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I draw the art things sometimes

A Boring Binturong.


♡ parsimonious procrastinating perfectionist and popcorn-scented pessimist ♡

A full time worker. I draw infrequently, and make oodles of traditional doodles and little pixel thingamajigs when free time graces my life and my wrist isn't in agony. I'm a cranky sack of opinion and obsession so I don't talk much, but here, have a metric ton of artwork from years past! If sporadic activity doesn't dissuade you and you somehow like my art, then welcome aboard! If not, thanks for just dropping by.

I'm easiest to find on my TH account under the same name, though I also have an FA and BZ that I just commission people on

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

KFF not a single one COLORED VER

I make art, not friends.

I don't talk opinions or politics, I don't participate in drama, I just want to buy some commissions from others, and occasionally take commissions or trades myself.


(... secretly I'm always open to conversations about flora and fauna though...)

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Hello! I am letting you know that this character belongs to Orielyn

oh, cool! Thank you for letting me know 0: I am so delighted to see such an old design of mine resurface, this brightened my day to see it still in circulation haha~

No worries ;u; I actually lost the art for years because my computer was water damaged and I could only recover a fraction of my files. I found their reference years later after going through my cluttered folders when I was cleaning up my computer. Unfortunately by then I no longer had a use for the character so I sadly decided to find them a new home but thankfully they are now with someone who won't let the design rot anymore!

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pretty lay out is pretty!
thankies~!! :>   also hello hi long time no see friendo!!