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You Can't Take Me

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is my childhood! Spirit, Lion King, and Balto are the three animated movies I grew up on, along with lots of others of my generation. What movies did you grow up on?

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The Lion King.

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This is gorgeous. I grew up on a lot of movies, being born in the 90's and all.

I love all Disney movies. Spirit is one of my all time favorites, and every time I rewatch it, I notice more details about it that actually represent my life now and parts that can also help me later on in life or even now. Balto, all three of them are amazing, my favorite being Wolfquest. I love the Land Before Time series too. Although the 2016 one I believe it was seemed quite rushed. The CGI was way to obvious within every scene. But the first one was the best in my opinion. But I watched more than just animated cartoons as a kid. I also watched one of the Godzilla movies and the JPark franchise too.
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this looks perfect,like straight out of the movie :O

as far as what movies i grew up with..movies like furngully,Balto and the big one,being The land Before time
i didint know you were a balto fan :O 
i always thought Balto (particularly the 2nd one) was underrated,the whole series was under appreciated,especially since the first one was inspired by a true story.

the land before time was likely one of the biggest annual traditions of my childhood,and i would watch every new movie that came out...buuut i gotta admit the series starts to slope and become a bit more infantile after the 10th film,as if they were trying to appeal to smaller children...the  cartoon series was amusing though(too bad it got canceled)
one personal favorite of mine would have to have been the 7th film (the stone of cold fire)...despite this i really dont think anything could top the production value of the first movie.
(though i cant help be feel sad whenever i see ducky)
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I never saw Land Before Time as a kid, but I feel like I would have loved it, having now seen the first movie as an adult.

Balto isn't really a huge favorite of mine now, but I still enjoy watching it for nostalgia value. The white wolf scene will always be cool!

I hate what happened to the girl who played Ducky. I don't know if the people she worked with knew what was happening at home, or if they knew but didn't care or couldn't do anything... It's so important to pay attention to signs of distress and anxiety in kids, because they don't have the knowledge to know when they're being abused. It's up to adults to protect them.

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.despite the problems that little girl had at home,Judith often had a very happy disposition to its not hard to believe many were ignorant of what was really going on.

it was sadly a different time back then,it was easier for things like this to happen behind a familie's closed doors

and this was even more common with child stars in particular.

i remember hearing of the constant abuse micheal jackson endured from his father and his obsession with Michael's career...which may have resulted in alot of the problems he had later in life.

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Still one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, this movie! Throwback feels!
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Lion King, pretty much all the Disney movies and their sequels, aside from Treasure Planet/Sword in the Stone/Emperors New Groove(though the third I have since found much enjoyment with).
I also grew up on Barbie movies and I wanted to see Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, I couldn't. At least I have the DVD now. Oh, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole.
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