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How do I sum this up in but a few words....


That is all.

/edit: printplz
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love how the central motif looks like a sliver of moon on fire
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this is exactly how I felt when playing
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Hehee faved and ran :lol:
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*TyrantWave runs*

*TyrantWave is caught in a beartrap*

You got me :paranoid:

Anyhoo, extremely smooth render!
I like :D
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I must have been out of the Apo scene for a while, because I have absolutely no clue how you made this piece. It' smooth and windy. It's very good.
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I don't even remember how I made it.
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Nice, the colors and smoothness of the image are fantastic.
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Gladly. I am surprised that such form was achieved with Apo, I shall have to learn how to achieve this!!!!! :salute:
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Secrets of mine shall never be told.
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Is this done with Apo?
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Great work here, but depending on what you were attempting to capture and reinstate, (from what it looks like, lava or fire) is hard to tell from the look. If it were fire, it should have been like the glowing spot around the middle but more spread out.

You have these black lines that come from nowhere, I think a good smudge could fix that. Smudge and glow, eh. Sharpen a few times?

If you were going for lava, it should be a little more fluid-like and spread out, but a little more grungy, IMO.

Metroid fans unite, though. :iconimhighplz:
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I thought of the name after I had rendered it because it reminds me of fire.

Metroid is the best thing that has happened to this world since Pong.
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Metroid>Halo anyday.
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Why can't everyone see that?!
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Halo is on the Xbox.

Metroid is on Wii and other Nintendo consoles.


Unfair comparison but still unfortunately true. D:

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Wii > xbox you fool

Nintendo > microsoft > playstation
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No really. Look at the sales.

Xbox 360>Wii>;PS3

PS3 is like a bug on a window. EEEET
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You cannot change history.
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love the texture and the smoothness of the line
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