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I've been deleting and reuploading this too many times.

Kindly rerendered by =Synthetamine

And no fav+running you favwhores.

(Retitled because the person it was named after is a bitch. :stab: It's Klingon for "May your enemies run from you in fear")
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vitrals in a cathedral
guagapunyaimel's avatar
very interesting pattern..
what variation u use to make this?? :?
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I wish all the walls in my house looked like this, with light shining through them..
OutsideFate's avatar
Back on my favorites :D
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I've tried using Apophysis a few times, but never got much out of it. Brilliant, colourful and well-detailed. I'd love to see this at a higher resolution. Well done, and great work.

:thumbsup: You get a +Fav from me.

I also like the A-symmetrical pattern. It's obviously a never-ending pattern, but the section you've chosen to use is delightful.
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:w00t: The return of the lovely Koch curves.
Synthetamine's avatar
what program ? :]
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cool, I can render it quickly with the parameters (i probably don't have all the plugins though)
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I could email them to you.
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