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Wind Unicorn

I can't believe I've forgotten to upload all of these paintings for almost a whole year!

To be honest, I've been avoiding social media lately because of cancel culture and media bias. People are having their lives destroyed over things they said decades ago, or because people have chosen to misinterpret them, or because some ideas aren't fashionable right now. I don't know how long this will go on.

But until then, here is the next unicorn in my elemental unicorn series: wind!

Earth Unicorn:…
Water Unicorn…

I'd love constructive criticism! My art blog can be found here:
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I must have missed this one...air elementals were always my favorite as they convey boundless freedom...

The unusual pose just adds to the appeal.

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Thanks! I uploaded them at the same time so you might have just seen the one.

I feel like I would be an airbender if I was a bender. Air or water.
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I always liked the air nomads both for thier bending and thier strong spirituality.

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Taking a break away from social media sounds like a pretty good idea tbh. Anyways, this is a fantastic unicorn and I look forward to seeing the next one in the series!

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This is mighty impressive!

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