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Cuts And Bruises-Finale-Part 37 (Jean x Reader AU)
    Jean was feeling a bit impatient about waiting as he paced up and down anxiously, for you to arrive soon. He couldn't wait to see you soon, and as well on the other see your new look. "Ah, they are really taking  their long time aren't they? Why do girls always love to dress up for this?" Bert sighed as he rubbed his stomach, trying to control his hunger. "Oya, aren't you not excited to see Annie? Since she had agreed to help (Name) along with them! Which equals to that she is coming~" Reiner wiggled his eyebrows at him with a smirk as Bert tried desperately to get away from him, as he was too close for comfort. Jean snickered as Bert hid away to
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Cuts And Bruises-Part 36 (Jean X Reader AU)
    "3, 2, 1! SAY THE WEIRD TROOP!!!!"
    The frame on the phone clicked on the moments of the super weird poses that you guys did, which can make anyone topple over if delayed for long. In less than 10 secs, everyone huddled around one of the classmates who helped to take a picture. You and your friends laughed heartily, even at the poses that Reiner seem to copy off from Franky. Annie even gave a small chuckle.
     You kindly and lovingly looked at everyone, feeling a warm and gentle tingling sensation in your heart. For that you have never felt so much loved and happiness in your life to be surrounded with the people you love and also them loving you back. Despite all the drama and troubles that can maybe break apart, you were glad and grateful that everyone is stuck together till this last day.
But unexpectedly, you had a little problem....
Ow, ow, owwwwww! I swear I can fee
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Background practice (Inkoctober) by monochromicghost345 Background practice (Inkoctober) :iconmonochromicghost345:monochromicghost345 0 0
Nonchanlant Grey Skies-Part 1(Levi x Reader AU)
  Why things can't stay the way as they were. 
  Without the price of paying back a tenfold just for something small.
  Without the pain and regret.
The bustling noise and chatter from the cafe breaks out from the cloudiness in your head. You sighed and brought the steaming hot cup of tea to your lips. Taking a careful sip, you gazed out the window as the raindrops pattered against and stained it with the colourless splatters.
The cup clinked against the plate, and the liquid was stirred in a slow and dreamless pace. The teaspoon was held loosely between your thumb and finger as if it was being threaten to slip and disappear in the depths of the tea. Sighing once again, you settled the teaspoon at the side and lifted the cup up. Despite the tea you were drank with a slight hope that it could calm your soul, you can't help feeling fidgety and restless.
      The door swing with a shut as you steppe
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Cuts And Bruises-Part 35 (Jean X Reader AU)
   "Kough! Kough! Kough!"
    You coughed up as you tried to force the air out of your lungs. The hand gripped roughly at the chest as the intense pain was shot right through as you steadily and slowly tried to catch your breath. Sweat dripped down at the sides of your head as the heart thumped rapidly. What should I do? Man, he's stronger than I thought! No wonder he's nicknamed the 'Whirlwind!' I really should better watch for his lashing back leg, I got too close. Dang it.
   "What's the matter, you tiny puny, small wolf? Aren't you all that mighty with the previous matches? It's too early for you to be knocked out that fast. It's a shame that animals can't really win against nature. " He huffed proudly with a malicious smirk as he punched his fist into his palm. You took a deep breath to calm your nerves down and not to be angered, as it would worsen the pain. Coughing loudly once more as you squeezed your fist in hard to the sternum, you s
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Cuts And Bruises-Part 34 (Jean x Reader AU)
   You gripped your fists tight, taking slow and steady breaths as you chanted your mantra over and over again to yourself. The big day has arrived, for you to be able to fully show all the fruits of your labor with your blood and sweat. Speaking of blood, there are others out for it seeking to reach out to put you down forcefully under their thumb. You gulped a bit as you can't help feel quite scared and nervous about it, as you were not the only 'legend' to enter the gruesome battlefield. Taking in a deep breath again to clear your conscience and mind to remind yourself that you got this. After the final fundamental of the black belt tests that you had been through, that the memorization of the steps and forms were enough to fry your brain, you swear that the tests were easier than that. Competitions were another thing, to win in honor and glory or die in horrendous shame along with pride that needs to be handled.
 And some more, my other friends were watching. I'll
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Priceless (Newton Scamander X Male!Baby!Reader)
Requested by: FolagorO3
  "Loook who's heeerree?? Ah goo goo boo!" The baby's tiny giggles filled the air as Newt tickled the tummy and make silly faces at him. Midst the play time he was doing, he glanced at the wooden aged clock perched high above the wall. Ah, she's coming home soon, aren't she? Can't wait to see my other babies next~ He then looked back at his son again who threw him a disapproved and confused look, which surprised Newt for a few moments before he starts bailing at the top of the lungs.
   A instinct hit him which was second nature and he gently cradled his son on his shoulder while patting while hushing low volumes of comforting words to him. It turned out to be futile as the baby was still crying and Newt's bottled up patience was simmering. He must be hungry...just like them. In that case, I better hurry. After a few more attempts to calm him down, he gingerly placed him back in his crib in the nursery room and rushed to the kitchen
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I'm Sorry (Bertholdt X Reader AU)
    The sun was setting down low in the sky, with it's orange hues stretching out. "Isn't that pretty? I always love sunsets." You looked up, with your eyes blazing at the colours in admiration. Bert stopped short to gaze at it as he took notice as well and hummed back shyly in agreement. School had already ended and both of you were walking home together as usual, but on the other hand, Bert seemed to be more fidgety around you this time. He also was averting his eyes away from you every now and then.
What is going on with him? Could it be that-

