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November 28, 2008
K'veer by =monochromatic-stains is one hell of a 3d fractal! Great amount of texture and depth makes it feel like your gliding over a geat stronghold city in a valley. I wouldn't want to work a black friday here!
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Note: I personally do not like DDs, it allows more people to be idiots. I do like receiving comments about my fractals, it gives me a positive attitude toward making new things. I don't however like the fact that more people can see it and just favorite without looking or saying anything. So please, comment and fav, or just don't fav at all. I seriously don't give a fuck either way, it's just deviantART, no need for dArama. Thanks.
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nightclaw534's avatar
This might be an old piece of yours, 
but i would just like to drop by and say that this looks mesmerizing and gorgeous! <3
Weziens-Reader's avatar
Gorgeous! that's probably the best fractal work about Myst that I have ever seen, I am speechless  Wow!
monochromatic-stains's avatar
You mustn't have seen many then.
timemit's avatar
you do kickass fractal do some more neh
timemit's avatar
i thought not :P
monochromatic-stains's avatar
Too lay/busy/unskilled.
timemit's avatar
haha.. don't believe you (about the lazy/unskilled..busy is understandable) ..but fair enough ..I just like what I see of your work despite your negative responses ..take it easy
monochromatic-stains's avatar
I haven't created anything nice in months. Also, if I did, it's unlikely I'll post it to this popularity contest of a site.
timemit's avatar
ah ..well I hope your muse returns.. and yeah i get you post anywhere else?
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steelbattalion1's avatar
When you named it K'veer, were you referring to the Island in D'ni?
Phenoxon's avatar
Beautiful! The red changes it from desolate to apocalyptic :o

Could you please explain what went into making this? Thanks!
sweetmaryfractals's avatar
beautiful it looks like I am looking down at a future time
DeirdreReynolds's avatar
Wow, how did I miss this little jewel? I love the grainy texture of the render. It makes it look hazy!
bib993's avatar
Very nice Incendia render :)
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