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January 20, 2010
Cross Pollination by =monochromatic-stains is colorful and interestingly texured. Very nice image from a great gallery.
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Cross Pollination

Epic param pong session with =banana-tree and `FarDareisMai in #FantasticallyFractal yesterday.

:love: ~misterxz and ~zyric's formulae.

Thank you for the DD `Platinus

I'd appreciate some comments you damn DD+fav whores.

Contest. :B
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I like the piece a lot. That being said, I can definitely see some ways to improve it in my opinion. The piece is fairly grainy. Not that thats horrible when its a little, but there is a lot of grain here. The colors- Sometimes i like these abstract type color mixes, but with the grain they just seem very overlapping and a bit clown like. On the plus side though, this piece has an incredible pattern, nearly impossible to follow but very detailed and extravagant. Thats all I really have to say, except congrats on the DD. Yep, thats all.
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got a lot of CLASS in this
a rich psychedelic tapestry! pure eye candy! LOVE IT!!! :boogie:

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Congratulations on the DD - this is gorgeous. I really like the structures and the composition...

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You know, some of us just click on the favorite button and leave because we don't have anything good enough to contribute. That speaks for the quality of a picture when we don't want to ruin the moment by plastering the page with 'Nice!' and 'Superb!'. But... as you wish.

Did not :+fav:.
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very cool (i follow the first critic in matter of graininess, but the colours are ok) this reminds me of microscopic pictures from medicinical books which i often looked at and loved them... keep it up
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you´re welcome...
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lol lucky for me, I read what the author has to say. Anyways, it really is an intersting piece. You're use of colours is simply amazing and it flows very nicely.
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Congratulations :clap:
It's ultrafractal right?
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Oh for explaining. I was confused and thinking of apo for some reason.
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you don't know apo? I thought all of you fractal top ones knew all fractal softwares.
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What I meant was, I wish I had made it with Apo. Of course I know Apo.
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It looks so cellular .-.
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