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Commission - Were-Proof Phone Ad

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She looks FLOOFY in her Werewolf form. 😍🐺

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Hey! the conspiracy theories say that the U.S. government is seeing us of what we do all time. But, this phone block it?
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Now that is very cool, it does make for a great phone ad...   :wow:   
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"N-nu-G-GR-GRAHHHhhhhshit there goes my favorite shirt."
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And you still can't keep yourself off the phone.
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Phone addiction. It even gets werewolves.
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Reminds me of a scene from the novel The Wolf Gift. The main character wanted proof to himself that he did in fact change and was trying to take a picture with is smart phone. But his finger pads were too big so operating the phone was difficult.
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That‘s kind of... adorable, actually! XD did he manage to take a picture? What happened then?
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It was a funny scene, I will tell you what happened but if you would like to know more here is the link to the book…

Ok well Reuben (the main character) was able to take a couple of pictures and was able to confirm that he did change into a wolfman. I highly recommend the book. 
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great transformation drawings :)
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Uuund gleich nach der Transformation zurück am Apparat. Handysucht. Es betrifft uns alle.

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Oh Gott du hast Recht, das ist überhauptnicht witzig! :O
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Hello :) .

Nice art :) .

I'm not a fan of transfo but even if the content is not my thing, the technique is enjoyable, you're skilled :) .

I comment particulary to mention my friend Yorffeez  who enjoy this type of art more than I do .

Have a great day :) .
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Thanks for the mention! I know Yorffeez and really like his concept of a werewolf skin. Saw he commissions people too. Maybe we could arrange something :D
Si-Nister's avatar
I hope you could, he already faved this pic, I would look a bit less foolish if something good emanate from my comment Sweating a little... .
MonoFlax's avatar
Oh yeah, we‘re in contact now, agreed that we would do work together on spmething net once he has the money to share. :D thanks for mking us meet!
Si-Nister's avatar
Glad to be helpful :)
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Ow ! I'm glad you like that concept . If is it possible to arrange something with you, I will be very happy ! :)
MonoFlax's avatar
Nice! I wouldn't do it for free, but I can definitely give you a "discount" if you will xD Because its something I like. Do you have a Discord?
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Yeah ! I am a dummy! 
Happy to know you are open to commissions :)
I have discord, for sure ^^ Yorffeez#7952
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"Oh my gawd girl! Lost track of time and turned lol! Oh, well... Go on, how's the apartment coming along?"
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