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Here's where I say it's 100% Apophysis except for the border and watermark I did using Adobe® Photoshop® software. [That's the proper way to use the trademark]

No shit I did post-processing. Confirmation of that is unnecessary.

Thanks for rendering it, ~TwilightAmbiance

Hope you hate it.
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Looks like I've missed this. You need to make more fractals, this is really unique. love the frame as well.
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Hard to do on a Mac. I deleted my Windows partition.
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i'm on a mac with no windows partition. i can still run programs.
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How, exactly? And don't tell me to Google it.
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I love the blue and gold hues. They look like extreme colds and warms and everything looks like it belongssssss mmmm.
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It reminds me of a mosaic or etching. Very original, stunning colors, and the frame works too. I can't think of anything super-original to say, but this is one of the best apos I've seen in a while.
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Well I wouldn't have settled on Apo immediately! Something about the colours suggests some kind of arboreal jetsam in a gale. I like the fact that I haven't seen anything remotely like it.
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I wrote out a long reply and for some reason it didn't post.

Thanks, though. :)
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I've had that happen to me. Sometimes I try to reconstruct. Others I remember to copy to clipboard before posting. And the rest... yeah, I just give up too :D
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