
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 0 0
Even if the past is unpleasant
Full of lies and adultery
I still have you...
And even if the now fades into the past
I'll always have your memory
Fading into Brilliance
:iconmonogatarithenice:monogatarithenice 1 0


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  • Listening to: Jealou$y - The Neighborhood
  • Reading: Some bs fanfiction
  • Watching: Law and Order SVU
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Pringles
  • Drinking: A&W Root Beer
Things seem to change each time I try to come back here and not necessarily to deviantART, but to my art in general. Writing and drawing or anything else I want to do. Each time I get a good motivation going I find something that seems to try to hold me back from what I want to do. However this time its not something that holds me back, but instead pushes me forward to protect myself. Not for my art, but for my personal life. I don't like liars... and I don't like people posting my personal life in their stories while making it so blatantly obvious. If you want to write about a person in your past no one is stopping you, but if you take it personal and make it obvious. It's no longer about what you felt and what happened, its a personal vendetta. At a certain point in people's lives we move on from those we were once involved with and usually we do not turn back. We grow up and move on, but not everyone does that. I held personal feelings back from people I did not like and avoid being involved with them. It saves me from trouble and lets me move on with life. Some people may or may not hold grudges and from reading this I cannot tell either if they are or if they felt like they were victimized. If they lost a person they loved and want someone to blame. If they hated someone that has not been in their lives for an extended period of time.

Whatever the case may be. This is my name. My characters... if it were just the name and not MY personal history I would of moved on, but its so dangerously close that I cannot let it go. I cannot. I left a message to that author who ever they are or claim to be while hiding behind their pen name. For their sake I will read the rest of their story here:…

Even though I don't want to, just to see what else there is to it. I've read the reviews all of them already. People will tell me I'm overreacting, but how would you feel if someone started writing about your personal life and used your name, nickname, pen name to which too many people know about and can link an actual person and picture to? Like I need people digging into my personal life trying to link your story to my life, my friends, family, and children. It's very upsetting and I asked them to remove me from their story. Not take it down, but remove me as in my character's name from it. 


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Heart no Yamiji
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United States
Common Rule I follow for the sake of others: If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all
Something I follow when browsing all the art. If I don't like it...I SAY NOTHING.
Get it in your mind or get blocked~

I'm just me.. a little less of what i used to be
But as you can see.. On the outside I'm still lil ol' me

Current Residence: Georgia - aka the 9th layer of Hell
Favourite genre of music: I like everything LOL I won't even try to pick em out
Favourite photographer: aquapell here on dA
Favourite style of art: anime in pencil
Operating System: doors 7 nah lol windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Chii, Kurogane, Makona, Yuki, Hibiki, Syaoran
Personal Quote: Yeah; Whatever, Is that really necessary?, Why me?! Are you serious?!


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