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Things I Wish Boomers Would Understand

I’m publishing this on Labor Day, the day that was originally meant to be a day for workers to rest and allow the entire country to celebrate them, but has unfortunately become a day only for the wealthy to have off, and the people the holiday was created to celebrate have to serve the wealthy. Things I Wish Boomers Would Understand This is not meant to be hating on all Baby Boomers. I know plenty who worked hard to get where they are, and this is in no way saying they don’t deserve what they have. It was definitely easier for them to get what they have now, but at the end of the day, sure, they did work for it. But I am extremely tired of all the stereotypes about younger people (especially ages 20-30.) I know there has been plenty written on the subject, and I honestly don’t expect many Boomers to read this, but if you do, please read it with an open mind. I would like to mention that I used to hold opinions similar to those being addressed in this essay. I used to think that


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