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Kill Whitey

I hope you hate it, and buy it too.
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Another one to fav! Does anyone else think that this looks like the golden snitch from Harry Potter? Or is that just me?
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Why is it titled, "Kill Whitey"?
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I'm one for using abstract titles that don't have anything to do with the piece itself. I could draw a circle and title is square.
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Oh, haha that's funny.
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So overwhelmed that you had to faint?
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I second dans sentiments: you've managed to keep introducing new elements into your style but in very constructive way, building this complex, wonderfully detailed piece that doesn't overwhelm. Your use of a warm pallette of colours but with the slight contrast of the yellow and green helps to soften then image and settle the otherwise pronounced lines. I find the green line on the left side of the image a bit distracting but otherwise it's an amazing piece to explore!
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Thanks again for a wonderful comment Ian.
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The details in this are so intricate. Quite possibly your best piece I've seen since I met you, Anthony. Superb work!

Out of interest, how long does it take you to complete something like this?
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This took me all day yesterday to work on, and 12 hours overnight to render, because I rendered it overnight at twice the size for a print, this is just 50%, the full view of 3200x1600 is more detailed and very awesome. And I wouldn't say this is my best, it just took the longest time to make.

I'm glad you like it. :bucktooth:
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