    Before you could finish your thoughts, you felt your knees buckled and started to gave way. Head was clouded over and felt too heavy, that you can't focus your vision with your eyes. You felt yourself weightless despite the heavy-ridden gasping breaths you take to hold control of yourself as you collapsed on the ground. You blackened out as Bert's shouts were slowly fading away from your ears
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Cuts And Bruises-Part 33 (Jean x Reader AU)
"Arrggh, you really do enjoyed hitting the lights out of me, don't ya?"
  Jean groaned as he rubbed his aching back in a aggravative manner. It was the tenth time he was on the ground today and he hasn't even managed to lay a finger on you. You took a deep breath in slowly as you drew your hands for a breathing exercise, exhaustion was starting to seep into your bones. He raised his hand out for a signal to have a break which you agreed with a nod of your head. 
    Whilst you were taking down big gulps in between from your protein shake, he can't help feeling sorry for Reiner.  Recalling that you had taken Reiner down several times, he lost count before you switched over to him himself. Now Reiner was rubbing and applying ointment on his bruised areas, gritting his teeth like a angry old man. He sniggered a bit as he begin to take some sips of Aquarius to hydrate. "Ahhh, I feel like I'm alive. Pheeeeew~" Wiping the sweat off your brow with y
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Glad To Meet You (Jean x Deaf!Reader AU)
 "See ya tomorrow, dude! All the best!" Jean called out as he waved back to his classmate before heading back the opposite direction to his class. He realised he had left something behind and went to get it back. While on the way, his mind was occupied about what to eat for a small snack to satisfy some bits of his appetite on his trip back home.
  He turned down the corner, humming to himself in a bored mood when suddenly, he got frightened out of his wits. The loud, wrecking sound from the door slammed against the wall. It grated against his ears as he hated that kind of noise. A small and frail girl backed out rather quickly into the corridor, with her arms across her chest for protection.
  With that, her school bag was thrown at and it smacked her very hard on her side. The materials spilled out as they thundered across the ground. She grimaced in pain as she bit her lip to avoid the sound coming from her throat, which others
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Cuts And Bruises-Part 32 (Jean x Reader AU)
   You hummed to yourself as the pencil danced along to your rhythm, drawing out light grey lines as you sketched. The well fit details for the hair was nearly done as you felt rather pleased with yourself. Jean coughed gently as you broke out from your idly daydream trance, realising that you took your break longer than expected. "Ah! Sorry, didn't realise I lost track of time." Jean just shrugged as he carefully pushed the drawings out of the way with your notes and Maths textbook. "Haaahh... I'm not up for the exams which are coming round the corner soooonn. Maths is gonna be the death of me..." You muttered to yourself as you flipped the book open and started to ponder over the notes that Jean had helped you with to understand. 
    Alrighty, I've done my focus for Maths! The others were not pretty bad, I can understand them in a shot. Ok, I can give Maths worth a good shot! Despite the pep talk that you gave yourself to boost up, you
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Happy birthday  by monochromicghost345 Happy birthday :iconmonochromicghost345:monochromicghost345 1 0
Cuts And Bruises- Part 31 (Jean x Reader AU)
    The arms swing out in thrown punches as the legs move in sync, moving forward. Actions paused and you took a step back to regain your posture. Hands were brought to the center of your chest as you closed your eyes for focus. In a flash, you positioned yourself in a quick stance of defense, chopped form. You repeated the same pattern but this time thrusting your hands in the respective art forms of the chops, that you learned and practiced with your heart and soul through the ages. The motion that was emitted off from your arms and posture gives off a air of inner strength and fierceness as air came out in small puffs from your nose. You were bout to practice your kicks next when Jean called out to you, causing you to freeze in your steps.
Eh, what's wrong with me????
"100 Plus as usual right? Take a break, be easy on yourself. If not, your legs will freeze like the last time you did for excessive training." Without warning, you felt something wet
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Annoyed  by monochromicghost345 Annoyed :iconmonochromicghost345:monochromicghost345 3 0
Cuts And Bruises-Part 30 (Jean x Reader AU)
   Short remarks were exchanged instead, unable to pass out a conversation as both of the faces were heating up. No matter how much you guys tried, it seemed to be pointless. UGH! This is getting nowhere!!! I NEED TO SPEAK MY MIND!!! With that, you took a deep breath and try to speak up in a reasonable loud volume, but Jean covered his ears.
"DO YOU TH-THINK THE SA-SAME WAY AS ME?!?" After you realized about how ridiculous you are for shouting out at the top of your lungs, you clasped your hands over your mouth and blushed rather red. Jean chuckled at your rather energetic, absurd and straightforward reaction as he just patted your head with a gentle snort. "Yes. Yes I do. Thanks for breaking this awkward moment with your elegant shouting." Your face scrunched up in annoyance as you reached away to smack his hand away. He removed it in the nick of time, as your hand smashed against the top of your head. "Oww, oww~ Hey! Why do you d
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Suki Kirai crossover (Jean)  by monochromicghost345 Suki Kirai crossover (Jean) :iconmonochromicghost345:monochromicghost345 3 2


