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Wow, great job on this one.

Things I love:
-The detail! It reminds me of cutout metalwork, and the way you did the color symmetry (I think that's what it is, anyway) really brought it out well.
-Composition. I feel like this fractal has a very diptych-esque quality to it, the way the left have contains a symmetrical form and the right half contains a separately symmetrical form. The two are different, but they complement each other.

There is only one thing stopping me from fully enjoying this fractal: the colors. The rusty orange and drab grey-blue not only clash a bit, they also do not suite the delicious ornate shapes of the fractal. I think if the orange were gold, and the blue were a richer, bluer blue, then you would really have something awesome on your hands.
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i think all this needs is a bit of postwork, especially with the hue/saturation and the curves. an overall darkened but saturated palette and some contrast would nicely bring out the cutout metal effect Jess mentioned. :)
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Reminds me of ancient ruins of some sort, and of the game Portal.
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Because the portals are yellow/orange and blue? :lol:
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Mozna sie pograzyc jak sie tak patrzy... Swietne :wow:
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Do I detect bipolar? I never did manage to fill in the gaps with these, but this is a fine example :clap:
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I actually just checked.
Glynnia and curl. :)
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Is there a "Glynnia"? I have 4 GlynnSims, but that's a new one on me!
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monochromatic-stains's avatar

It's glynnia and juliascope. Or maybe something else.
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love the contrast of colors :heart:
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