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We're a group focused on collecting any monochromatic photos! From black and white to sepia to color splash and more, as long as it's a photo and monochrome, it's welcome here.
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Art Collection

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Group Rules

The rules here are pretty simple, but please give them a look over, anyway! ;)

1) Only members may submit deviations to the gallery.
2) You may submit 3 deviations per week to each folder.
3) Mature content is allowed, as long as it has the mature filter applied!
4) Submit to the correct folders! Pretty self-explanatory here, but don't submit sepia to the black and white folder, for example.
5) Submissions are subject to vote, but it's mostly to ensure that the rules are followed. As long as you're submitting photos that are monochrome, they'll be accepted!
6) Anyone may submit deviations to the group favorites, as long as they're monochrome photos.
7) If you want to submit someone else's work, please submit it to the group :+fav:s instead of the main gallery!

Gallery Folders

Black and White
Terme di Caracalla by athenrywolf
Birds. IMG 0006, with story by harrietsfriend
Untitled by aBerean
Flourishing Natural White Cyclamen Petals by emilymh2018
Abyss in the stairwell by Dystopia-Maxima
Arrival of the Birds by Metal-Bender
Built in a bygone millennium by Dystopia-Maxima
Calligrammi by tortagel
Color Splash
Love Potion No. 9 by Metal-Bender
'Time Tunnel'.... by TribblePom55
Yellow Splash by organicvision
7m0a8382 2 by cg-photography92
Other Monochrome Photos
Would Escher have liked this staircase ? by Dystopia-Maxima
Bring Down The Sun by AdaEtahCinatas
Secular triskelion by Dystopia-Maxima
Alien Cat by Pajunen


Golden Beach by ANNGEINROGER
Darker spring by Pajunen
Industrial Park in the evening ... by marijeberting
North Sea by Stegie
Black and White
Roof by hrzolix
The heart of Gouda by ZevnovPhotography
Structural Lines by athenrywolf
... by athenrywolf
Autumn Birches At Night by skarzynscy
wild carrot in winter dress by callmenotwo
Down The Country Road by Sybaristail
Some Sepia Frozen Lake by TheDrawnDen93
Color Splash
The Bus by Rikitza
Umbrella by JPattonPhotography
There's a light in hers eyes... by VasiDragos
Do Not Cross by ExcaliBeard
Drops~ 2 by starryfish
Frozen by Arany-Photography
Dark city by cristell15

Weekly Stats

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Hey, everyone. Lately, we've been having some issues with submissions.

Again, I don't mean to call out any specific person, since it's not just one person who's been doing this. I've been trying to tell people which folders things belong in when they get mixed up, but it's still been happening a lot, and we've even been getting an occasional straight-up color photo submitted here.

So, just to be clear...

Black & White:
The Black & White folder is for photos that are pure gray-scale. There should be no tints of color of any sort. If there is any hint of color whatsoever, it does not belong in this folder.

Before the Zombie takeover. L1040100, with story by harrietsfriend
This is an example of black & white photography. They should look like this.

The Sepia folder is for photos that have a brownish/yellowish tint to them.

Autumn at Milsers Lake (8586) Sepia by derwahrehorst
This is a good example of a sepia photo. If it looks like this, it belongs in the Sepia folder. Do not submit regular black & white photos to this folder, or sepia photos to any other folder.

Color Splash:
Color splash means that only part of the photo is in color. The rest is black or gray-scale. It does not mean that the entire photo is in color.

Rose 2 by UdoChristmann
This is a good example of color splash. This is what should be submitted to this folder.

Other Monochrome Photos:
This folder is for pictures that do not cleanly fit into any other folder, but are still monochrome. They should still primarily use a single tint/shade.

Witches' Broom by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
This is an "other monochrome photo." It has color on it, but it is entirely blue. Photos similar to this should go here. This folder is also not for regular colored photos.

Finally, this is a colored photo:
Follow the Path by Citrus-Chickadee
Photos like this do not belong in this group and should not be submitted here. They will be declined.

Also, please do not submit to incorrect folders in an attempt to get around the three-per-week limit. Three per every folder per week gives you a hypothetical total of twelve per week, which is a decent amount. If I feel like photos are being deliberately submitted incorrectly for this reason, they will also be declined.

I hope this clears things up for everyone. :)
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