Gah, sorry for the inactivity lately ;-;
Cause I’m back to school again aaaannnnddd it’s killing me...
However, I’ll try my best to update the stories as soon as I can and even try to get through Inkoctober too. T-T
Anyways cheers and have a great day! Will update if I’m free sometime, sorry bout that~
Hey all,
I just opened another account on DeviantArt: it's a drawing account. Yeah. \ ~v~ \

Anyways, feel free to watch me if you want!
Account name: littlemonoghost345

Lol, I think I should stop with the 'ghostings'.
Have a great day! :D


monochromicghost345's Profile Picture
I like to pen down my thoughts of imagination if it strikes me like lighting. ⚡️ And to have my head in the clouds for romance.

My own imagination=my words. My bad if some similar work from fics that was produced beforehand had appeared in my fics.

I definitely have no idea really about it by the way, it's just my head and my ideas.

But still, sincere apologies if I unknowingly stuck it there somewhere in my fics, sometimes people's ideas will get off from my mind to be written about.

I will try my best to avoid it by the way, since it's really not nice. :(

I'll either put songs/lyrics/movie themes in my fics at times and write my inspirations/ideas off them as I form the characters in my head.

Songs are mostly from Youtube and lyrics from their original websites. Images credit would be mostly anon/ from Google. If you know the original artist for their works, please kindly let me know so I can credit them! TWT All rights preserved.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and visiting my page~

Have a great day! :D



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